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Jumping Techniques For Your Scooter

When you are riding your Razor scooter there are tons of fun things you can do. You can race, or cruise, do tricks, ride ramps and you can jump. Jumping on your scooter can be dangerous so make sure that you wear the right protective gear when trying jumps. There are also tons of different was you can jump. You can ollie, which is just jumping off the ground. You can jump off curbs or ledges, commonly called an acid drop. The best type of jumping is gaining speed on your scooter and launching off a jump or ramp. You can build your own jump or razor has a ramp that could be used to jump off of that you can buy.

Before we talk about jumping and building jumps we need to talk about the landing. The landing is the most important part of the jump. Why? Because it is most likely on the landing that you can injure yourself, but not just that the landing is where you get all the style points for the jump. If you land badly the reaction from the on viewers is not that great, but if you stick the landing then you make the whole jump look smooth and awesome. One of the best ways to land is to have a ramp on the other side to land on. This way the momentum of the down angle will help you land smoother. Make sure this ramp is very wide and not too steep so you have a large landing space. If you are going to land on the ground make sure to bend your knees on the landing to absorb the impact in your legs. This well help you land smoother and safer.

Let’s move on to building a jump or buying a jump. Building a jump can be tricky. You want the bottom of the jump to be as flush with the ground as possible. For this you can use a thin pliable piece of metal, that way when you ride your scooter onto the jump your wheel will not have to go over a little lip. Plus the metal will protect the lip from any rain or water and help the jump to last longer. Do not build the jump too high to start. I think anywhere from 8 to 12 inches is a good place to start jumping. This way you can practice, but have tons of fun doing it. Plus when you jump off an 8 to 12 inch jump you do not need a ton of speed so you can enjoy the jump right in your driveway. Do not make the jump to long because you want a good launch, but do not make it extremely steep either because then you cannot prepare for the jump that well. Make sure you reinforce the middle of the jump if needed. If it bows down when riding over it nail piece of wood underneath to support the middle. And lastly you can use any type of wood to build the jump.

If you do not want to build a jump, Razor has a solution for you. They have built a ramp/jump that will be perfect for you. It is made out of plastic and is very flush with the ground. It is a soft plastic so you will not get hurt as bad if you fall on it. They also have a rail that fits perfectly with the ramp if you want to try rail sliding. Always use the same safety precautions whether you are jumping off a home made jump or a store bought jump. Jumping can be dangerous so I will say again to always wear a helmet and protective gear, and have fun.

Source by Josh Brennon

Advertising Balloons in the United Kingdom

Getting the attention of the customer is the only way a company can survive. Since there are other brands competing, it is important to advertise in order to gain leverage over the others.

A company can spend a lot of money on television, radio or the billboards but if there isn’t enough money in the budget it is best to use advertising balloons instead. The practice of using this in the United Kingdom is almost the same as in the United States.

The firm can choose to use inflatables or get those that are powered using helium. Most of the companies in the United Kingdom go to a firm that will make a design or use an existing one and get that ad in the air. An experienced pilot will   fly  one of these as well as take some riders who will like to come on board.

The standard shape of the balloon is always there. If people want a different touch, this can be shaped into a soda can, a strawberry or a famous cartoon character that can really make people look up and be sold on the ad.

The cost of an advertising balloon for really big ones is divided into three parts.

The first will be the construction costs that will come from the manufacturer. This will on the design and specifications given by the client.

The second is the operation of the balloon. Some people will just want to tie this on the roof of the office.

The third is called balloon public relations where someone experienced  flies  around the city.

If the company doesn’t have the money for this, there are other options. These people can settle for the inflatables that are powered by large fans. Again a design has to be chosen before it can be delivered.

The difference between an inflatable and a balloon is that these can’t float in the air. The fan is what keeps this on the ground and will just wave from one direction to the next depending also on the direction of the wind.

Advertising is the only way to launch a product or create awareness in the market. If people don’t have a lot of money but need to advertise, using a balloon is the best way to go. These are easy to make and maintain enabling the company to make a new one after a few months.

Source by Low Jeremy

Guide on What Is Fable

A Fable is a type of short story that uses animals as the main characters. In fables, the animals can imitate human behaviors. For example, they can communicate with each other with the languages that human uses. The animal characters in the story can wear shirts and trousers like human.

They can also walk like human, for example, the goat standing upright on the hind leg in the story. The short stories written by Aesop are good examples of fable. Aesop is a Greek slave believed to have existed in Ancient Greece sometime around 550 B.C. Some claim that Aesop did not write the stories but they were written by Phaedrus.

Aesop fable is an inspiration to the Western tradition of fables. Aesop fables is one of the biggest collection of fables in the public domain with more than 665 stories to read. The earliest collection of Aesop fables was found to be dated back to the 4th century. Its stories have been rewritten and published by many other modern authors.

Many phrases that are used in everyday conversation such as sour grapes are actually taken from the fables written by Aesop. Besides Aesop, there are other popular ancient writers such as Babrius, Phaedrus, and Abstemius. Modern writers of fables include Rudyard Kiping, Beatrix Potter and Lewis Caroll.

Fables have been around for thousands of years and many parents are still reading them as bedtime stories for kids. It flourishes during the Middle ages just like other forms of literatures. Marie de France is among the first to compile a collection of fables in the 12th century. Many of the stories that she compiled feature a heroic theme. Fables become popular as they are being introduced into children literature in the 19th century.

In a fable, animals are used to highlight the weaknesses of human beings in order to make a point in the moral lesson. It is very rare to find human characters in a fable story. These short stories can be great for teaching young readers about life lessons. Your child can reflect on the stories and understand why he should have good behavior.

Fables can be as short as a single paragraph which makes them easy to read during the little spare time that you have, for example, office lunch break, and waiting for bus. Many of the Aesop fables have illustrations by Walter Crane. Some have black and white illustrations. But the illustrations are not important as you can imagine the stories in your own mind as you read them.

Because it is short, it is easy to read for young children who are starting to learn how to read. Another reason why fable makes a perfect story reading time is because children like to interact with animals and they would find them cute. Your kids will be able to learn various types of animals as they read the stories.

If your child has no interest in reading longer stories, you can get them started by reading fables first. They will have more patience in reading short fable stories which can lead to a good reading habit. After your child has read one story, you can ask him to tell you about what he had read and recount the storyline. You can ask your child a series of questions to see how well he remember and understand what he has read.

In conclusion, encouraging your child to read fables can offer a lot of benefits to him. He will be able to spend his time meaningfully learning moral values that will have positive impact on his life afterwards. Many of the popular fables that you have read in your childhood are now in the public domain. If you search online, you can find them on children literature sites.

Source by Zirkon Kalti

How To Fix A Leaky Fish Tank

Yikes, you’ve got a leaky fish tank. It may not be apparent at first and you might think nothing of it. Eventually, however, you will become familiar with that wet patch on the carpet underneath your aquarium and realize that there is a problem.

The first thing you have to do when fixing a fish tank is work out where the leak is coming from. If the leak is slight this may be difficult. Leaks generally occur round the seals that join each piece of the aquarium glass. The seal is a form of water resistant glue but like all glues it loses it’s strength over time and holes or cracks may occur. This is where you should look first. Run your fingers over the silicon and feel for dampness or wet. This is your leak. And remember that there may be more than one leak as the glue will wear out at roughly the same time.

If the leak is not on the sealant areas but is a crack in the glass you are probably wise to get a new fish tank or panel because there is not much that can be done about cracked glass. Sooner or later the crack will spread and before you know it there will be a really big wet patch on your carpet.

Once you have determined where the leak is then you can seal it. Sealing a leaking fish tank is quite straightforward. You need to get some good water resistant glue. There will be a large variety at the local hardware store but I would start at the fish store to begin with. If they do sell sealant it will no doubt be aimed at fixing fish tanks but will also be designed to not pollute the water within the tank.

In an ideal situation you should remove the contents of the fish tank to a temporary home before sealing the leak. Once the fish tank is completely empty, allow it to dry out. Some sealants will not set adequately on a wet surface. If you have hardware type sealant that is not made for fish tanks then apply the glue to the outside of the tank only. If the sealant is approved by your fish store then you can apply it to both sides. Ultimately this will give it more durability and strength but you should also be concerned for the safety of the fish.

Once you have given the glue time to set then you can test the seal by filling the tank with water. Start to rebuild the aquarium with the stored gravel, rocks and other accessories. Test the water to make sure it is satisfactory before you put the fish and other aquatic life back into the tank.

Source by Adrian Whittle

Why Fast During Lent

The history of the Lenten fast that Catholics observer dates back into the ancient times but was far stricter than it was today. However, there was no set pattern of rule the way there is today. Without a central church the rituals of Lent varied greatly. Some prohibited all animal products, while others did allow  fish  and others allowed fowl. There were some places that also added fruits and eggs and only allowing bread. And then there were the people that just abstained from food for a full day, some also only ate one meal a day while sill there were others that would abstain though 3 o’clock in the afternoon. By far the most popular ritual however was the ritual to note eat all day and then have a small meal that did not include meat or alcohol.

After the formation of the central church, in the Middle Ages, meat, egg and dairy were singled out to the foods to abstain from. The thought of this these were bought more pleasure than fish according to Thomas Aquinas. In the Summa Theologica, St. Aquinas lays out the rules of the Lenten fast. He says that the fast was instated to curb the strong desire or concupiscence of the flesh. Additionally it is said that the drinking of wine increases concupiscence and thus why that also was added. Fish was thought to be far less desirable and thus making it much more apt to “bridle concupiscence” said Aquinas.

However, because of the corruption of the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages, often a donation allowed a special dispensation from dairy products. A dispensation is by definition is the act of an authority, in this case the church, to make an exception to laws. This was very common in the Middle ages and one of the reasons that lead to the Protestant Reformation, lead by Martin Luther. Additionally, during the Crusade, there was an allowance to allow dairy products and eggs during Lent. What the Christian solider had to do was agree to help and fight in the war against Islam.

In the modern day maybe of the old world rituals are still observed. In the West, the rituals are far more relaxed. However in the Orthodox and Eastern Catholic Churches are far stricter and adhere to more old world traditions, meals consisting of mostly vegetarian meals. The Lenten practices in the West, centered on the Roman Catholic Church has been refined to be no meat on Fridays, however dairy products are now allowed. What the Catholic Church has defined is as meat is Ungulates, or meat of a hoofed animal. Expanding this is also a more customary fast on Ash Wednesday. The Catholic Church defines more customary as been a full day of fast which includes no meat. Each person is allowed one full meal on this day, mindful of no meat, and they may also have two smaller meals if its needed. The other day in the Catholic Church which also is a day of fast is Good Friday, one of the most holy days in the church history.

Source by Beth Guide

Betta Fish Care – 5 Common Myths

Despite the popularity of beta fish in US offices and households, there still many misleading misconceptions about these creatures. They are vibrant and it is fun to care for them, but betta lovers can enjoy them only when they know how to care for a beta fish.

And this is where myths continue to grow and spread like fire.

In this article, I aim to dispel some of the most common myths related to betta fish care.

Myth #1: bettas love small containers like bowls.

Probably this myth comes from the fact that in pet stores we see bettas kept in bowls, thus we get the idea that this is the right home for them. Actually, this is wrong. Bowls are not preferred; remember that in the wild betta fish are not limited in space. So a 3-gallon tank is highly recommended. Ideally, you should consider a 5-gallon home for your betta if you want to make them really happy.

Myth #2: two male bettas will fight to death.

While bettas tend to protect there territory from invaders, much depends on the size of the container. If you keep two males in a small bowl, they’re likely to fight. But providing they live in a tank with enough space, they may share the territory pretty peacefully. Bettas are not used to cruel fighting; like other species in the wild, they show their superior position by demonstration, and not fight.

Myth #3: you should feed betta fish as much as he can eat.

Betta owners should know that in the wild bettas are carnivores. That is, they tend to eat as much as they can catch when there’s food. A Betta can live up to a month without food, and that’s why he eats up all the meal. Domesticated creatures should be fed in small portions to avoid any betta fish diseases like constipation and Swim bladder disease.

Myth 4: Betta fish tank doesn’t need any heating.

Bettas come from Asia, where temperatures in the wild are higher than temperature of the outside air in the US. Bettas are tropical   fish  and need their water heated to the 79F – 85F degree range. Low water temperatures stress out the betta  fish , lower their immune system and lead to diseases.

Myth 5: Bettas prefer to eat plants, not meat.

Betta  fish  are not herbivores! They are carnivores, that is meat eaters. While it may sound strange because of the size of bettas, plants are not suitable food for them. If you see a betta  fish  eating roots of some plant, then it’s because he is starving! The most preferred food for them would be frozen bloodworms or flakes from local pet store.

Of course, there are more myths about betta  fish  care you should be aware of if you want to learn how to be a happy owner of these fancy freshwater creatures. You’re welcome to my blog for more useful tips on how to care for betta  fish .

Source by Alberta Glamerheim

How to Windsurf – Lesson 5 – Planing

Plowing through the water with our big windsurf board will start to become boring sooner or later. What we really aspire to is experience the thrill of gliding over the waves.

What is planing?

Planing is when the trailing edge at the back of our board does so with a laminar flow rather than a turbulent one. To put it another way, when we are sailing over the water like a speedboat instead of pushing through it like a barge.

How to start planing

We start off standing upright on the board, making sure we don’t bend our knees. Bending our knees will just make our weight be a drawback rather than a benefit by weighing down the back of the board rather than leaning back to use the power of the sail and turn it into forward motion.

Now we need to simultaneously (or in quick succession):

Bear away from the wind so that the relative wind increases and we have the full surface of the sail available to turn into motion. At the same time we want to lean our body back, into the wind, as far as we can to get our body as horizontal as possible. This does two things. Firstly it allows you resist the pull of the sail and secondly it allows us to push forwards (rather than down) on the board to make it accelerate. To get our body in this position we need to push the mast away from our body by leaning the shoulders back and keeping the front arm straight. while we do this we close the sail to get as much power into the sail quickly but gradually.

It is important that we push our hips forward so that our front ankle, front knee, hips and shoulder are all in one line and keep it stiff. If we do this we can make use of all the wind power of the sail.

Once we are planing we must keep an eye on the correct angle of attack of the sail. I insist, keep your body “stretched” (as in straight) so that you can continue to push as horizontally as you can with the front foot.

The only variant to our sailing posture is when we are sailing upwind in which case we will do three things: shift our weight from the back foot on to the front foot and put pressure on the mast-foot while leaning the sail to the back of the board. The weight on the front foot avoids the board from getting a spin out, the pressure on the mast-foot keeps the wind force transmitted into the board and the sail leaning back maintains the correct angle of attack on the closed reach..

Source by Arne Gahmig

Deking – How to Deke in Hockey

This article will give you a good idea of how to deke in ice hockey.

When stick handling you should always move the puck. This is also called dribbling. When you keep the puck moving you keep the other players thinking, which makes it harder for them to take the puck off of you.

If you watch NHL or any level of hockey you will see other players that are amazing with the puck. You will notice all of these similarities in the best stick handlers in hockey.

The first step is the preparation.

You have to prepare to deke. You should know what deke you are going to do (in time it just comes naturally without thinking) If you are going to just fly past the player then put the puck as far away from the player as you can to protect the puck and then proceed skate past. If you are going to deke the other player then you should bait him with the puck and wait for the player to make a move

The second step in a deke is the fake or the move.

Now is the time when you make a move. Usually you can wait for the other player to try and get the puck and then you make your move. There are a lot of moves you can do, some common moves are putting the puck between the players legs, under their stick, or just moving the puck from one side to the other.

The third step to a deke is the separation.

Now that you have made your move you should protect the puck so the other player can not get it. Move it away from the other player to a safe spot

The fourth and final step to a deke is acceleration.

Now that you are past the player you just have to accelerate to get past the player and now you either have another player to deke, you can pass to another player, or you will be one on one with the goalie

Check my other articles about scoring

Source by Jeremy Rupke

Don’t Let Dream Stealers Stop You

The one thing that bugs me most about our industry is those dream stealers. Those are the people that give you all the reasons why you should NOT do something, or tell you all the reasons WHY it won’t work, yet they have never succeeded at anything themselves.

Don’t let any one or anything steal your dreams. Dream big and make them come true. You can do it. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

Just this past week, I ran into a very old friend that I had lost touch with and had not seen or talked to in many years. We talked for a while and she was flabergasted to hear I had left the corporate world years and years ago. I shared with her what I was doing, and she was stunned to hear that it was “network marketing”. We exchanged phone numbers and vowed to get back in touch.

A few days later I had a call from her. Evidently, she was so intrigued by the mystery of my business, that she went online to research more. She ran into someone else she knew also in our industry, and she mentioned my little card business and how well I was doing. The person said to her, “Well of course she’s doing well, she was successful in another company before, so she would do well, but you’d not be able to do what she is doing”. When she told me the persons name, I didn’t even KNOW them. Never heard of them in my life, yet they were telling her all the reasons I was successful.

I thought back to the beginning times, when I started Network Marketing. I was told once by a wise old man, that once you start to succeed in the industry, the bigger you get the more people will tell “your” story or take pot shots at you, and I just laughed and wondered if that means I’m making headway.

Anyway, they then proceeded to pitch my friend on the latest deal they were in which was a juice deal. Nothing wrong with “juice” but honestly, I don’t see the fascination myself. I see a multitude of juice companies, selling from $25-50 a bottle and all trying to convince others that their juice is better than the next guys. I spent 12 years in the health business, and I do believe in health products, but I came to the realization that while I did, for the most part, I never found others with that same passion, and I had a hard time helping the average person succed. I asked my friend to find out how long he’d been with the company, and how big a team he’d built etc. Turned out he’d just started, but had been in dozens of other companies and was going to hit it “big” this time or so he said. I thought to myself, just from hearing the things he told her, this was defininitely not a successful person, but yet this type person can steal your dreams, if you let them.

My mission in building a business was to achieve true freedom. I wanted to be able to come and go as I chose and not spend my life reporting to an 8-5 job making someone else rich. I also wanted to be able to help others do the same. All my years in the health industry were great training for me in learning network marketing, but I also came to the conclusion that it was much too hard for me to be able to meet the objective in helping others, so I moved on to an easier type product that worked better for myself and those I brought on board.

I love our industry and I think there is room for everyone to do well, but most will not, simply because they listen to those dream stealers. I thought how stupid that person was to make a comment to my friend, indicating they could not do what I did. That is the most idiotic thing I have ever heard.

I look at and talk to people daily that have more talent in their little finger than I have in my entire body. The only difference between me and anyone out there, is I have got knocked down probably many more times. Instead of staying down, I chose to pick my self up, dust myself off and keep on moving toward my goal of freedom. I learned by my nurmerous mistakes.

Today my vision is different, and I do have the freedom to come and go and do as I please, but it came from just being committed and persistent, and learning as I went along. I know have the knowledge and ability to coach and help others do better than me. I LOVE it when someone   flies  by me. I love it when I get an email from someone that just hit another level and is  flying  high. I love seeing people get excited when they realize that they really can do this. It’s fun watching others be excited and it’s exhilarating to see them succeed.

NEVER think you can’t do what I have done. You CAN do what I’ve done, and many of you can do much better than what I’ve done, but it starts and ends with you. NEVER listen to those stupid people that tell you that you can’t. Why do you listen to someone that has never been there and done it? Why do you listen to the guy that works and lives paycheck to paycheck, as if he is God and knows it all? Why do you let them stop you?

Your old friends that are unsuccessful and broke are going to make fun of others that are making it. They don’t want you to succeed and have more than them. They don’t want you to prove them wrong. They want to keep you in their pity party.

If you want to succed, break out of that mold. Quit listening to losers. Quit listening to those dream stealers, and break out and get on with life. Make it a point to find your home, get started and don’t look back. NEVER QUIT.

Look at your life today, this very moment. Are you any better off today than you were last year at this time or are you still in the same or worst position? If you always wanted to be free, but you’re still stuck in the same rut, doing nothing, going no where and not working on becoming free you are simply losing the battle, and falling backwards. Do you want to be forever stuck in that rut? If not, when are you going to start making a change and a difference?

For things to change you must change. It all starts and ends with you. Don’t be like my old friend, listening to someone that knows nothing. Find someone that does, and is successful and learn from them and start today. This very moment. Do the thing you’ve been “thinking” about. Take action. Get started, and tune out those dream stealers.

YOU CAN DO IT! I hope to meet you one day on the beaches of the world and we can exchange stories, have fun, and enjoy life. Maybe we’ll meet on the next world cruise. I love cruises and take 1 or 2 a year usually. We can lay around the pool, jump in the hot tub and exchange stories about helping others achieve success. It’s very doable. I did it and so can you if you just move forward.


Go fast, and don’t look back. Quit thinking and start doing and do it now, and I’ll see you at the top.

Source by Diane L. Walker

Change Your Association

Do you know any people who seem to attract bad luck?

I had a friend years ago that just could not seem to get it together. He was in and out of jobs, had poor relationships, had no money, and had a bad attitude.

I used to think he had the bad attitude because he had the problems. Now I know he had the problems because he had the bad attitude. I know, because I was right down in the pit with him.

Years later, I saw a quote that hit me like a ton of bricks. It was this: “There’s no way you will ever   fly  like an eagle if you’re pecking around in the dirt with chickens.” I quickly caught on to this “thinking” stuff and learned to get around more positive thinking people.

The key to changing your life for the better is to change your belief system. The key to changing belief system is changing your thoughts. I know this is easier said than done because the manner of thinking you are engaged in has been your way of thinking most of your life. It’s a habit. But, like any habit, you can change it.

The best way to change your thoughts is by changing your association. If you’re hanging around with negative, broke, and fearful people you will develop a tendency to think the same way.

I eventually developed a friendship with a guy that everything he touched seemed to turn to gold. Because he always pictured himself as a great success he became a powerful magnet that attracted positive outcomes. The effort he put forth to achieve his goals came naturally. The work did not seem like work because he enjoyed what he did. The guy just amazed me and I wanted to be like him.

Again, the best ways to change your thinking is by changing your association. I am not saying you must never be friends with certain people but sometimes you must love certain people from a distance. Personally, I severed three relationships that were dragging me down.

I still love these three people. I just don’t go out regularly with them anymore. If they are ever in need of something I will definitely be there for them. But as long as they remain unwilling to become more positive about themselves and their lives, then I choose not to let their negativity rub off on me.

Whatever you need to do to become more of a positive thinking person with higher expectations, you need to do it. It is written in Philippians 4:8, “Whatever things are true, whatever things are honest, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report; if there is any virtue, and if there is any praise, think on these things.”

Source by Daniel N. Brown