Flys or Flies


Flys or Flies, what is the difference?

Flys or Flies is a hot topic today. When you are talking about fly fishing you may get confused because a of a common mistake.

Fly fishing flies are confusing because they seem like the same but the “fly” in fly fishing comes from the movement and method of fishing using a fly fishing rod. We attach Flies to our Fly fishing rod to attract fish and to simulate the action of a real insect above the water. The biggest thing to remember is that you tie flies on to a fly rod. Confusing because flies is really another way to describe the space above a stage also known as a catwalk.

Flies are a light weight type of lure for fish. They are best made by hand but they can be purchased for a decent price. Decent in that a hand made flies could cost you a pretty penny but once you land a fish with a fly fishing rod, you will understand why it is completely worth the time and money.

So to settle the debate we will simply say that both terms are correct and when it comes to fly fishing, the right flies make a world of difference.