Take a Kid Fishing Please

I’m an accomplished bass angler. I fish tournaments all over the west. But today that’s not my focus, it’s fishing with kids. You see to me kids are the future of my sport. I also believe my sport can help teach kids to be better people. I truly believe teaching kids to fish will make them better people.

Lets start out by saying catching is very important when taking kids fishing. Having fun is equally as important. The kids don’t have patience but you must. Don’t expect them sit and be quiet. There are many myths about fishing that don’t fit in with your day on the lake with kids. Like being quiet fish can’t here whats going on out of the water. Throwing rocks can actually attract fish, moving your bait also will attract fish. Many days I’ve spent swimming, radio on throwing stuff for the dog to retrieve, skipping rocks and still caught fish in the middle of this ruckus. Bass really seem to be attracted to all the commotion.

I have 3 kids and I’ve probably have taken over 50 other kids fishing with me over the years. Things I learned may help you with yours. Focus on easily caught species. Such as bluegill, sunfish, catfish carp, stripers, small bass, planted trout and crappie at times. Bluegill and sunfish are easily caught almost every where.

Sometimes even on a hand line while swimming, but after 20 or so they may get bored. So you step it up go for some bigger fish, like carp or catfish. Carp are big and really fight and there’s something about catfish kids find intriguing. I always start the day buying glazed donuts, or sweet rolls and telling the kids don’t eat all the bait carp and catfish seem to like them as much as the kids.

If you take worms take a lot – the kids will use them as toys also. Trout are stocked all across the country on a regular basis and are easily caught. Where I live small stripers are abundant and chumming is legal just cut up some frozen anchovies throw them out and within minutes your in action. In all areas there are small lakes and ponds that have become over populated with some kind of fish these are great places to start.

You can find out about them by contacting your local wildlife or fisheries department. In these places you will be helping by keeping some fish . I do encourage catch and release most of the time. But there is nothing wrong with keeping a few for dinner and kids like eating what they catch. Remember to take lots of pictures they will be cherished for years.

Source by Michael Grande