Learn How to Fly

So, you want to learn how to  fly ?  Flying  Is probably one of the greatest things a person could ever do. The freedom of soaring high in the air, going from place to place a very good feeling. To get this feeling though, you will either need to learn how to  fly , Or at least play a flight sim type game.

Most pilots start off using a flight sim. These games are about the closest you can get to controlling an airplane or aircraft. They have real airports real planes and real terrains of the world. The only difference from  flying  a simulator to really  flying  is you’re sitting on the ground in front of the monitor. Most pilots go through hundreds of hours of simulations.

When someone who wants to be a pilot actually goes to a pilot school, they will train on a simulation more than they will train on a real airplane or aircraft. My advice to you if you want to learn how to  fly , you need to get one of the very best life simulation games you can.

Microsoft has been the king of flight simulation for a very long time. But now they are fading, very fast and there are quite a few other games that are way better than Microsoft’s simulator. Flight Sim Pro is by far the very best flight simulator, you will ever find. This is a simulator that I use on a daily basis. I used to use Microsoft’s flight simulators, but they were just not as good as the newer flight sims that I was finding. When I found Flight Sim Pro this turned out to be the holy grail of flight simulators. So, if you want to learn how to  fly  or if you just like to know if you have what it takes to be able to  fly  to check out a good flight simulator and see if you could be a pilot.

Source by Keefe Higgins