Fatten Your Pockets by Writing

According to Wikipedia, writing began in the fourth millennium BC for accounting purposes. The objectives for its beginnings may have had little to do with why we write today. But its impact has left a lasting footprint that has transformed the world beyond the accounting and literary scopes.

In a world where monetary gain largely determines the quality of life, many people are constantly seeking new revenue opportunities. Several daytime jobs no longer provide financial security. Savings, investments and property are ideals that for the most part are increasingly becoming pipe dreams.

Many people have found opportunities for making extra money online. Writing is one of the most popular options available. Various forms of writing exist and can include proof reading, filling forms, freelance writing, editing, and analysis or critiquing. In the past, all these have largely been done for print media. The good news is that these skills are transferable and there is no need to undertake an in-depth level of retraining for online writing.

The demand for people with these skills has been rising steadily over the past decade and there seems to be no sign of tapering off. Organizations are constantly soliciting for writers in various aspects of their operations. They need consistent and accurate information fast. They require information that helps steer them towards achieving their business objectives. Since they are not willing to hire full time writers or researchers for these projects, they are willing to outsource these non core activities.

Everybody with a gift for writing or editorial background can find a fulfilling part-time or even full-time writing opportunity online. The Internet has a lot of advertisements and job listings for these opportunities. The financial rewards are good and can sometimes drive prospective writers to leaving everything else since the payments are tied to output. In which case the more work that is done, the higher the pay. There are therefore no real limits as to how much someone can earn.

Writers who produce quality work coincidentally receive more writing opportunities. Depending on the nature of the project, one can always negotiate for the kind of pay for every piece of work done. In a way, the writer then has the liberty to determine how much to be paid. Such freedom makes the job all the more interesting.

At a more advanced level, a writer can transform this online activity from a one-man show to a full-fledged enterprise that sharpens the skills of budding writers and ultimately mass produces articles. At this level, the work done can translate into millions of shillings.

Writing online for monetary gain is therefore not an exclusive field for media specialists. It is an open arena for anyone who can communicate effectively.

Source by Mathieu Delaborde