Unknown Is Finite, Infinite Is Not

The boundary pushes it back. The thought process does not pass over. It has to cease thinking. The mind rays cannot shine there. Who is out there? Who sends our thoughts back to sanity? Who lives in infinity by being infinite? Some questions remain unanswered. Some paths have no destination. Deep down there, plunging and sinking downwards into the mind, a ray of thought flies. A lonely solitude hovers on everything and nothing. Pure darkness, not an atom size brightness of understanding or existence.

The ray of thought goes down, like a free falling body, at zero gravity, at a speed of light- it goes down. In quest of answers who remain unanswered. In pursuit of existence, it does not exist. The search is useless with existence. It has to leave itself to feel itself. A cold and quiet stillness, nothing is moving while nothing is there. The directions are no more. The darkness kisses the brightness and emerges as darkness and brightness.

The movement and no movement exist simultaneously. The fellow rays of thoughts, of other searching points, die one by one when they reach the boundary. The boundary has no perimeter and still all stop, die and go back. The thoughts are killed, and questions are not answered. Just one stays alive, just one ray of thought of a special mind, of a believing mind stays alive miraculous. It reaches the boundary; there is the utter darkness of solitude beyond it. You shall not see, and yet you are seeing. You shall not stop, and yet you are stopping.

In the realm of known and unknown, a place where none trespasses, a place that is restricted to minds and thoughts, hearts and words, ideas and perceptions. The ray of thought, the lucky thought feels gigantic force being exerted on it. It trembles right there. It is scared and is about to die. An arms length to death of thought, it is given life. It is permitted to enter the infinity.

It has wings of conviction, and it moves on. The slipping into the unknown is unknown. It slides and slithers inch by inch. This is the kingdom of the most powerful of all. This is a hidden kingdom to all. You are the luckiest in hundreds of years. There shall be no answers. There shall be no blessing. The permission to enter is a blessing in itself. These flying objects are angels of truth. They live in your mind, deep within and remain occult and mystic. What do you want? You are a ray of thought, powered by the one, sent by the one- you are here for your quest into knowing the unknown to the limits of infinity.

A zero becomes one, and all numbers are zero here. No rules, and no logic- its one statement. You write what you know, and you think what you know, and you know what you do not know. Stay away from the uncertain clouds of doubts; come to the light of truth. For the truth is light in meaning and not color. Move on you luckiest ray of thought, move on to the land of the unknown, that stays within your mind. You cannot explore it, cannot find it- it is meant to stay unknown. Go back, before you lose the meaning of this and become a death ray of thought. Go back and take the little share of unknown and infinity with you. Hurry back and stay away from the boundary. This is a kingdom of the unknown and cannot be known. ADIOS!

Source by Kashif Ali

Down Sleeping Bags Provide Superior Comfort and Warmth

The technology behind sleeping bags today has sure improved upon the old cowboy bedroll idea. These you can stay warm in the coldest of circumstances using some high tech designs and materials. Here are some ideas to help you buy the right sleeping bag:

You will have those times where it gets cold at night when you are camping. That is why when you are looking to buy a sleeping bag you must think about the coldest temp you will encounter not the warmest. In the summer or warm climates you only need to look for a +35 degree rated sleeping bag to take along.

But if you do your camping in either the mountains during the summer months, or the fall or spring, you probably will need to get a sleeping bag that is rated in the range of +10 – +35. Of course you hearty winter campers should buy bags that are rated between -10 to +10 degree range, and then the alpine mountain climbers and cold weather explorers should get the bags with a rating of below -10.

You have to remember that the manufacturers’ ratings on the temperature ranges are only approximations of the minimum temps that the sleeping bag will give you warmth at. Since everyone run different as far as body temperature generated, just use these temps for a guideline. If you are cold natured you may need a sleeping rated a bit colder. On the other hand if you are hot natured you may not need a bag rated as warm.

The insulating material, used in a sleeping bag, is the most vital part of it. With today’s bags you have 2 materials to choose from: synthetic  or goose down. Both of the materials do have their good points and bad points, while down bags are thought to be the best due to their ratio of warmth-to-bulk or the warmth-to-weight being so great.

Down is great for insulating, but it is also light and compresses easily. Now you know how the geese stay warm, and can   fly  even in the winter! Down is also known for being extremely durable and keeps on insulating for years and years.

With mentioning all that about down, the sleeping bags also come in some good quality synthetic materials today, and this type of material is being improved upon as time goes by. It is true though that a synthetic sleeping bag has more weight in it than the down sleeping bag, the synthetic bags are the more desired ones in wet conditions, they do better than down under these conditions. Down actually has very little ability to insulate if it gets wet.

So if you are going to an area that is known for damp climate, you need to thick about getting a synthetic sleeping bag just because of the reason listed above. Also there are a lot of people that happen to be allergic as far as down goes, but the synthetically made bags are hypoallergenic. Now if price is your main consideration the synthetic is more economically priced than the down, so this may decide which one you will choose for your adventure.

Source by Morgan Hamilton

Making Homemade Lures

I remember when I first started making homemade lures I think I was around 12 years of age. I used to marvel at all the fishing lures inside my tackle box and wonder at how to make homemade fishing lures. Back then there was no internet, no computers for that matter and I had no idea where to even begin. I just jumped into the hobby of tackle making with both feet and learned through trial and error. Let’s just say my first few fishing lures turned into dismal failures. The paint job was terrible and wouldn’t stay on the lure, my early lures had zero action in the water, but those early learning lessons and experiences make it a lot of fun to look back on.

Making homemade lures actually is quite a broad topic. It all depends really what kind of tackle you are interested in making. Is it spoons or spinners? Perhaps you want to learn how to make wooden   fishing  lures, or maybe you are just interested in  fly  tying. The problem is there are so many kinds of fishing lures that covering a topic such as making homemade lures in just 1 article becomes a huge task for someone to cover.

Thankfully, though the art of tackle of making no matter what kind of lure you’re interested in doesn’t have to be costly to get into and it’s not as difficult as you might think. The best bet is to search the net and try and find other articles or books on the subject. There may not be a ton of information about tackle making but what is out there is generally pretty good to get you started off properly.

Here are a couple quick tips on spoons and spinners that you might find useful. Did you know that you don’t have to buy spoon or spinner molds and that you can make sufficient spoon molds out of some old 2×4’s you have lying around. What I do is take a spoon shape or spinner blade shape I wish to make and trace it out on a hunk of wood. Make sure to widen the shape as spoons and spinner blades are not flat. Then using gouges and chisels you can create a negative impression of the spoon or spinner into the wood and sand the shape smooth. Then using a hammer with one of those yellow plastic knobby ends you can shape sheet metal into the conformed shape. By trimming and filing smooth you can land up with a pretty nice looking spoon or spinner blank.

You can also get by without having to buy any fancy wire benders in order to make your spinners. By hammering in the ends of some 2×4 a couple nails (it may take a few attempts to get the configuration right) and then cutting off the heads of the nails with a hacksaw makes a pretty nice wire bender for using just scrap lying around.

Of course using fishing lure supplies designed for making homemade fishing lures is a lot better and the results more consistent, but for the beginner that wants to start off in the hobby of tackle making without having to spend any money it is possible using tips like this to make half decent homemade fishing lures. Then imagine the excitement you’ll enjoy when you catch that first bass or trout on that spoon or spinner you made the night before. Such satisfaction is priceless.

Source by Tony Bolton

Sennheiser MM 400 Stereo Bluetooth Headset Reviews

I’m definitely a gadget person. Anything new in gadgets, I have to have it while it’s still hot and brand new in the market, and I have tried most things out there. The Sennheiser MM 400 Bluetooth Headset is my latest discovery and my latest obsession. A bit on the pricey side, but it deserves every penny in my opinion.

You’ll be wondering why: well, for quite a few reasons. First of all, the Bluetooth connection that the Senheiser MM 400 is able to make is superb! High quality and strong! I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said it’s better than any other Bluetooth device I have ever tried, not to speak of how long it is able to hold that connection for. Again, the performance is so much superior to most other Bluetooth devices I have tried. And believe me, I’ve tried a lot of them!

Then the stereo sound of those Senheiser MM 400 headsets is just terrific. Granted, Senheiser is a huge name in audio and this is for a reason. This product doesn’t disappoint and I can now see where all the raving critiques are coming from.

I have already used it in so many instances – works great with my iPhone, on my PC, even on Skype. Fantastic sound every single time, and we all know how easy it is for Skype to sound bad and full of static. I even plugged it on my phone and PC at the same time once, and the sound was still impeccable. Very impressed!

Another thing: the design of the Senheiser MM 400 headset is so cool. It looks minimalist and futuristic all at once, and more importantly, it is extremely comfortable to wear. It has a very cushiony feel which I like a lot, and it has been specifically designed to provide this sense of comfort when you wear it. You can literally use it for a long time and not feel any fatigue or discomfort on your head or around your ears, as it often happens with so many headsets.

But the coolest thing about it in my opinion is what I left for the end: Senheiser MM 400 has an awesome design feature that allows you to turn it into a wired headset any time you want or need to. Obvious example: when you are   flying  on a plane.

This is particularly important to anyone who  flies  a lot on business or otherwise. The flight attendants ask for all electronic and wireless devices to be turned off before take-off and landing, but thanks to this cool feature, you can keep using your Senheiser MM 400 without a problem, simply by activating this feature that turns it into a wired headset. You keep that going for as long as you like or need to, and you can then turn it back into wireless just as easily and trouble-free. How handy is that for someone who  flies  a lot!

All in all, it is a quality product that is well-designed, well-thought through and with lots of handy features. Highly recommended!

Source by Matthew Abbott

Smart Business Tips

Here are some tips that will help you with your profit and loss statement. You probably already know these things, but it’s nice to be reminded of them once in awhile.

Keep your overhead low. Instead of renting a building, why don’t you buy a building? Let’s take that even one step further. How about buying a building that is in foreclosure, so you will have instant equity. These properties are out there, you just have to look patiently for them.

Buy low and sell at a fair price. When I first began construction, I worked for a guy who was a smart businessman. He told me that if you offer a fair price and do good work, you’ll always be busy. My ex-boss was always busy. He’s now retired and wealthy.

Furthermore, if you buy products from a manufacturer, distributor or wholesaler, ask for a discount. When I first started one of my internet businesses, I asked for a discount from a manufacturer and the company gave me a 10% discount. That might not seem like a lot to you, but when you’re selling hundreds of items, it adds up very quickly.

As I write this, I think of a business plan. If you are able to remind yourself of your purpose for wanting and venturing out and doing your business, then your business plan will have details with a complete financial and marketing plan. Your marketing strategy should be built around your strengths, your competitors’ weaknesses and your customers’ desires. Test the reality of your business. In other words, know why your business will work and how you will make it work. You need to think your business through step by step. Imagine everything being done to bring it to reality, especially the “bumps.” You’ll be able to even them out before one even happens.

Many business advisors say to allow yourself two hours every week for ONLY thinking and planning. This gives you time to map out how to keep your business going in the right direction. Do not allow anything to interfere with this time. You run your business. Don’t let it run you. Lastly, make sure you’ve established an annual operating plan. Review it and update it monthly with appropriate employees.

These are some smart business tips, much comprised of making a sound business plan. Hope it helps out somewhat. Feel free to email me.

Source by Mike Bova

Cloud ERP V/S On-Premise ERP: Who Wins?

As a business owner, if you ask me where I belong, I would tell you we belong to the cloud. Oh did I say it wrong? I meant crowd! No! I think I was right. It is the cloud.

All businesses are rapidly migrating to the cloud for faster and easier access to their company data, which they further use for team communication and get the top of the fly insights to make important business decisions. But when it comes to cloud ERP, the definition becomes a bit sketchy, both from an architectural perspective and functional scope.

Many vendors placed under the “cloud ERP” umbrella rarely compete against each other. Some reject or downplay the term. But I am pretty certain that on-premise ERP solution has major benefits.

In this article where I talk about the major Cloud ERP benefits, I would like to define some metrics to keep it to the point.

• Benefits must visit certain use cases at once.

• Benefits must be able to help an organization in more than one way

• Benefits must be value adding to the end-customer

Top Five Cloud ERP Benefits

Simplicity Counts

I have seen that many small and medium businesses use multiple, and complex standalone software to perform simple work. If you start converging your work files onto a cloud ERP system with an interface that is more aligned to your needs, which solves an immediate business requirement, you will find that interface doesn’t need to be beautiful. It just needs to be succinct enough that enables you to do work quickly and efficiently.

Here is a pain point that makes more sense today – in the cloud-era, than it would have 5 years ago – standalone-era.

Testimonial 1 – We wanted to delay our audit filing, because I thought that our on-premise system is getting too old and outdated… everyone needed to take turns logging into the software… our team’s speed was affected since two people couldn’t see the data at one time… If I needed a file, I needed to log in that particular system and get it… it gets under your skin pretty quick you know. Real-time access is something that helped me access that data whenever and wherever I want.

One place to store information is better than having multiple store points

Inputting data is not going away (or is it?). But storing data in multiple places is something that must go away.

Bharath and his team at 99Tests were in their own version of spreadsheet chaos. Their homegrown system had served them pretty well, but growing pains exposed the problem:

Testimonial 2 – Recently, I just stole a look at my company data and found 10 spreadsheets staring at me… Download this, export this, use this formula and what not… When we found a client who wanted to get their software bug-tested, answering questions became difficult. “How many bugs did your team find in the last week? “Can I see a report?” We simply couldn’t do that just by tracking everything in Excel.

For Mark, a travel agency owner, cloud ERP put them on a better path. He credits the new system with landing some big clients:

Testominial 3 – Google AdWords isn’t the only lead generation platform for us now. With fancy robust reporting, and itinerary showed in more fancily, we were actually flying. I think it’s helped us in the sales process of getting future clients.

Cloud Apps Are A Favorable Alternative To Complex Customizations

Many people think that cloud ERP is rigidly standardized. Take it from a B2B cloud marketer, it isn’t.

In this API driven market, you can either have an ecosystem of apps resting in your platform or tell people to build their own apps and create an ecosystem of their own business on a certain platform.

I was going through Entrepreneur the other day and read these lines – ‘Most companies use several ERP solutions and struggle to piece together all the data they collect. That is why software companies are working to build platforms that sync various tools and systems in more useful ways.’

I couldn’t agree with it more.

At Business Tech Summit 2017 held last month, prominent industry leaders were stressing the importance of software automation and its impact on the BPO industry.

Among many discussions related to the role of technology played in the BPO’s success, one thing was pretty clear – Technology is the precursor and enabler to BPO industry’s growth. Faster data accessibility and ready-to-use cloud apps will not only bolster your productivity output but also add that last mile of effort that can help you take your business to the next level.

A Modern UI Is The Source To Get More User Logged-In Time And Greater Employee Productivity

Each year, employees are having a gala of a time picking their favorite tool for their multiple business needs. Because of this, the SaaS owners have started prioritizing UI more than ever. White labeling is becoming more of a SaaS thing than customization. It comes with a click of a button.

Better UX leads to higher productivity. How?

If you are a planner, UX is everything for you. Practicality along with beauty is what planners need right now.

Ana, director of another travel agency based in New Delhi, muses how she is able to create value for her clients using a cloud-based software.

Testimonial 4 It has been amazing… My clients are planners… travel nerds… they love to see the itinerary on the cloud-based app we use… They also start getting inquisitive, and actually provide valuable feedback through it “When did Mark leave for New Delhi? Looks like India Gate is much fun, is that included in your package?” They love to see the price of every travel pack right there, in their hands. They can see everything.

Increased Data Visibility Leads To A Whole New Way Of Running Business

If you have been doing cloud ERP the right way, the end result is increased visibility – real-time or close to it.

I had a marketer friend working at a finance firm, who migrated from traditional on-premise ERP to Cloud ERP. Here is a snippet of the chat we had in detail when I probed further –

Testimonial 5 – I will be very direct. Our finance team has expressed some level of comfort with the recent migration. They crib less and work more. They get so involved in building custom reports & dashboards that lunch is no more a pass time. I am looking for new work friends now.

On a whole, I think cloud ERP business is going the right way. Let’s wait until the end of 2017 and see what most small and medium businesses are using.

Source by Kartik Dulloo

A Brand New Recipe For Branding

In a recent article, I told the story of when I was a young whippersnapper, attending classes at what was then and still is called “one of the more famous hotel schools in North America”, the marketing professor gave us an interesting, but quite challenging assignment.

We were to find a hospitality business that marketed itself by using the participation of the owner as part of the “distinctiveness” of the business. At the time, this seemed like a most difficult assignment, because in those days, it seemed that not too many people really stood out in this field. At least that what it seemed like to me in my youth. Or maybe it was just that they didn’t want to either make a fool of themselves. There seemed little need to drive the world to their door. I chose a very different restaurant enclosed within an old 19th century Mansion in this very cosmopolitan city. It was called Julie’s Mansion and was owned and operated by a very eccentric, but wonderful showman who knew that he had to differentiate his restaurant from all the rest. He knew that the best way to do that – after the assumption of great food, entertainment and service – was to turn himself into the “brand.”

My job, as a young hospitality student, was to watch him carefully and learn as much as I could. One Saturday night I showed up and Julie was trying to ‘insert’ himself into the home team’s pro hockey uniform. It was instantly obvious that Julie had never played hockey. To see a middle-aged man struggling to get into and then have to have me extricate him from the jersey, equipment, elbow pads et al, was hilarious for a young guy like me, who had been on skates and playing the game since age four. He certainly was not afraid to make a fool of himself. When I showed up that night, he had less than no idea what piece of equipment went where, and was struggling with the shin guards. He had got himself all tangled up with what he thought were hip guards, when in fact they were shoulder pads, worn over the shoulders. It was indeed the first time I had ever seen a ‘player’ wearing shoulder pads, stretched around his butt.

I helped him get ‘dressed’. Next came the taping of the hockey stick. This was genuinely hilarious, watching this fellow trying to figure out the right way to tape a hockey stick without making a mess of it and looking foolish to his customers. He had a special plan for that stick.

I taped his stick and now he was ready. He had on his uniform, equipment and helmet, borrowed from one of the local NHL players who were a frequent guest at the mansion. Now, he actually looked like a real NHL hockey player…in black and white running shoes, sans skates!

Then Julie ‘  flew  through’ the different alcoves and floors of the restaurant with a big ball of foodservice aluminum foil as his ‘puck’. He stick-handled in and out and between tables, took shots with the aluminum ball off the walls, cross-checked his own waiters trying to serve tables, all the while yelling cheers and the phrase made famous ’round the world, by Foster Hewitt: “he shoots…. he scores!” All this, at the top of his lungs. Then he had planned for a horn to sound loudly indicating that the ‘period of play’ in his imaginary ‘game’ was over. It was now time to go to the dressing room. In a flash, just like an on-stage magician, he quickly disappeared into thin air, hidden in his office.

My face was covered in tears. I couldn’t stop laughing! The restaurant was in an uproar. Guests were laughing so hard…one guy literally fell off his chair. The waiters were laughing, the guests were laughing, I was laughing and all the while Julie was having a ball too. Here was a restaurateur who made his work fun.

I had not met one of these types before. I really liked and respected this fellow. But I figured then, and still today, that anyone who had that much fun…and made that much money…must know something the others didn’t. And he did. He became his own brand. ‘Distinctive. ‘Differentiated. ‘Therefore attractive to people who are sick of seeing the same old, same old every day. People are attracted to differences not similarities. Take a look at what you can do with yours. It’s right under your own nose.

©Copyright, Roy W. MacNaughton, 2006

Source by Roy MacNaughton

Keeping Up With Technology – Televisions – Airplanes – LCD – What Next?

Mankind has made huge leaps over the last century. 70 years ago from today If you told someone that   flying  from one place of the world to another would be a norm, people would say your crazy. Technology has changed the world for the better. You can send money instantly from one place of the world to the other, view live events from the other side of the world in the comfort of your own home, thanks to the inventor of Televisions.

The achievement of mankind over the last century is endless. Just think about all the things that we have now and imagine if you told someone 100 years before today, think about what his reaction would be…Yup!! the majority of the times he’ll think your crazy.

This wouldn’t happen now though. If I was to tell you that 100 years from today Humans are able to live on Mars and they have developed cities and countries in Mars. What would the reaction be? The reaction would probably be, well 100 years is along time and the way technology has developed, its believable. Allow it to digest for a while and yes if Humans are still going strong the way we are now then why not. Its possible.

Over the last 20 years we have witnessed phenomenal enhancements and improvements in many pre invented items, products and technology. Like the way cars used to be 20 years ago compared to what they are now, heck we even have electric cars and solar powered cars. The way the internet has become a global gathering and communication tool and all of the technology we benefit from on a daily bases. Its so fast that we cant keep up with it.

Lets take a look at LCD TV’s for a moment. They are made to be environmentally friendly. LCD TVs consume less energy then plasma’s and CRT TV’s. They are light weight, wall mountable and the picture quality is crystal clear. They can come with built in hard drives which can record 2 channels at once like the JVC LT32DE9 can. LCD’s come with various methods of connecting different devices to them like HDMI connectors, video in, phone outlets and many more. The technology we have in front of us today is all down to the great inventors and is made for all mankind’s benefit.

Who knows what the next 20 years will bring. Lets try to keep up with our time and enjoy the benefits of technology.

Source by Adam R

Dog House – Every Dog Needs One

Often times what comes to mind when you hear the term dog house is a certain bi-plane   flying  beagle’s plain red one. This simple a-frame design is still available, but there also a lot of new designs to choose from and finding the right canine crib is important for both you and your dog.

Your dog can lounge in anything from a log cabin to a mansion. The best way to see the variety of dog houses available is to do your shopping online. Since you won’t have to trek to every pet store in town you’ll save time and money when you find the perfect abode for your furry best friend online.

There are many things to consider when purchasing a dog house. The size of your dog and the size of your yard will determine how large of a dog house you need. There are also some that will accommodate more than one dog. Next you can look at the materials.

Most dog houses are made of wood such as pine or cedar, but some can be made from durable, maintenance free plastic. Once you decide what type of material will work best for your doggie’s digs you can decide on a design.

Would your little doggie like the rustic life in a cabin or maybe the country life in a barn shaped house? Perhaps he loves the winter would be happiest in an igloo. You can even have the best of both worlds with a house for shade and warmth and a deck for lounging in the sun. It has never been easier to pamper your pooch in style but you wouldn’t want to go as far as Marie Antoinette who is rumored to have had her Papillion’s palace lined with turquoise silk. Most dogs will be happy with a simple roof over their heads for some relaxing shade or a retreat when the first raindrop falls.

You’d be barking up the wrong tree if you thought you could use the same kind of roof for woofer inside or out. While outside dog houses may look like a miniature of yours, indoor doghouses are usually plastic or wire crates. Just like outdoors, your dog will appreciate a spot to call his or her own. Before long your dog will love playing with a toy or just lounging in their very own doggie domicile. What dog wouldn’t?

Dogs naturally seek shelter from the elements, so why not give them a house of their very own. Outdoors it will afford you a place to set their water dish that is free of debris while providing them relief from the hot sun. Indoors your pooch will have a place to stretch out and relax that is not on the furniture which will make you both happy.

A dog house is really an essential when it comes to owning a dog. Everyone and everything wants and needs a place to call their own, a sanctuary where they feel safe and protected, including man’s best friend.

Source by Jennifer Akre