How to Steal Women From Other Men

It is possible that you have been in situations where you found yourself attracted to women only to find out that they are already taken. You might have been completely surprised since she seemed to truly be interested in what you had to offer and it seemed like you were actually making some progress.

Then, she mentions that she already has a boyfriend, and things have gone downhill since then. You end up feeling disappointed, and perhaps a bit angry. You say that you won’t make your moves on somebody who already has a partner.

However, at the same time, you know that the majority of women are actually worth seeing will already be attached anyway. Do not worry – I’ll help you! Keep reading to find out every tactic to steal women away from their boyfriends.

Essential Steps on How to Steal Women from Other Men

First and foremost, you shouldn’t really care whether she is attached or not. Regardless of whether she is, it definitely holds no importance on your ability of seducing her. Instead, it has to do with women themselves, and absolutely nothing to do with whether they have boyfriends or not. Remember that!

Then, you have got to understand why she feels the need to let you know that she is attached. Many girls tend to tell guys that they are already taken (with additional emphasis on “already”) as some kind of defense mechanism because they want to use this for personal defense from men that hit on them. It would simply be a nice method of saying “no thanks” to men they aren’t really interested in.

Now that all of the basics have been sorted out, the greatest method to steal women from other men would be by using hypnosis. Learn several tricks of hypnosis like fractionation and success will be right ahead. Fractionation is known to be able to make women fall in love super quickly – in 15 minutes or even less if done properly.

Source by Derek Rake