Grief – A Powerful Place to Bear Witness From

Could it be possible, in the chasm of your grief, that God has placed you there, to be His witness of power, glory and grace, by the simple, excruciating yet enduring way you’re living your life now? That is, you keep going, in faith that the pain will be overcome, sometime, someday, sooner or later, knowing somehow that later always comes.

What the normal, run-of-the-mill routine life so often does not have is the ingredient of bearing witness to the power, glory and grace in, over and through our lives. Bequeathed to us through a peace transcending our understanding because of what we’re enduring. Even if we’re the only ones who can see this work that God is doing in us.

God’s compensation is His power into others’ lives through our witness. Sure, the faith-life is a costly venture, but look at the gifts our lives are when we’re poured out for others, to the glory of God, as a libation. And as we’re poured out extravagantly into others’ lives, others’ lives have been poured out into ours. They share their weakness, because ours has been their invitation. And by their sharing, they’re liberated by the same liberation that we too experienced, which they’ve seen; this glorious power of grace.

It’s how we handle crises that speaks most for our faith in a risen and victorious Lord. And this faith is the capacity to take the living moment courageously; to be really real, which means everything when life has come to nothing.

And suddenly only now, when life has come to nothing, we find that we had to be there to experience the true powerful overcoming grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. That out of nothingness comes everything.

Source by Steve Wickham