Gripped by Fear

It’s a familiar feeling for many, if not most, the stomach churning vice like sensation of being gripped by fear.

Why do we find some things really difficult to do such as speaking in public, asking our boss for more money, changing our job or telling our nearest and dearest what our real feelings are?

We don’t have to look far to find the answer.

Doing something ‘different’ takes us into unfamiliar territory; we can’t predict how things will turn out and we sense danger….

When you do something you have rarely or never done before, it may turn out to be a bad choice.

As humans we like to be able to predict the course of any action; it helps us to engineer a successful outcome. It is possible to reduce the effect that fear has on your life by understanding how the emotion works and why it is so common and to eliminate that fear by using hypnosis.

Our caveman and woman ancestors lived in an extremely dangerous world. Those who were most anxious and timid were far more likely to survive. The world was full of poisonous insects, snakes, wolves and sabre-toothed tigers and our puny forebears were no physical match. The adventurous and the brave usually died. Playing it safe meant living longer so we are largely descended from those who were cautious, anxious types. Anxiety is our genetic inheritance and for millennia fear has been an emotion absolutely essential for our very survival.

It made perfect sense not to ‘boldly go’ into uncharted waters unless you knew for certain what you might be up against. But in today’s world, the same response that had a clear advantage during the Stone Age can keep you from doing something that would be really quite harmless, even beneficial, because you have an exaggerated fear of the future consequences. It doesn’t have to be this way. I don’t know about where you live but there are no sabre-toothed tigers these days around where I live.

Deep in our subconscious we all react with behaviour patterns which slip into automatic gear when we feel threatened in any way. Often these patterns we have established when we were children and we had no logic or experience to inform us or in very different circumstances to those we are faced with now.

Aerophobia, fear of   flying , is a good example. No amount of ‘pull yourself together’ self talk or lectures on the undoubted fact that ‘ flying  is the safest form of transport’ is going to cut any ice with the would-be flyer who just can’t cross the tarmac and get on that plane.

A part of the brain which is running in the background, where you can’t hear it and can’t easily control it, is especially geared to respond anything which could cause you harm. Your subconscious ‘threat detector’ always rules , it always wins an argument with your logical conscious mind for the very good reason it is there to protect you, even from yourself.

This is where hypnosis really comes into its own and it is usually more effective than drugs, counselling or any other form of intervention.

In a relaxing hypnotic trance – which is really an advance state of focus – your therapist guides you into informing your subconscious that ‘It’s OK now’ to board that plane, be near that snake or spider, be in a public place or travel in that lift ——– fill in the blanks. Many of our clients are astounded that problems they have struggled with for years and which they proclaimed were ‘just the way I am’ melt away in just a few short sessions.

Source by Anthony J Bennett