How to Attract a Woman Using 3 Killer Sonic Seduction Tactics

If you’re like most guys, you probably know that the only way to seduce any woman you want is to hit on her. At first, it may seem easy. You just come up to a girl and ask for her number, right? Then, you realize that it’s trickier to get a number than you think.

Getting rejected by a woman is OK if your rejection rate is fairly low. But what if you’ve always gotten rejected no matter what you do? I’ll tell you what, you can steal the following techniques that I’ve learned can guarantee a date with a girl. Read on to discover three techniques which will get you super fast results – using what experts call the “Sonic” seduction tactics…

3 Techniques on How To Seduce Any Girl – At Lightning Speed

Technique #1: “Spruce Up Your Personality.”

Give yourself a thorough assessment and tweak your personality in a way that you will become more appealing to the women you hit on. Groom well, dress well and always put your best foot forward. Fix your mindset and stay positive. Your confidence level is one of the most crucial aspects of your dating personality, and fixing this will lead to much greater chances with women.

Remember that the number one trait in men that women fancy is confidence. When you are able to come up as naturally confident, then women will tend to flock to you.

Technique #2: “Be Fun to Be With”

Listen, a guy who can always make people laugh, smile and feel good can get it on with any girl in the vicinity. Once you have the attention of a few people, the women around will follow suit. The amazing thing is that you only need to act like your usual “fun” self to attract women.

The biggest sin when it comes to dating women is to appear boring. If you are able to be the life of the party, then you will not find it hard to seduce women by the busloads.

Technique #3: Magnetic Conversation

When you got a woman’s attention, the goal shifts. You already have her (and success) within your grasp, so it’s time to drive it home with magnetic conversation. One way of doing this is by trying a method we call “Fractionation“. This is the most clever way to get a woman emotionally into you in less time (in just 15 minutes). When she’s giddy with emotions, you can bet that you’re the only thing on her mind, and it will remain that way for a time.

Fractionation is a two-step formula which makes a woman feel both happiness and sadness in a short amount of time. This would make her somehow “confused” emotionally, and when she is vulnerable, then you will be able to “hack” into her mind and get her to like you. The fractionation formula shows you how to do just that – and it is easy to use, no matter what your skill level is when it comes to dating and seducing women.

Source by Derek Rake