Step Three to Changing Your Internal Representations – Close the Distances

Now that you have distanced yourself and learned how to edit images internally, it’s time close the distance to the image you fear to see how you did.

This should be done one step at a time.

First, move from the third to the second position. Go down from the blimp to the bleachers or from the living room to the Houston control center.

Become the observer. View the events from there.

How do they appear to you? How do you feel?

If you are still uncomfortable, go back to the third position and change the image even more.

If, however, you feel comfortable observing the events from a distance, then move down on the playing field and see how it is from there.

You should be just fine. If not, you can always go back and change your internal imagery even more.

You can add beautiful scents, delicious flavors, sights, sounds, and senses.

This process can reliably remove most phobias in just 10 to 15 minutes time.

Mixed Connections

Another way to change a phobia is through mixed connections.

Because a phobia is a total connection to pain, with no pleasurable connections attached, any pleasurable connections we make to the object of our phobia will have the effect of removing the phobia as a debilitating force in our lives.

I remember teaching a seminar once, when a man in the audience stood up and said, “I have a phobia of   flying .”

I looked over at him in front of hundreds of other participants and asked, “Do you like sex?”


“Do you like sex?”


He was a bit stunned by the question.

“I’m asking, do you like sex? Yes? Or no?”


“OK, when you have sex, are you on the top or on the bottom?”


“When you have sex, are you on the top or on the bottom?”

“I guess both.”

“Airplanes are a lot like that,” I said. “When we get into turbulence, it’s up and down, up and down.”

His phobia was instantly cured!

He had begun to link up  flying  with sex, which was something that he enjoyed.

It really is that simple and in most cases can be handled in a matter of minutes.

Change the representations or change the connections and its goodbye phobia!

Source by Mark V Hansen