Why Eating Fish Today Can End Up Doing More Harm Than Good

There’s no doubt about it, eating fish today is no longer the healthy way to get essential omega 3 fats to keep you healthy. Experts recommend another solution that provides you with optimum protection.

The disadvantages of eating fish now are that they contain too many harmful toxins and are very low in the omega 3 fatty acids that you need to stay healthy.

These toxins are mercury, lead, arsenic and PCB’s that the fish pick up from the polluted oceans and can lead to health problems which is why it is only recommended to eat one or two portions a week today.

The other issue is that because most of them come from farms, they are fed with poor quality food and not their natural ones so the important omega 3 fats like DHA and EPA are very low and offer minimal benefits.

If you want to be protected from heart disease, lower your cholesterol, improve your brain health and vision, treat arthritis effectively and help to prevent many cancers then a daily distilled fish oil supplement is the only way to go and recommended by health experts.

This way you can control the purity and amount you take so you know you are getting enough but as there are so many bad products about, here is what you should look for.

Purity is essential and the oil should be distilled to remove all the toxins to make it safe unless it can be proven to contain no contaminants at all.

The only one at present is the Hoki fish from New Zealand as the waters it lives in are free from any pollution. Some companies provide this mixed with distilled tuna oil and the result is over twice the anti-inflammatory benefits of regular oil.

DHA is the most important omega 3 fatty acid responsible for most of the benefits and you want to get at least 270mg of this per capsule to enjoy the maximum rewards possible.

Taking a quality supplement is the easiest and most effective way to ward off deadly diseases in the future while enjoying improved health in the present without having to worry about eating fish.

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Source by Rich Hawkins