Live Worm Fishing – Tips to Be More Successful

Many anglers who use live worms as bait don’t think of doing things to “be more successful”, however this is a huge mistake. Live worm fishing, like any form of fishing can be much more productive when certain techniques and strategies are employed. In this article, live worm fishing – tips to be more successful, I’ll outline some of these tips so that you can take your live worm fishing to the next level.

More than twenty five years ago I had the pleasure of learning to use live worms as bait from a truly great fisherman who developed many of the techniques that I’m going to outline in this article. In my humble opinion, live worm angling is as much of an art form as any fishing technique has ever been purported to be, but it has to involve more than attempting to “thread” a worm onto a hook and calling it fishing. These tips will help you elevate your live worm fishing to the art form that I’m referring to.

Let’s get down to business, shall we?

  1. Use Light Line – when fishing with live worms, use line that’s as light as you can get away with. The less visible your line is to your quarry the more bites you will receive; it’s as simple as that. For example, I use four pound test for 90% of my live worm angling, and before you say to yourself “that’s too light”, consider that I regularly hook and land trout and smallmouth bass in the four to six pound range on four pound test. The bottom line is that when fishing with live worms, use fishing line that’s as light as possible.
  2. Use Gang Hooks – Gang hooks and live worm fishing go together like a hand and a glove. Gang hooks are simply a pair of small hooks tied in tandem which enable live worms to be presented in an outstretched and natural manner, the way God intended rather than all “balled” up like a piece of meat. If you want to take your live worm fishing to the next level, start using gang hooks, it’s as simple as that.
  3. Be Efficient – What do I mean by being efficient? Simply this; the more efficient you are on the water, the more time your worm spends in the water (where the fish are), rather than out of the water while you bait up, re-tie, or perform other mundane tasks. This is where items like bait bags & retractors come into play. A bait bag carries your live worms while fishing, so that your bait is always at your fingertips whenever you need to bait up. This saves a TON of valuable fishing time for the average angler. Retractors hold lightweight fishing gear such as nail clippers (for snipping line) and/or hemostats for hook removal. If you want to be more successful as a live worm angler become as efficient as possible.

These live worm fishing tips are extremely effective and will help you have much more success. How am I so sure of this fact? Simply because I’ve been using every one of these tips for more than twenty years and know how effective they are. And never forget that there’s no substitute for spending time on the water practicing your craft, so get out there and go fishing.

Source by Trevor Kugler