It is Time You Demanded Something Extra From Your Web Host

The way the numbers of new companies that provide web hosting are sprouting up, it seems that everything is nowadays connected with the net. In a way it is true. Nowadays if you are interested to keep your business afloat, and unless you are the owner of a very big business that has its presence felt all over the country, you have to launch your business website. There are many organizations who are waiting in the wings to take advantage of the naivety of persons who do not know the abc’s of the internet.

This article in no means suggests that all organizations that provide web hosting are dishonest. But the fact remains that there are a number of them who do. Nobody is bothered to explain the pros and cons to the client. In fact most of them just lay out the honey in the form of unlimited disk space and unlimited data transfer to trap the   fly … and in most cases they are successful. Though there is no harm if the organization you are selecting to host your website offers unlimited data transfer and bandwidth. But, they should also offer other useful facilities too.

They should provide you with a help desk that should be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Their service should have passed the test of time and their server should have an uptime of 99% and more. These last two options will filter out quite a number of wannabe hosts. All good organizations that offer web hosting services generally include an online site building software that helps beginners to design their own websites. There is yet another important thing that should be offered by them and that is domain privacy.

Unless this feature is not implemented, anybody can do a whois on your domain and find out details about your email address and your phone number. They do this to send you spam mail and inundate you with unnecessary and unrequired phone calls. Would you like a genuine client to be kept on hold just because you are arguing with a caller whose call you did not want? If domain privacy is enabled by your web hosting organization on your domain, then all the whois queries will be redirected to some other domain and your identity will remain safe. You have purchased a mobile phone to keep your personal identity a secret… what about the privacy of your website?

Source by Nitin Saini