Bass Fishing Tips 101

Bass are some of the feistiest fresh water fish you’ll ever catch and will put up a good fight. Largemouth bass fishing tips include, trying different bait. If you have been out fishing a popular location without success, try changing your bait, occasionally a largemouth bass will see a simple plastic worm floating in front of them and this will tempt that big one to swim out for a taste.

Consider fishing in smaller bodies of water as opposed to large areas such as lake Champlain, some of the smaller ponds and lakes can produce larger fish. Another bass fishing tip is that the really big fish tend to hang out alone. Instead of fishing near dams or under lily pads, try areas that are more open and have no obvious cover. Fish about two hours after the sun has set and leave in the early morning when fishermen usually arrive. Don’t make noise when you are fishing and use the largest bait you can find.

Smallmouth bass fishing techniques consist of knowing how to fish the seasons. Spring is when smallmouth bass can be found in shallow water, use fast action lures such as spinner baits and look for rocky areas, these spaces have a lot of food for them such as insects and crawfish.

Summer is the most difficult time of year to fish. The fish have moved into deeper cooler water; however they prefer to be out in the sun, try fishing in the middle of the day. Use fast moving bait this time of year such as deep-diving crank bait. When fall arrives it brings with it some of the best Bass fishing, they have grouped into large schools and are more likely to try your bait.

Other tips are to use live worms as bait and use a light weight fishing line, bass are less likely to notice this floating in the water. When the temperatures drop below 45 degrees bass move into deeper holes, try to find these fishing holes above a dam.

Source by Huey B