Dog Training Ebooks – How to Avoid Being Ripped-Off

Dog training eBooks are gaining popularity and people are buying them right and left. However, are there any dog training eBooks worth buying? How many times have you seen dog training eBooks say that they reveal secrets about how to train a dog?

Know if you’re being scammed by looking for these three warning signs:

  • If they say “secrets” or “secrets revealed”, click off the page.
  • If they tell you their eBook normally sells for a gazillion dollars, run away.
  • If they offer a limited time discount, follow the site for a week or two to see if they’re lying.

Books on dog training have been available to the public for decades yet, apparently the correct way to train a dog is still held secret by a select few holders of the key to knowledge. What a load of rubbish. How did all those tens of thousands of dog trainers around the world keep so many secrets for so long?

If you’ve looked around for dog training eBooks, you have undoubtedly noticed that many websites claim their products’ normal price is hundreds of dollars but discounted for a short time to the ridiculously low price of $37.95. Give me a break, if they could sell their eBooks for hundreds of dollars, they would.

They also tell you that their special discount will end by a date that you see on the screen. The date you see is a script that refreshes every few days. They try to deceive you into believing that you only have a few short days until the price returns to its normal, higher price, when in fact, it never does. So, they start right off by lying to you. If you think we’re joking, check it out and see for yourself.

Another important thing to understand is that some of the dog training eBooks are not written by actual dog trainers. One we found was some guy conducting interviews with other dog trainers and selling the audio files. This is not entirely bad if the dog trainers you’re interviewing are skilled craftsmen, but the dog trainers being interviewed were dog trainers who had only been training dogs for 5 years. I’m sorry but, after only 5 years training dogs, you know just enough to be dangerous.

You need to understand that there are a few good dog training eBooks out there and a lot of really bad ones. Some will lie to you and try to create false perceived value by inflating their page counts and convincing you that their product is normally worth hundreds of dollars. Then they try to create a sense of urgency by telling you that if you don´t buy now, you’ll pay more next week when in fact, it’s a lie.

On the other hand, there are some very good eBooks out there too. There are some that have been written by real dog trainers who have a lot of skill and experience to back them up. All you have to do is take a bit of time and look around for the warning signs. Look for eBooks written by real dog trainers who care about their craft and have integrity.

Before and after videos are a great way to determine whether or not the product has been written by real dog trainers with real experience.

Source by Jimmy Fera