Shimano Stradic MgFA – Read Before You Buy!

The Shimano Stradic MgFA is one of the lightest weight spinning reels there is, mainly because the magnesium that is used for the frame. It is definitely a fearless reel built for a tough battle. In this article, I’m going to go over all the ins and outs of this reel.

Here is a list of the features of this reel:

  • Magnesium Frame
  • Graphite Rotor (wish it was still magnesium)
  • Cold Forged Aluminum Spool
  • S Concept
  • Slow Oscillation
  • Plastic Maintenance Port (should be metal )
  • S-Guard (protects butt of the body)
  • S-Arm Cam (keeps line in roller)
  • ARB bearings
  • Machined Aluminum Handle Shank
  • Septon Handle Grip (although not quite as soft and grippy as old model grips)
  • Power Roller Three (including tapered bail)
  • Floating Shaft

Shimano fixed many of the problems of the old version, Stradic MgF, in this new version. Overall, the newer reel feels more solid than the older version. It doesn’t have the convenient breakaway handle anymore, but it did make the older version feel less solid. Thankfully, Shimano didn’t put that rubbery feeling coat that wore away slowly on it anymore. Comparing the old and new model 2500’s, the new one is only 0.2 ounces heavier even with the all metal spool.

There is no more 1000 size, but now there is a 4000 size for fisherman [] going after larger species. Also, there is no more magnesium rotor; it was replaced with graphite. There is also a $30 spike in price to a $190. I think that the Shimano Stradic MgFA is still definitely worth it if you like a light weight reel that feels very solid.

Source by Nicholas Cudzilo