How to Determine the Right Oster Clippers For Your Horse Grooming Needs

The latest line of Oster Horse Clippers and Grooming Supplies are impressive for the horse lover doing their own grooming or for the professional groomer. The only problem is that there is a lot to choose from. Let me help take some of the work out of it. The following is a review of the Oster pet and animal clippers either designed or most used for horses. There are also some usage recommendations depending on what your grooming needs.

Oster Power Max Clipper – The Power Max is the old reliable in the Oster line. It comes with variable clipper speeds, either 3,700 cutting strokes per minute (spm) or 4,200 spm supporting broad cut or more detailed trimming jobs. The Power Max is touted for its quiet operation and contoured shape that is easy to grip and lightweight. It is 20% lighter than the previous version. The quiet operation comes from the Permanent Magnetic Rotary Motor noted for providing precision cutting. It comes in a kit that contains two replacement drive tips and a #10 CryogenXblade with AgION (Reg. Trademark) antimicrobial coating to reduce the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew. It comes with a 12 foot cord and compatible with all A5 series blades. Expect to pay from $125 to $140 dollars for this low end reliable grooming equipment.

Oster Clipmaster Variable Speed Clipper – The Clipmaster is the next level up in endurance and capability. It is a blue color and is fully variable. The operator can adjust from 700 to 3,000 spm. The Clipmaster is designed for a professional groomer that needs reliability and comfort that allows them to go the whole day. The Clipmaster also has a newly engineered tension knob that allows for ongoing and easy blade adjustment depending on what grooming job requires. The Clipmaster kit comes with clipper, an 83/84 AU Blade Combo Pack, 15 ft. cord, air intake screen, lubricating oil and a storage toolbox. Expect to pay from $240 to $300 for the Clipmaster. It is the higher end of their horse clipper line.

Oster Golden A5 2-Speed Clipper with a #10 Blade – The A5 is a long time Oster offering. The housing was redesigned this year and is made from a new virtually unbreakable material. No more worrying about drops on concrete or hoofs stepping on them! They will take the punishment. The Golden is 2 speed with a normal for general grooming and a high speed (1/3 faster) for quick body clipping. Like the Power Max, the Golden is compatible with the A5 size blades and comes with a #10 blade which is required for equine grooming. The entire kit includes with clipper, size #10 blade, extra brush and spring assembly, cleaning brush, blade guard and 12 foot cord. Expect to pay $160 to $180 for the Golden A5 kit. It is worth the money in reliability and endurance.

Oster Turbo A5 2-Speed Clipper Set – The Turbo’s higher of its two speeds runs over 4,000 spm. Its designed with a wider sweep to cover more surface resulting in faster cutting time. Like The Golden A5, the Turbo has a body touted as unbreakable. The Turbo is also designed to cut through coarse, thick hare making it ideal for some of the longer hair breeds of horses. As the other Oster Horse clippers, the Turbo comes in a kit including a #10 wide Cryotech TM blade, oil and carrying case. The Turbo comes in a blue color. Again, if you own a longer hair breed, then the Turbo is most likely right for you. Expect to pay $160 to $180 for the Turbo.

Oster Power Pro Ultra Clipper – The Power Pro is Oster’s cordless Clipper. It is designed to be light and ergonomic with a nonslip grip. It has a Universal brand motor that provides excellent cutting performance at the lower speeds (max 3,300 spm) of the cordless clippers. Higher speeds cause more blade heat and draw more energy than is acceptable for the cordless designs. The slimmer, longer lasting battery provides up to 60 minutes of operations between charges. If your grooming job requires cordless because of location or any other reason, the Power Pro is an excellent choice. It comes with clippers, charger and battery. Expect to pay from $205 to $225 for the Power Pro. Like we said earlier, this is a great clipper for those jobs that a corded clipper won’t work.

Source by Marcus Koll