Make Your Own Fish Bait

Many anglers in the world are making different fish baits at home. You could make many different fish baits, like chicken liver, and cheese bait. Cheese bait is every angler’s choice of fish bait and the fish love the taste and smell of it. Cheese baits will attract the big fish that are in any lake or river anywhere.

However, when making this cheese baits you will need a few ingredients, like shredded cheese, pie pastry, garlic powder and chicken liver ground up. In addition, you will be using the chicken liver blood as well. You could mix up all these ingredients in the house, but eventually you will have to move this concoction outdoors, because the smell will be unbearable.

First, you are going to have to mix all of these ingredients together in a big bowl, then after that you will need to let the mix sit out for a while. Soon with everything that is, mixed together, you will need to start making little balls out of the mix. Place the little balls on a sheet of wax paper in a large baking pan.

Once you have used all the dough in the bowl rinse out the bowl completely, in order to keep the ingredients from sticking on the bowl. Now that you have all the balls in the baking pan, place the entire baking pan in the freezer for about 2 hours. This will let the cheese balls harden, after that, find you a quantity size pickle jar that you can get your hand in and out of easily, place the balls inside it, and seal the lid tight.

You will want to use a metal lid, because you will be sitting this jar outside and you are going to let it sit in the sun for about a week or longer. However, be sure to check it occasionally, so that it does not become molded or something.

In addition, whatever you do, do not open this jar in the house; this jar of cheese bait is going to smell horrible and may make you lose your lunch. After a few days in the sun, the stink bait is ready to use. Grab the fishing poles and your stink bait, also be sure to grab a pair of your wife’s old panty hose. For you are going to use these to wrap the ball of bait in, but be sure it is an old pair. Then go to your nearest bait or fishing store and buy some treble hooks, the bait will stay on the treble hooks longer then they will on regular hooks. Good luck to you, now go get a big one.

Source by Irsan Komarga