Live Bait Fishing

For many anglers live bait fishing is the best form of fishing. In this article I’m going to outline some great tips and techniques that will make your live bait fishing much more successful and rewarding. In my mind, live bait   fishing  can be as much of an art form as “flea flicking” (this is what my  fishing  mentor called  fly   fishing ) has ever been proclaimed to be. In order for this to be true you have to take your live bait fishing a little more seriously than tying on a #8 hook, clipping a red and white bobber onto your line, and attempting to thread a live worm onto your hook; then chunking this into the water and calling it fishing.

What I just described is what gives this type of fishing a bad name. This form of fishing is fine for children under 12 years old and complete novices, but for those of us who want to take live bait fishing to the next level, equipment such gang hooks and bait bags should be employed.

I’ll get to gang hooks and bait bags later, but now let’s focus on our gear, specially our rod, reel and fishing line. When live bait fishing we want the focus of the fish to be on pour bait, which means our bait should look as natural as possible, which is to say as much as it would appear in nature as is possible. This means that we don’t want our line to be detected by the fish, which means using fishing line that’s as light as possible. The rule of thumb when live bait fishing is to use line that’s as light as you can get away with.

Remember, fishing line is much stronger than people may believe. Whatever pound test you use (monofilament) is the strength that the line has at its weakest point. In other words, four pound test line can hold four pounds of dead weight at its weakest point, without breaking. And remember, you have the play in your rod and the drag of the reel to take tension off of the line. The point is that most anglers use fishing line that’s much too heavy.

Now to gang hooks. When bait fishing (especially with live worms) it’s extremely important to present your offering in the most natural way possible, which is where gang hooks come into play. There is no better way to present live bait (and especially live worms) than a set of pre-tied gang hooks. These hooks are simply the best way to present most live bait while fishing.

When bait fishing with live worms, it’s also important that you have an efficient and effective way to carry said worms. Lugging around a Styrofoam container simply isn’t very effective, and is just a pain in the butt. This is where a bait bag comes into play. A bait bag is a small pouch that hangs from your fishing vest and carries your live worms while fishing. This way your worms are always at your fingertips waiting to be used. A bait bag is one of those things that once you try it, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

These simple tips will help anyone become a more successful angler. Live bait fishing can be as fun as it gets, and when you employ tips such as in this article, you begin to move live bait fishing into the realm of an ‘art form’.

Source by Trevor Kugler