What is So Great About Yoga?

Yoga may seem like a health and fitness craze but it’s actually thought to have been around since as early as 900-500 B.C.E.. This is no fly by night fad folks. Yoga is, was and always shall be. There are multiple forms of yoga but I will leave that to you to research and find out what kind of yoga would be best for you. What I want to share with your today is the “Why?” Why Yoga?

Yoga and all of it’s many poses are not just an excellent form of exercise. It’s a way of life and it can have a positive impact on every part of your existence from business to parenting and even to sex. One of the most important things that I have taken away from yoga is peace of mind. Yoga brings your mind into the here and now. You don’t think about the guy who cut you off in traffic on the way to class or the business meeting you have in the morning. You only think about the directions you are being given by the yoga instructor and perfecting your poses. So in essence, yoga not only cleanses the body but the mind as well.

Let’s focus on how yoga cleanses the body. When your body gets heated up and you put all of your body parts through a full range of motion, as you do during a yoga lesson, your muscles begin to release toxins. Those toxins, if you are properly hydrated, are then carried out of your body through sweat and urination. There are also certain poses that squeeze toxins out of your individual organs, such as your kidneys. Again, proper hydration is a must!

There are some other really great side effects of moving your muscles through a full range of motion. Your joints start to become more lubricated, making for less pain and stiffness as well a healthy joints overall. Also, your balance improves and you actually become a little more coordinated and a lot stronger. For me, coordination is a big plus. I’ve always been sort of clumsy.

Lastly, yoga is a big stress reliever. Studies have shown that people who find appropriate channels for stress have less incidence of illness, reduce blood pressure and have less digestive issues.

Source by Snowden Cane