Philippine Airlines 2

Philippine airlines are one of the longest surviving airlines in the world. Having been through many ups and downs in the markets, and being over sixty years old, the Philippine airlines seems as though it is here to stay. Philippine airlines are a direct competitor with the airlines that are in Japan and in China. The Philippine airlines services both domestic and international flights with its service including over fifty destinations. If you are given the choice, book your flight on PAL and you will find that your will save money, and you will be   flying  on one of the most experienced airlines there is today.

The Philippine airlines are one that has seen its own troubles. During World War II, the company had to limit its flights. During this time as the company  flew  very little, most thought that it was shut down. After World War II, the company once again began  flying  both business people and the public anywhere their destinations would lead them. Philippine airlines became the first to cross over the Pacific. Philippine airlines would take US men across the Pacific to California.

Travel agents were the only method of booking flights in the past, but now with technology available, that has changed. You can book a flight on Philippine airlines using many of the online sites, where competitive ticket prices are found. Philippine airlines constantly are booking flights not only for this week, but next month, and into next year. As the ticket wars and competition for those who are  flying  to purchase tickets in advance, Philippine airlines also offer the electronic ticketing offering travelers the ease in  flying . No waiting in lines to process your ticket and to check in. All baggage does still go through the usual check in and screening procedures that other airlines use, but the process is pretty much hassle free at this time.

Traveling with Philippine airlines will allow you to  fly  to 50 different destinations. Philippine airlines not only services areas that are near Manila but also destinations that are around the world. From Vegas, to France, and to the largest airports around the world, Philippine airlines are ‘seen’ as a major competitor in the airline industry.

Japan and China airlines are both major competitors of the Philippine airlines. These countries are close and service many of the same areas. Philippine airlines are one that is older and has been servicing  flying  needs for many more years.

What makes this company somewhat different from other companies is that the Philippine airline was run by the government at one time. Now it is run by a company that has a public stock involved. The company took over the airline in the 1990’s. As the government gave up control of the airline, and the company took over the activities of the Philippine airlines, the expansion and changes in service continued to take place. Now, Philippine airlines not only are going to  fly  to major airline ports, but also to a few secondary airline hubs around the world. Philippine airlines services over fifty different destinations, and there is most likely one that you are going to be traveling too in the future!

Source by Reidar Aas