Asteroid Raid

This fascinating space shooter game – “Asteroid Raid” will certainly electrify you. Enemy ships strive to shoot you but you are a good pilot of a spacecraft and   flying  and wiping off everything on your way and even have time to refuel your ship. Amazing action will give you the adrenaline which makes you activate your instincts of self-preservation and hunting. Your reaction will become mega fast and it will be completely impossible to stop you. In this captivating online shooter game you will pass level after level overcoming more and more obstacles. You are meeting more enemies on your way but anyway you are still invincible. Explore new galaxies and even universes playing our absorbing dynamic free space shooter.

Make sure you avoid all the rocks and other ships. Shoot on them in order not to crush. Your main objective is to pass through all 50 levels without any damage. Every next level brings more challenges so you should try your best to complete all the levels. The number of enemies consistently grows and the you should go through more tangled labyrinth of rocks. Dont forget about your fuel and every time you have an opportunity try to refuel your ship. Maneuver between rocks and avoid them and kill all your enemies.

In this breathtaking free shooter game control of your spaceship is realized with the help of arrow keys. Use your space bar to shoot. You may also use A, W, D, S to move your ship. You can submit you score and find out your achievements and achievements of other players in High score.

Source by Anastartem V