Cobra OMC Stern Drive

For those that are boating hobbyists you know that OMC is one of the big dogs in the boating world. For many years they have been making only the best in the industry for boats and have continued that fine tradition over the years to the present day. The proof positive of this is the ever popular Cobra series of stern drives. More people are switching to this unit to power their water craft every day and that means that more and more people are also looking to have a little fun and recreation in the water as well. This is all coupled with the fact that you find the cobra series of stern drive and many of the professional boats that grace the water ways all over the world.

The Right Tool for the Job

Few people realize that stern drives offer some of the best in power and handling of all the ways to power a watercraft. This is true with most things because of the fact that you get only the best in handling and not such jerky movements as you do with the outboards that were so popular for so many years. There is also the matter of being quiet which is something that most of the standard motors can not do. The cobra stern drive is a positive influence on the whole industry because it is perfect for so many different types of boats and such.

The possibilities are limitless when you go with the cobra stern drive system. They are perfect for the novice and great for the old pro as well. The steering ability that comes along with this type of power offers some of the best in the business. The tight spots that a good many people will get into when boating are a breeze to move out of when it comes to the stern drive and there is a lot less worry about hitting something when you are not powered by an outboard.

Know the Boat

Most people will tell you that the outboard is the way to go for fishing because there is less water disturbance but anything could be further from the truth. With the cobra stern drive you leave very little wake in the process of the movements and that means that the fishing will be a lot better because you are not moving the water when you are trolling around. There is even the better when you consider that most of the people that use the stern drive for fishing no longer need the small battery powered trolling motors. With the stern drive you have a lot more accuracy when it comes to making the turns and that means that you will spend a lot less time trying to get out of the corner.

The more you use the cobra stern drive system the more you will love it. There is little that people have to say that is anything but positive about this system. The only real complaint is the fact that it tends to be a bit more expensive than the standard outboard motor but as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.

The issue of the cost does not deter a lot of the more serious boaters. This is due to the fact that they love the overall performance that the cobra stern drive offers and there is little that anyone can say about that. Moving through the water at speeds that exceed that of most of the outboards on the market today make for some great times on the water.

Source by Trish Dougherty