World of Warcraft – Do Legal Gold Farming Strategies Exist?

Why is it that thousands upon thousands of people are finding legal strategies for farming gold quickly?

Gold is an essential resource in World of Warcraft. Some examples where gold is essential for a person’s character include purchasing Epic   Flying  Mounts and Epic Ground Mounts, Epic items, and leveling up professions like Jewelcrafting and Engineering.

With World of Warcraft being saturated with millions of players, especially hardcore gold farmers that exist only to farm gold 24/7, it is getting increasingly harder to earn gold fast, and in the legal way. As players become more desperate to upgrade their characters, they resort to illegal means of obtaining gold Think for a moment what would happen to all your hard effort when the World of Warcraft big bosses catch you red-handed. It is not worth risking the chance by getting gold the illegal way.

The other way is to buy gold from people. Many companies have been set up to deal with gold trading so that people who are not farmers can purchase gold quickly and save the hassle of farming for long hours just for a miserable amount of gold You are using your hard-earned money to buy virtual gold just to make your character better…why not sell your hard-earned virtual gold to buy real money for your daily needs?

The secret of gold farming, and I mean legal gold farming strategies, lies in being different from the rest. Over 99% of players are earning gold the miserable way because they simply follow their peers’ bad advice without doing research. The 1% that do things differently are the ones hoarding all the gold and they will not tell you their tricks so easily. If you see a certain farming pattern which the majority is following, go and devise a completely different one and test it out. Once you have discovered the proper strategy, it is all yours to use, and you may even sell your strategy to others for money.

In addition, you need to know the World very well…that means you need to be able to identify the locations where you can get rare items without having to compete with thousands of online players at the same time. You will need to constantly talk to people and find out as much information as you can. These people may also decide to divulge some of their gold-making strategies, so it is invaluable, provided you are able to filter the legal ones from the illegal ones.

Finally, you must bear in mind that to make the most gold farming alone is futile. You need to be involved in business. That means trading at the marketplace, and knowing the prices of the items that you are planning to buy or sell. Many people think that farming hardcore, then selling whatever items they obtain, will make them rich. In fact, these are reckless players that will never make it rich easily. You need to dominate the market well enough to tilt the economy to your favour. Remember that besides gold farming, your other abilities like Jewelcrafting can bring you gold if you know how to craft well and sell them at a high price.

Need some strategies that are legal, yet effective? Do not waste time competing with the Chinese farmers or finding hacks and cheats to get gold quick. Farm for gold the legal way now using proven strategies!

Source by Kenneth Cheng