Selecting Fly Fishing Reels That Suit Your Need

Fly fishing reels are an important part of your fly fishing gear. This element has three purposes. First, it provides a smooth drag when catching a running fish. Second, to store the fishing line and backing. Last but not least, to balance the fly rod weight. Since this element plays an important role in fly fishing, anglers usually take time to choose the right one. A good reel has to be comfortable to use, yet strong and sturdy. If you are new to fly fishing, you may find it difficult to choose the one that suits you best. It shouldn’t be that hard if you know how.

Fly Reel Options

Different fly reels offer different features. Some reels feature a drag system while others might not have it. The ones without drag system only consist of a clicker and a little gear. If you want to catch larger fish, then the one with adjustable drag system would be ideal for you. This type of fly reel helps you slow dow a running fish with its smooth brakes. You may also find fly reels made for freshwater and saltwater. Saltwater reels are designed specifically with materials that will withstand corrosion. The sizes are also varied. You can find small reels and the huge ones equipped with drag system for catching big saltwater fish.

How To Select One

When you go to a fly fishing store, you can test the different reels they have. If possible, it is recommended that you also buy a rod at the same time. This way, you can try the two items together. Thus, you will get a reel size that matches with the rod that you use and vice versa. You can ask a sales assistant to show you the ones with balanced rig and the ones that are mismatched. A balanced rig is comfortable to use and it will feel weightless when you use it for fishing.

In some cases, the price also indicates the quality of a particular reel. Some people may say that you don’t need to get the expensive one since it will only be used to hold the fishing line. The cheap ones usually offer poor quality and it can ruin your fly fishing experience. It is a good idea to buy the best one you can afford. Using a good quality reel will certainly help make your fishing experience more enjoyable.

Source by Teo Marshall