Gift Ideas For Backyard Bird Lovers

For some people bird-watching is an enjoyable hobby whether watching birds in their backyard, or going out on bird-watching excursions to see birds in their natural habitat. Watching, listening to and admiring the beauty of birds as we celebrate the coming of Spring is a source of peace and tranquility for many. Bright red cardinals, wonderfully colored blue jays and red-breasted robins fluttering in a tree is a magnificent sight to see. Even the way they   fly  is amazing to watch. The world of birds is full of life, color, songs and chirps. Even on dreary days, the activity of colorful birds outside the window brightens the day. For yourself or for the bird-lovers in your life, here are some great gift ideas.

BIRDHOUSES: Birdhouses are a wonderful way to attract songbirds into the backyard or garden area. When buying a birdhouse, it’s important to know which species you prefer to host.The different types and sizes of houses accommodate varied bird species.The size, entrance hole, or cavity and construction of each home greatly influence the types of birds interested in it. All bird houses should have adequate drainage, interior space, and insulation for a successful roost. Almost all of the birds will use a birdhouse if it is the proper size and in the right location for the individual species. Creating a successful wildlife habitat will help to attract more birds for your or your recipient’s enjoyment as well as benefitting the ecosystem surrounding the home. Not only can you help some bird species by offering warm, safe shelter, but some birds actually help you by consuming many unwanted insects.

BIRDFEEDERS: Give our feathered friends a cozy place to eat and rest. Birdfeeders can be enjoyed on apartment decks, office windows as well as in yards. There are a variety of feeder types which attract different bird species. A good selection would include a seed feeder and a hummingbird feeder. To set up a birdfeeder there are a few things to consider:

1] Use a feeder that is appropriate for the birds.

2] Once birds are accustomed to the feeder, be sure to keep it filled.

3] Do not get discouraged if the birds do not cover the feeder right away. It will take time for them to feel safe and secure at a new feeder.

4] Beware of Squirrels! Squirrels will typically jump up to 10 feet to get to a birdfeeder. When possible place feeders high off the ground and away from buildings, trees or anything else they can climb on in order to gain access to your birdfeeders.

5] Should you choose to purchase a bird feeder as the ideal gift, a nice touch would be to ad a bag of bird food, too.

6] Attract the magnificent hummingbird to the backyard by using Hummingbird Feeders filled with sugar water, nectar rich flowers and plants.

BIRDBATHS: Another yard feature that attracts birds is a birdbath. This is a great garden gift and just the right idea for any gardener or nature lover on your gift list. Not only will you provide a place for birds to bathe, play and drink, but you will bring an added touch of beauty to the outdoor garden area. Offering birds a consistent source of water is a great way to keep them visiting the garden. Birdbaths come in many sizes, shapes and materials.

These are only a few garden gift ideas presented here. There are such a wide variety of options, you are sure to find the perfect gift for yourself or the bird aficionado you’re presenting it to!

Source by Connie Raines