Network Marketing Marksmanship – How To Hit The Bulls Eye!

As a retired police officer, I am required to qualify with a firearm twice per year. As I was shooting at the range the other day, the similarities between shooting and building a home based business really jumped out at me. There are a few target shooting principles that just translate into business terms so easily. So here you have it, network marketing marksmanship…how to hit the bulls eye.

Alright, there you are at the range. You’re holding your gun in your hand, and ready to start letting the lead   fly . Job number one is to find the target. You have to know where it is in order to even begin to think about hitting it. Once you see it, then line up your sights, and squeeze the trigger. It’s the same for business. What is it that you’re shooting for? Your target for business is the goals you wish to achieve.

Next is the fine art of focusing. Not only do you want your bullets to go in the general direction of the target, but you want them all in a nice tight group. That, ladies and gentlemen, takes focus. If you just start shooting all willy nilly, your rounds are going to go everywhere, and your target will look like a big paper swiss cheese. Take a breath, focus on the target, and go to work. Need I say more? Ok, maybe I do. Like the old saying goes, “begin with the end in mind”. Know what you want to accomplish, who you want on your team, take a deep breath, and get out there. Just like with shooting, you won’t always put the bullet exactly where you want, but you stay on point. Keep your mind focused. There’s always another round to shoot, another prospect to share your business with. Stay sharp and tuned in, and you’ll do just fine!

Lastly, you have to consistently practice. They say practice makes perfect. If you want to hit center mass, you need to practice, and improve. Same goes as you’re prospecting, contacting, and building your team. You need to practice by continually meeting new contacts. By improving your leadership skill set by reading books on the subject. Practice expressing gratitude daily. Train yourself every single day to become better than you were the day before. Do these things regularly, and you will hit the business bulls eye more and more. Make it a great day!

Source by Scott Carrell