Loneliness is what?

To be alone or to be with our inner self.

For most of us being alone is taken up as when no one is with us, we are sitting alone, in a crowd. We name it as loneliness but if are alone then why we feel that in spite of being alone we are with someone, we say we are alone but in that loneliness we are not alone we are with our inner self. Just think of it. When we are alone we never sit idle, some thing fishy is always going on in our mind. Either we use to think or we use to talk. But if we say that we are alone then with whom we are talking. At that very moment we are not alone, though for others we are but for our soul we are at that moment with our inner soul.

This loneliness is life for some of us. At times we prefer to sit alone because at that moment we talk to ourselves, we try to find out why we feel so. We cry, we laugh then how can it be said as being alone. How can one laugh or cry or talk being alone.

To be alone is sometimes much better then to be with someone, because when we are alone we take it as what we want, what are our desire’s and then we use to think how to get on to that, though we feel bad also but in that case we find the reason to be happy for that very situation from our inner self. And at times we feel the presence of the person with whom we want to talk or to share something and then we just speak out what is there in our heart, in our mind.

Being alone is not as we normally take it up as, its nothing else then something a soothing time. Though at times we feel like broken, we feel like why we are here if we have to be like this only. Either we use to criticize others or we criticize ourselves.

As because we think only those aspects which we want to see, we don’t go for those aspects that should be considered or we may say at that very moment either we are in anger or we are in sad mood so we think only those point which make us unhappy and we feel low and we think we are left alone and we forget the good things because at that point of time our mind lets us to do according to one side only, and at times we listen to our mind only and we listen to our heart then we reach to the conclusion. Because at many places its better to listen to our heart then to our mind.

When one feel lonely just sit look for why you are feeling so, listen to what your heart say then the condition to which you say as loneliness will become your friend for times.

Source by Nancy Arora