How Low Self Esteem and Confidence Can Affect Those Around You

W-O-M-E-N. We are the joy and pride of the world. We make things happen and without us, the world is a confused place. Most of us do not truly believe in this theory and those of us that have the belief do not really know the magnitude of it and for those that know how big an issue it is, they don’t really know how to make it.

The overall myth is that we were created as helpers because without us the men of the world have no idea what to make of themselves. This is true to some extent. We have a lot to make a different meaning to the term, helper.

Many of us live day to day just for the sake of living. We let the world pass us by and we get pulled into the craziness of what this life has made of us. We are left with the thought that who we are is not really who we are and what we mean to others is just a fantasy in our heads and we get stuck in it for a long time till it dies with us or leave us as a shadow to others or a   fly  on the wall that has no impact.

If we want to take a keen look at the issue of serenity, warmth, peace or calmness and a stress-free way of living, we as women are lost as to why we can’t seem to be identified with these things and it seem to be a problem for us. This issue burgs us greatly. Waking up every day has become a problem for most of us. We often ask ourselves why we even bother.

The demons in our life, the negative vibe that keeps us down threatens day and night and we give in to it out of ignorance of how strong we truly are. We are made strong; we are created to be a standing block for our partners. Without us they have no feet to stand on. They shake and whither without us to give our level of understanding on issues. We need to know how to puff out our chests and pat ourselves on the back.

Nobody is above making mistakes once in a while but only a few people has what it takes to look back and learn from that mistake that had almost destroyed them. Anybody can be rid with poverty. Anybody can face daily challenges that will make them dare God to do some things differently in their life but only a minority has it in them to sit back and marvel at what they themselves can do to make their life take a different path that will in turn lead to that life they can boast of. That can make them live better, peaceful and in love with the world and humanity at large.

We are taking a new step towards a discovery to the place where we have never seen ourselves going before now. We are re-evaluating who we are, what our chances are. We are more than the society makes us out to be. We are not just the child-bearing, kitchen-cleaning, house-making subordinates, we are great.

We are more than what we think we are. We have what it takes to make this world grow better than it presently is. It has nothing to do with the issue of femininity. It is the belief in what our strengths are and doing what it takes to make us reach our fullest potentials without the help of anyone but ourselves. We will see the strength we can get from making that mistake we so dread and the truth in our thinking. We will take it all back.

Source by Taibat Ademola