5 Simple Yet Powerful Golf Swing Tips For Instant Improvement!

Did you know that a few simple golf swing tips may be all you need to avoid hitting those slices, hooks, or fat shots? One simple change such as moving the ball position may fix that thin shot that you keep hitting off the tee.

Today, it’s very easy to find a good place with good golf magazines or books. Spending an afternoon in the sport section of your local book store can give you free valuable golf tips. Here you can find golf swing tips from professionals or teachers and coaches of professional golfers. Books and magazines with the latest golf swing tips can also be found online.

Here are 5 simple but very powerful golf swing tips that cover the golf swing basics.

1. One of the most important golf swing tip is to keep your club face square. Striking the golf ball with a square club face will allow it to fly straight and far. You need to maintain a consistent golf swing plane in order to keep your club face square. Take the golf club straight back and then following through on the same swing plane.

2. Timing is essential when it comes to your golf swing. Do not take the golf club back slowly and then accelerate down through your swing. A consistent swing speed throughout the entire swing is the key.

3. Golf fitness is another important factor for improving your golf swing. A few simple flexibility and strength exercises can change your whole golf game.

4. What about your golf grip?. Do not keep your golf grip too tight, it will hinder your golf swing movement. One way to determine if you were gripping the golf club the wrong way is if your hands or arms ache after playing golf.

5. The very best golf swing tip may not be what you want to hear, but practice, practice, practice, is what will ultimately improve your game. The more determined you are to practicing, hitting on the driving range or practice green, the better your golf swing will get. I have followed these basic golf swing tips and they have helped me cut my handicap by 12 strokes.

Source by Staffan Moritz