Give Yourself a $50,000 Raise

I read that sex can elevate a person’s happiness level to the same height as a $50,000 raise. Economist David Blandflower of Dartmouth College found that increasing sexual activity from once a month to at least weekly, is statistically huge. Persons of higher income do not have sex more often than lower income individuals, but having more sex makes you richer in spirit. The study sampled 16,000 adult Americans, the average of which has sexual intercourse two to three times per month.

Let me back up and explain it his way: A graduate student is trying to find a correlation between sex and happiness. He asks people how often they have sex. Some say every day. Some say every month, or week. One guy, who’s very happy and laughing and jumping up and down, says he has sex once a year. “So why are you so happy?” the student asks.

The man replies, “Because tonight is the night!”

Activities like working out, sex or laughing (it is not wise to laugh during sex) create endorphins. This is a natural chemical released by your body creating an emotional and physical response leading to a sense of happiness. Physical activities release these endorphins reducing depression. We are raised with the notions that sex has negative implications such as sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies and individual religious beliefs. Sex between consenting adults is nothing to be ashamed of or feared.

Endorphins also alter your sense of time, Time flies when you are having fun, is a true statement. If you are not physically well enough to handle a 45 minute exercise routine four times a week try listening to music, falling in love and having sex. If you have a 45 minute sexual workout you are going to be extremely happy, and so will your partner.

Non-erotic physical affection has a tremendous impact as well. People need affection. Babies die if they are not handled and older people need hugs, too. Even your pet needs to be petted. To be rejected physically or sexually by your partner hurts. We, as humans, thrive on touch by others. Think about touching the velvety smoothness of a rose petal. Does it invoke an inner reaction? Think about touching the edge of a knife blade. It should summon a different response. Women, think about the difference between 180 count and 400 count bed sheets with freshly shaven legs, there is a big difference in your sense of touch.

Explore your sense of touch and indulge yourself in more of the physical activities that release your endorphins and make you feel good. Better yet, reach out and touch someone special, we could all use a $50,000 raise.

Source by Judie Mackie