Airport Parking Philadelphia – Parking Options at This International Airport Hub

It’s a safe bet that parking at the Philadelphia airport was difficult back in October of 1927, which was the day The Spirit of Saint Louis; piloted by Charles A. Lindbergh (first man to   fly  solo across the Atlantic Ocean) made a stop at the Philadelphia airport. The years have marched steadily forward and as America changed, so too has the airport and parking facilities in and around the Philadelphia International Airport.

FACT: Having logged over 9,884,003 passengers this year alone, the Philadelphia International airport is one of the busiest airports in the world and airport parking a very real concern.

The facility itself has changed dramatically from its inception in 1925 to the ultra modern facility of 21st century, ranked the 9th busiest airport in the world. It features multiple terminals, hundreds of ground-level short-term parking spaces and amenities that serve people from around the world. 2001 saw the opening of two new terminals which nearly doubled the size of the airport to 2.4 million square feet accommodating a record 31.5 million passengers traversing its 120 boarding gates in 2005.

FACT: In March 2006, Philadelphia International Airport commenced a $200 million renovation project.

As the airport continues to grow, so must the infrastructure that supports it. The facility is surrounded by world class parking facilities offering the latest in amenities; valet service, free baggage assistance, car warming, snow removal, 24 hour free shuttle service, guaranteed space with reservation, 24 hour surveillance, fenced lots, car care services and more.

We all travel for different reasons, love, jobs, vacations, adventure, wanderlust, but we all need to arrive at the airport comfortable with the knowledge that when we park our cars at any of the airport parking in and around the Philadelphia international airport, our vehicles will be there, safe and sound, (washed and detailed if you wish) when we return home.

When the alarm goes off in the cold gray dawn, your eyes pop open (mine somewhat slowly), the coffee brews and countless details flash through your mind; did I pack enough clothes, is the hotel reserved, will my party be there to meet me, do I have enough cash, what can I (or can’t I) carry onboard. There are scores of facts flitting through our heads and the least of them may be; where am I going to park my car? And while I understand your priorities, you need to realize you’re driving toward the 9th busiest airport in the world; and as you merge into traffic, hundreds (possibly thousands) have the exact same destination in mind airport Philadelphia parking – where? It is the wise and savvy traveler who knows IN ADVANCE, the best route and exactly which airport parking facility they’ll be using.

By planning ahead, you can find off-site nearby airport Philadelphia parking that will save you money as well.

Source by Dee Cohen