Booking Airfare For Your Cruise Holiday

If you are planning a cruise vacation and live away from the departure ports, it could lead to more expenses. There are several ways of taking care of your cruise airfare. You could either book your tickets independently or go for a cruise package that includes the airfare.

Going for an all-inclusive cruise vacation

Most travelers prefer going for cruise packages that include the cruise airfare as well. Most popular cruise lines add cruise airfare as part of their holiday packages. These cruise lines make sure that their guests experience a comfortable trip right from the start; the basic services in these airfare packages could include:

– Pick up and drop facilities between the airport and the cruise ship.

– Hotel accommodation for guests who stay a considerable distance away from the departure port

– Guests can choose what dates would be convenient for them to travel by flight

– Assistance in transporting baggage from the airport to the cruise ship and back.

– In case of delayed or cancelled flights, assistance will be provided to some extent.

When you go for cruise airfare, you no longer need to worry about booking a flight independently. There are so many hassles that come when you go about booking airfare- you have to worry about driving to the airport, if you stay far away you will have to travel a day ahead and book accommodation in a hotel close to the departure port. Once you reach the destination airport, you will have to look for a taxi to get you to the cruise ship.

Disadvantages of cruise airfare

There are a few downsides to including airfare through your chosen cruise line, these could be:

– If you require particular seat assignments in the flight, you will have to contact the airlines directly.

– Most of these flights arranged by your cruise line will leave on the day the cruise ship plans to depart; therefore leaving you with no option to plan out your flight date.

– Some of these flights may not be direct and you could be stuck in layovers.

These disadvantages however are not so great when you weigh them against the advantages and conveniences of going for cruise airfare.

Source by Lukas Zerzan