Concentrated Fish Oil – Give Your Health a Huge Boost

With all the hype around supplements these days, you may hear the term “concentrated fish oil” a lot from your family and friends. So what is concentrated fish oil and how can you select the best one to complement your diet?

To start with the basics, the oil, as the name suggests, is directly derived from cold water fish such as cod and salmon. The importance of it lies in its rich supply of Omega-3 poly-unsaturated fatty acids DHA and EPA essential for your brain’s functions and general well-being.

As a follower of a typical Western diet rich in meat, poultry, and sugars, you lack those essential fatty acids that are otherwise obtained by incorporating fish in your diet.

This type of supplement is the ideal solution to compensate for the diet deficiency an average person suffers. However, there are many dangers to grabbing any over-the-counter supplement. To understand this, you must think of the process of extraction each manufacturer utilizes and as a result, the levels of toxins present.

As mentioned earlier, the oil is derived from cold water fish living deep in the ocean. Such fish is exposed on a daily basis to the various trade routes and shore pollution. This leaves fish high in toxicity commonly determined by testing the presence of mercury, lead, PCB’s, and dioxins.

While many of these supplements are high in toxicity, concentrated fish oil undergoes a strict process of selection and purification known as molecular distillation. Molecular distillation reduces the amount of toxins and condenses the benefits reaped from DHA and EPA acids.

In addition to purity regulation, when it’s concentrated, it’s more bio-available for the body. Simply put, the process of molecular distillation transforms fish oil into ethyl ester oil making it easier for your digestive system to absorb natural triglycerides and enjoy their benefits.

Augmenting your diet with a concentrated fish oil supplement is essential for your health. Looking into the source, purity, and manufacturing process of a given fish oil product is the first step in choosing the right supplement for your body.

Source by Shannon L Pollock