A Look At Touch Screen Mobile Phones

When it comes to buying your new mobile phone, you may well be tempted to invest in a new touch screen mobile. Modern phones now have features comparable to a personal computer – and different devices have a diverse choice of qualities. With the typical price of touch screen phone being similar to a budget laptop or notebook, it is important choose the right one which will suite you, and allow you to achieve what you want. This article will give a very brief look at what you should look for when making a purchase in the future.

Operating Systems (OS).

Just like a computer – the operating system is what runs the applications on the phone. Many manufactures produce their own operating systems, but there are currently two that are getting the most media attention.

Google Android – Produced, updated, and maintained by Google, Android is open-source and allows developers to create their own applications. Android is starting to appear on more devices.

Apple iOS – developed exclusively for the iphone, developers can create applications, but have no access to the in-depth technology. Many people prefer iOS for the simplicity and ease of use.

Which To Choose?

Unfortunately there is no easy answer to which OS to choose – Android offers more in customisation, and is available on a wider range of mobile phones. iOS really simplifies the mobile experience, but advanced users may find this simplification limiting.


Both Apple and Google now have a wide range of applications for their devices and OS, it is highly likely that whichever you choose, the application you want will be available.


Always read in-depth reviews of the mobile phone you are thinking of purchasing. The best advice would be to try an Apple iPhone in an Apple store, and an Android based mobile (such as the HTC Desire) in a phone store. Try to achieve a common function that you will perform everyday on each device, and see which one it is easier to perform it on. 

Source by Bill J. Thompson