Fly London Shoes: Uncompromising About Comfort and Designs

 Fly  footwear has a philosophy that is directly related to the customer. The shoes are strong, durable, quirky and unique and are designed to meet the demands of many customers. This footwear is part of the global fashion trend and has uncompromising designs and styles.  Fly  London Shoes has an original idea when it comes to fashionable footwear. You can come across many traditional styles as well modern designs that truly mesmerising. The sole and the uppers are made in a superior way so that the shoes provide comfort to all the customers in requirement of shoes from this brand.

The shoes from this brand have an eternal charm and are not bound by any trend from any particular season. These shoes indicate a youth culture that has been making waves in the fashion footwear industry. This brand is part of the street fashion and music. Quirky and individualistic you will be able to create a definite identity for yourself, which you are surely going to like. The brand has been launched in the year 1993 and since then it has been able to make a stir amongst young women.  Fly  London Shoes will be able to let you enjoy and sport your style in a unique way. If you are sporting these shoes you will definitely be considered hip and chic.

There are shoes as well as boots available in the market. With cutting edge designs and uncompromising styles you will be able to create a better perspective for yourself. You will feel much more confident when you are wearing these shoes. From sports shoes to formal, trainers to slippers you will find a wide collection of shoes in the  Fly  footwear collection. The extensive range of shoes reflects different styles and moods that evoke the passion of young fashionistas.  Fly  Shoes adds a style quotient to all those who wear these amazing shoes. This brand offers all who wants to express a sense of fashion and youthful passion.

This brand of shoes is able to capture the enthusiasm of the youth culture. The shoes are such a favourite with the young women that you will never be able to ignore its presence in the fashion footwear market. You can visit an online retailer and find out whether it stocks shoes from this brand that fits you. Search thoroughly over the Internet before you zero in on any footwear shop. If you are successful in finding one then you should also ensure that the online store has a hassle free policy or returning goods and making payments. It would be better if you find a store and stick to it. This is because it is quite difficult to find a store that stocks your exclusive size of shoes.

Therefore, get your  Fly  Shoes right away and change into a whole new avatar. You will always be happy to find out the best collection of shoes at  Fly !

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Complete Guide to Fresh and Saltwater Fishing

From the author of the award-winning Complete Outdoors Encyclopedia, “Complete Guide to Fresh and Saltwater Fishing” will prove to be the most complete fishing instruction book ever published. This indispensable resource offers in-depth coverage of spin, bait, and fly-fishing techniques, tackle, and species profiles of salt- and freshwater game fish. The book also features a section on filleting and cooking, with more than fifty proven recipes. With nearly 600 color photographs and illustrations, “Complete Guide to Fresh and Saltwater Fishing” clearly explains and illustrates the most successful techniques for any type of fishing.

This book is a must-have reference guide for both novice and experienced anglers, as well as any person planning to wet a line for the first time.

Complete Guide to Fresh and Saltwater Fishing
Conventional Tackle. Fly Fishing. Spinning. Ice Fishing. Lures. Flies. Natural Baits. Knots. Filleting. Cooking. Game Fish Species. Boating
Written by Vin T. Sparano
On sale: April 7, 2015
Publisher: Universe
Price: $29.95
ISBN: 978-0-7893-2925-7

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HOW TO CONNECT FLY LINE TO MONO *Uni Knot / Loop to Loop / Perfection Loop*


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How to catch a Trout on the fly

On a beautiful spring morning Paul Greenacre and John Whittle visit the stunning “Whitesheet” lakes in search of a fresh trout for the table.With fly rods in hand and a selection of flies the dynamic duo manage to catch a couple of acrobatic turbo charged rainbows John catches a fish on a first cast demo and then within about 10 minutes is into another fish having presented his olive gold headed nymph without any assistance. Paul takes his fish on a black and red “Montana” that simulates a tadpole. Set in the heart of the new forest with an abundance of wildlife. Robins singing and woodpeckers drumming. A brimstone butterfly extracts nectar from a daffodil and a bumble bee feeds on the budding catkins. If that wasn’t enough John finds a surprise creature in his trout bag. Can you identify the species?




I Believe I Can Fly – #BeLikeMike

Me attempting to recreate Michael Jordan’s free throw line dunk where he clutches his legs and just flies through the air. Since I can’t jump to save my life, I threw the ball off the back board for a little extra flair.

I made this for Gatorade’s #BeLikeMike campaign in honor of 23 years since the famous commercial and song released.

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Why Can’t You Use Phones on Planes?

Angry passengers create turbulence for the airlines.

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Tutorial 2009 guinness record paper airplane it fly 27.9 s (Takuo Toda) [hand launch]

This plane is ideal for hand launch, when you adjust perfectly this plane it can fly for very long time, Takuo Toda used this plane to break the world record on 2009, this other (refer below) is ideal for catapult launch:

NOTE: Exist a lot of webpages and videos that shows the not autentical guinness record plane by Takuo Toda, but this is the autentical that I saw at the following japanese web page:
this is the official plane.
This video shows how to fold the origami A5 sky king paper airplane designed by Takuo Toda. Currently it has the 2009 guinness record of duration flying by 27.9 seconds if you not believe me watch this video:
教程新的吉尼斯纪录的纸飞机飞了29.2 s チュートリアル新しいギネス記録の紙飛行機では29.2秒飛ぶ