The Solar Fly Trap – by ARBICO Organics This made-to-last, rust-free, heavy duty fly trap from ARBICO Organics goes anywhere to reduce existing fly populations, fly blooms and migrant flies. It’s used by horse owners, breeding and training facilities, kennels, dairies, poultry and swine facilities, feedlots and other places where flies are a problem. A yeast bait is mixed with water and poured into the container at the bottom of the trap. Flies are lured into the trap and dehydrate from exposure to the sun. When it begins to fill up with flies, just empty, hose out and reset with new bait.




Tying Flies For Fly Fishing – Don’t Feel Intimidated

As more and more people discover the joys of  fly  fishing, they discover that not only do they become addicted to casting to rising fish on a river or stream, they also become addicted to tying  flies  – the “bait” that they use in order to entice the fish.

 Fly  tying is an ancient practice and dates back centuries. Not only do we know that Izaak Walton would tie bits of feather and wool to a hook in order to try to imitate a natural food of a fish, there is evidence that the ancient Macedonians would tie bits or red dyed wool onto a hook in order to try to copy the insects that the trout of their country would eat for food.

Today, it seems  fly  tying can be really complicated or simple. Many  fly  tiers will spend hours on one  fly , attempting to perfect their bait and make it appear as much as possible like the life that fish will prey upon. Other  fly  tiers have just as much success with  flies  that take only minutes to create and use the same traditional materials that Izaak Walton would have used – feather, fur and wool. Holding the materials all together is thread.

One of the wonderful aspects of  fly  tying is that it gives the  fly  angler something to do during those cold winter months when  fly  fishing is not possible. Some anglers end up enjoying tying  flies  more than the time they spend on the river trying to catch fish!

 Fly  tying does not require a lot of equipment and initially, is not expensive. The basic tools required to make your own  flies  (and fill up your  fly  box for next season’s fishing) is a vice, thread bobbin, bodkin and sharp scissors. Other tools can be helpful and you’ll want to get more as you learn more, but for now, you really don’t need a lot.

Don’t feel overwhelmed or intimidated by those who have been  fly  tying for years. Even the simplest of patterns (and imperfectly tied imitations) can and will catch fish.

Source by Ian Hugh Scott

Dan Bailey Fly Fishing, Drop Jaw Flies Podcast: Episode 22

In this episode we broadcast live from the Dan Bailey Fly Shop in Livingston, Montana. We sit down with John Bailey, son of and current owner of Dan Bailey. John is an icon in the fly fishing world and he provides unique background perspective to fishing the Yellowstone, Gallatin, and other surrounding rivers to Livingston. John describes his experience of working as a fly fishing advisor to Robert Redford in filming the classic fly fishing movie, A River Runs Through It. We discuss the history of Dan Bailey’s as well as Millennials and how to involve the younger generation in fly fishing today.




FLY TV Squeeze – TRICKY TROUT – Early Season Dry Fly and Streamer Fishing in Dalarna

In this episode of FLY TV Squeeze, Daniel Bergman from Fly-Dressing and Henrik Wallberg from Scandi Fly Guides goes out to try to catch some early season brown trout on dry flies. The conditions are really tricky though, so they start the day with some streamer fishing but as the sun drops, the conditions get better and better for some dry fly action…

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“FPV Academy Flies #1” – Beaches and Trees

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Hey guys!

Thanks for watching our first FPV Academy flies video. This week I got to fly at a beautiful beach 5 minutes away from where I live, which was pretty awesome. The quad was completely out of tune though after I hit a tree head on and didnt have time to replace the motor, so couldn’t really get the footage I wanted to. Nevertheless, I hope you still enjoy!

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Music: TheFatRat – The Calling (feat. Laura Brehm)

“FPV Academy Flies #1” – Beaches and Trees
“FPV Academy Flies #1” – Beaches and Trees
“FPV Academy Flies #1” – Beaches and Trees




Hywel Morgan Start Stillwater Fly Fishing

This programme is packed full of top tips from Hywel, including picking the right tackle, basic casting techniques and deciding which flies are appropriate at any given moment, ensuring that you’ll be catching fish in record time.




How to Fly Fish – Stillwater Tips

Join RIO’s Advisory Team members Brian Chan and Phil Rowley as they share some of the top tips they use when fishing sinking lines while stillwater fly fishing




Catching Bass with Blue Ridge Custom Flies – Bass on the fly

To get some killer flies check out

In Late July we took a trip up to our cabin in Maine and got into some Bass on the fly. We threw poppers and big ole streamers and killed it. This was our first time fishing seriously for warm water fish on the fly rod and it did not disappoint.