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History of Fly-Fishing in Fifty Flies

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Flies from my fly fishing fly box – Мухи – серия 2 – сезон 2012

Няколко модела мухи от мухарската ми кутия. Подготовка за сезон 2012 г. Мухарски риболов. Fly fishing and fly tying. Мушки из моя коробка 2012.




Montana Fly Fishing on the Bitterroot River, Dry flies in March, Skwalas

Steve’s first trip to fish in Montana. Early season(early March) on the Bitterroot. Montana Fly Fishing at its wintery finest!





Use these fantastic Polaris Flies Holographic Head flies for trout, blue gills, crappie, grayling and even steelhead. WWW.1A-FLY-FISHING.COM for Polaris Flies and Fly Tying Products.




Ice Fishing Bait : Ice Fishing Flies

Ice flies are a type of bibbit that’s attached to hair and commonly used when ice fishing. Learn more about ice flies from a professional hunting guide in this free fishing video.

Bio: Bradley Carleton operates Champlain Valley Guide Service, which specializes in fair chase waterfowl hunting, ice fishing, and spring turkey hunting in Vermont.
Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso




WINTER RUN by Todd Moen – Pacific Northwest Winter Steelhead Fly Fishing

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Fishing for winter steelhead is best described by Bill McMillan, fisherman and author of “Dry Line Steelhead” describes winter as being the most difficult of seasons for searching of steelhead on the fly. The mere challenge of nature’s moody elements, the cold weather as snow and rain, and the limited daylight draws only those anglers who are seeking to experience something beyond the mere fishing itself, even beyond the hooking of the magnificent fish.  Winter steelhead evoke a sort of reverence because, in short, they are extremely hard to come by.  All the elements surrounding the steelhead become even more epic when placed in the severity of winter. Therefore, the preparation, the adventure from sunup to sundown and the struggle of the search for this evocative strain of steelhead in winter conditions is what I tried to capture in this T-Motion Theater “Winter Run”.

Thanks to Jakob Lund & Jeff Hickman, author Bill McMillan, Patagonia and Old Man Winter himself for making this adventure a possibility for us all.
Bill McMillan –
Jakob Lund –
Jeff Hickman –

Season #5 DVD Including Winter Run and Bonus interviews available here.




Spidergirl & Elsa Fly To The Moon!! Funny Superhero Movie In Real Life In 4K

Spidergirl & Elsa Fly To The Moon!! Funny Superhero Movie In Real Life In 4K

Elsa is reading a space book and dreams about going to the moon. Spidergirl wants to help her and finds some capes that allow them to fly. Elsa and Spidergirl go outside and fly to the moon. They look around and pick up a moon rock. They bring it back and admire it.

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Spidergirl Fart Prank vs Spiderman New Toy Funny Superhero Movie In Real Life

Spiderman vs Black Spiderman Doctor vs Baby Prank Funny Superhero Movie In Real Life!!!

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Pink Spidergirl Spiderman Frozen Elsa vs Giant Candy! Superhero Fun in Real Life

Old Spiderman & Frozen Elsa vs The Joker vs Baby Spiderman Magic Fun Superhero Movie In Real Life

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Wingsuit pilot flies over China’s Great Wall: Jeb Corliss’ Human Arrow stunt on GoPro. Base jumping

Tianjin, China: American base jumper and wingsuit pilot Jeb Corliss flies over the Great Wall performing the Human Arrow stunt. The daredevil wearing a helmet-mounted GoPro camera skydived from a helicopter and ripped through a suspended target on May 29. Asia news. 1:07

China: el piloto traje de alas Jeb Corliss ha voló sobre la gran pared de realizar una maniobra arriesgada. El temerario que llevaba una cámara montada en el casco GoPro saltó desde un helicóptero y arrancó a través de un objetivo suspendido. La noticia de Asia

Chine: une grande première mondiale, le pilote wingsuit Jeb Corliss a survolé la Grande Muraille effectuant un coup risqué. Le casse-cou portant une caméra GoPro de casque a sauté d’un hélicoptère et déchiré par une cible suspendue. Les nouvelles de l’Asie

China: die Wingsuit Pilot Jeb Corliss hat über die Große Mauer flog eine riskante Stunts durchführen . Der Draufgänger einen Helm montierte GoPro Kamera trägt sprang aus einem Hubschrauber und riss durch ein schwebendes Ziel. Die Nachricht von Asien

China: de wingsuit piloot Jeb Corliss is vloog over de Grote Muur het uitvoeren van een risicovolle stunt. De waaghals sprong vanuit een helikopter en geript door een zwevend doel. Het nieuws van Azië

Cina: il pilota tuta alare Jeb Corliss ha volato sopra la Grande Muraglia che effettua una prodezza rischioso. Il temerario saltato da un elicottero e strappato attraverso un bersaglio sospeso. La notizia dell’Asia

China: o piloto wingsuit Jeb Corliss tem sobrevoou a Great Wall executar um golpe arriscado. O temerário saltou de um helicóptero e destruiu um alvo suspenso. A notícia da Ásia

Chiny: the wingsuit pilot Jeb Corliss został przeleciał nad Wielki Mur wykonując ryzykowny wyczyn. Śmiałka wyskoczył z helikoptera i oszukany przez zawieszonym cel. Wiadomość o Azji

Čína: wingsuit pilot Jeb Corliss sa letel cez Veľkého čínskeho múru prevedení riskantné kúsok. Odvážlivec vyskočil z vrtuľníka a prešla zavesený cieľ. Správy o Ázii

Kina: wingsuit piloten Jeb Corliss har flög över muren utför en riskabel stunt. Våghalsen hoppade från en helikopter och slet sönder ett svävande föremål. Nyheten om Asien

Kina: den wingsuit pilot Jeb Corliss har fløy over den kinesiske mur utføre en risikabel stunt. Daredevil hoppet fra et helikopter og dratt gjennom en suspendert mål. Nyheten om Asia

Kiina: Tällä wingsuit pilotti Jeb Corliss on lensi muuri suorittamalla riskialtis temppu. Daredevil hyppäsi helikopterista ja repi vedenalaisen kohteen. Uutiset Aasiassa

Китай: вингсьют пилот Джеб Корлисс уже пролетел над Великой китайской стены выполняя рискованный трюк. Смельчак прыгнул с вертолета и разорвал через подвешенном мишень. Новости Азии

الصين: الطيار زي مجنح وقد طار جيب كورليس على سور الصين العظيم أداء حيلة محفوفة بالمخاطر. قفز متهور من طائرة هليكوبتر واجتاح هدفا مع وقف التنفيذ. أخبار آسيا

סין: הטייס ג’ב קורליס יש טס מעל החומה הגדולה ביצוע פעלולים מסוכנים. ההרפתקן קפץ ממסוק וקרע דרך יעד מושעה. החדשות של אסיה


중국 : 젭 콜리스가 만리장성을 통해 비행 한 윙 슈트 파일럿은 위험한 스턴트를 수행. 헬멧에 장착 된 GoPro의 카메라를 입고 물불을 가리지은 헬리콥터에서 뛰어 일시 중단 된 대상을 찢 어. 아시아의 뉴스

Cina: pilot wingsuit Jeb Corliss telah terbang di atas Tembok Besar melakukan aksi berisiko. The pemberani memakai kamera helm-mount GoPro melompat dari helikopter dan merobek target ditangguhkan. Kabar dari Asia




Spiderman Flies! w/ Frozen Elsa, Jack Frost, Maleficent and Prank! Superhero Fun :)

Spiderman Flies! w/ Frozen Elsa, Jack Frost, Maleficent and Prank! Superhero Fun 🙂

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Jack Frost and Frozen Elsa vs Maleficent and Venom! Funny Superhero Movie w/ Spiderman 🙂 :

Spiderman Cooking Snakes?! w/ Frozen Elsa vs Joker, Ariel with SpiderElsa & Jack Frost vs Maleficent :

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SPIDERMAN vs JOKER TOILET BATTLE w/ Pink Spidergirl Frozen Elsa Gollum XRay – Funny Superheroes :

Spiderman Hypnotized by Joker & Maleficent w/ Frozen Elsa Colors Rainbow Hair in Real Life! :

Spiderman & Frankenstein & Cute Frozen Elsa Fall in Love with Pink Spidergirl & Gorilla and Joker :

Spiderman & Pink Spidergirl Pranks vs Maleficent Spell in Real Life! Frozen Elsa Hilarious Superhero :

SPIDERMAN vs CANDY vs DOCTOR & X-RAY in Real Life! Elsa Frozen, Joker, Pink Spidergirl Fun Superhero :

Spiderman & Frozen Elsa Funny Movie! w/ Blue Spiderman vs Joker Pranks Superhero Fun 🙂 :

New FROZEN ELSA GETS RAINBOW FACE! W/ Spiderman, Joker, Pink Spidergirl Funny Superheroes 🙂 :

Music by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a CC Attribution 3.0
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 (CC BY 3.0)