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This is our first Will it Fly? episode! We took some inspiration from your suggestions and the movie Marvel: Avengers to see if this flying boat would actually fly!

Leave your comments below with some suggestions for cool aircraft from your favorite movie, show, comic, or whatever makes you want to ask, Will it Fly?

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Atmosphere – Fireflies (Official Audio)

celebrate 420 and start your lonely spring season with our new jam: fireflies – featuring our friend @Grievesmusic

Fireflies. Featuring Grieves.
Produced by Ant.
Raps by Slug & Grieves.
All live instruments played by G Koop.
Recorded and mixed by Dillon Parker at Stophouse Studio.
Art by Dave Quiggle.




A Fly Fishing Guide Helps You Find Your Way

For a truly rewarding experience, try flyfishing. You can step into another world when you are fishing. Actually, you don’t need to leave the planet or have an out-of-body experience; but, when you are fishing, sometimes you get such a feeling.

Since you can’t fly fish at your house, in your office, or in a city, you have to visit the wild. There, you will see some of Mother Nature’s vast treasures – the rivers, lakes, and bountiful mountain streams. Noisy crowds, busy people, and demanding schedules are just not allowed in places where you can get in touch with wild wonders.

Many people think, “What a great idea!” Others may feel, “This is just what I need.” However, most people have no idea where to start. Therefore, hiring a fly fishing guide is a great way to make your fishing goals come true.

Who needs a fly fishing guide? Anyone who wants to have an extraordinary fly fishing adventure needs one. It doesn’t matter if you have never fished, if you are somewhat new to fishing, or if you are a third generation fisherman. You can still benefit from a fly fishing guide. It does not even matter if you will be staying local to where you live, or if you decide to travel to a far away destination.

What are reasons why anyone would want to hire the services of a guide for fly fishing? Beginners or novices can benefit greatly from a guide. Guides are generally experts at showing you areas where to fish, but they can also give valuable fishing instructions.

A fly fishing guide is not just for the novices or people needing basic instruction. These guides will not only enhance your fishing at the moment, but they may offer advice you can build on as you continue in the sport, whether you take in a day class, go on an overnight trip, or hire a guide to travel to a remote location.

Most people work on average 40-50 hours at their jobs each week as well as often spending another 10-12 hours on their personal interests or hobbies.. If fly fishing were your occupation, as well as your personal interest and hobby, just imagine how much time you would be spending on learning and developing your skills as an angler.

Consider the sites you would have time to locate and explore. A fly fishing guide’s workweek might consist of several days camping and fishing at a new, hot spot. Even if you have fished more than twenty years, it is a good bet that you would not have had the amount of time and opportunity to discover even half of what professional guides may have found.

It is possible that you may initially balk at the prices a personal guide charges, but consider this. You will have already spent hundreds of dollars on equipment, accessories, and gear, but you may only have a very limited amount of time to go into the waters after your fish. Consequently, it follows that you should make the most of your experience by benefiting from the services of a guide who can lead you where you have never been, guide you to where the fish are jumping, and possibly even give you some tips that could really improve your future experiences fly fishing.

Source by Craig Petersen

3 Flying Car Already Exist

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A flying car is hypothetical personal aircraft that provides door-to-door aerial transportation as conveniently as a car but without the requirement for roads, runways or other specially prepared operating areas. In addition, the aircraft lacks any visible means of lift (unlike fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters), thus allowing it to be operated in urban areas and close to buildings, people and other obstructions. Fulfillment of some of these goals is being attempted by personal air vehicles being developed. The term “flying car” has also been used to refer to roadable aircraft and hovercars.

Traffic jams are the bane of any commuter. Many of us spend an hour or so stuck in traffic every week. The growing population is partly to blame for our congested roads, but the main problem is that we are not expanding our transportation systems fast enough to meet ever increasing demands.

One solution is to create a new type of transportation that doesn’t rely on roads, which could one day make traffic jams a 20th century relic. To do this, we must look to the sky.

This video will show you the 3 Flying Car Already Exist.





A Beginners Guide To Fly Fishing

According to stories regarding  fly   fishing , this art was basically devised to catch trout and salmon. Over the next hundred or more years, the devotion of  fly  fishers and technology changed everything in this field. Today,  fly   fishing  has morphed itself into a tough competition of glazy products, state of the art  fly  rods, and outstanding  fly  reels. All these things not only contribute heavily to this sport, but the accuracy of landing a catch has become more prominent.

As compared to other forms of  fishing , beginners will be happy to know that  fly   fishing  is distinctively easier to master. You require a handful of tools and a whole lot of devotion to get yourself going. Let’s take a look at some of the rod ‘n reel selection tips for beginner level  fly  fishers.

The Question of Choosing a  Fly  Rod:

There is no “right” or “wrong”  fly  rod because as an angler, it all depends on you. If you know your  fishing  style and the kind of fish you’re interested in catching, you’ll be going for the appropriate rod. Every rod has a certain degree of pros and cons that make it a better choice for you.

You need to adhere to the comfort level. Take your height and posture into account because if you’re a guy who falls underneath the 6 Ft. category, you’d want to go for a rod that holds a 7 Ft. + length.

Choose a rod that has the potential to let you feel the feeling as soon as a catch has struck your hook. The jerky motion of the line is often ignored by certain developers, so I’d recommend you to go for blank rods, which has a fiberglass or high modulus carbon built.

At this point, you should jot down your requirements and head to the local  fishing  accessories shop, to pinpoint your rod exactly. Some vendors are happy to assist their customers in choosing the right type of  fly  rods, so choosing one won’t be a problem as long as you know what you want.

What Kind of  Fly  Reels to Go For?

Of course, a good set of reels is always required. Currently, there Are thousands of reels that relate to three main categories. Anglers, even the most expert types, are finding it quite hard to choose the “best” brand. With so many quality brands to choose from, all that lies before you is the question of going for the right products. Hence it depends on your knowledge and experience solely.

 Fly  reels are very interesting…, don’t take it the wrong way though. Their primary task is to hold the line, but mostly they just sit at the desired position and you get to catch their glimpse in mid action, while you’re pulling out the line from the reel.

The minute you’ve tagged a whopping catch that has a monstrous ferocity, the  fly  reel comes into action. How so? If it’s a good quality product, it wont yank the yards of your line. Your equipment will not get damaged.

The most important aspect of the entire  fly   fishing  is that you need to practice a lot. No matter how many techniques you’ve read in those instructional books, there’s always enough room for live practice. Also, practice is something that hones experience, which later on notches up your skill level.

Source by Lucien Soffer

Fly Rod vs Spinning Rod Fly Fishing For Trout. Wood River Rhode Island

Fishing one of my favorite rivers in Rhode Island and in this video I discuss the advantages of fishing with a fly rod and the disadvantages of fishing with a spinning rod when using flies to catch trout.

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Tackle:Set Up
Fly, Bead Head Flash Back nymph Size 18, Hendrickson Dry Fly Size 18
Line, 3wt floating line with 2lb Maxima Clear leader.
Rod, GLoomis GL3 FR 904 7’6″ #4 line wt
Reel, Cortland Embassy 40

Camera: Hero3+ Silver 1080p 60fps
Hero3 White 1080p 30fps

Editing Software: Adobe Premier Pro CC 2015

Thanks for watching tight lines!




A Beginners Guide to Easy Fly Fishing Tips

If you have just decided to learn  fly   fishing , you need all the tips and advices that you can get.  Fly   fishing  is a popular sport engaged by people who wants a break from stress and work, and who wants to challenge themselves. Yes,  fly   fishing  is a challenging sport because it requires skills and techniques. Here are some of the basic and easy  fish   flying  tips for beginners.

1. Practice – an elementary rule in almost anything you want to learn for the first time. Make sure that you give ample time to practice your casting in your home which will determine your success in  fish   flying . Without a good casting technique, you will either end up quitting  fly   fishing  or be a frustrated one. It is important that you develop and accurate cast.

2. Tools – this is very important and should be considered first hand. Choose the right tools that are cost friendly, durable, and comfortable to use. Each tools or part of the tools have specific functions such as the rod which has actions that will tell you if a  fish  as caught the bait. The length and comfortability in holding the rod should be ascertained because it is essential when you are  fly   fishing .

3. Bait – choose the right and best bait you can get your hands on. You have plenty of baits to choose from such as gurbs, plastic worms, and artificial  flies . The bait will determine which kinds of  fish  will most likely bite it. There are different  fish  in different locations so make sure that you got the right bait for a certain  fish . If you don’t know about the  fishes  in a certain area, you can ask local townsmen. You will get pretty much information since almost all people living near lakes and rivers know how to  fly   fish .

4. Be prepared for running  fish  – most first time fishers will probably freak out when a  fish  swims towards them. If you panic, you might just ruin your chances of catching the  fish . When a  fish  is rushing towards you, stand on your ground, lift your rod a little bit over your head and slowly lower it back if the  fish  turns around.

There are more  fly   fishing  tips that beginners can consider such as the color of the bait, the proper handling of the rod, the length, etc. You must also consider the best  fly   fishing  locations. There’s no point in  fishing  where there is none or little  fish  around. But these 4 are the basics which one must always give due consideration.  Fly   fishing  is a great sport and learning it is a great decision. But it takes time to actually master the skills so you must be patient. If you don’t catch  fish  for the first time, don’t be frustrated. If you have failed for many attempts, keep trying.  Fly   fishing  tips are here to help you but you can only learn so much. There are more things to learn in actual  fishing , so once you feel like you’re good to go,  fly   fish  in the nearest lake.

Source by Steven Magill

Spiderman Flies! w/ Frozen Elsa, Pink Spidergirl Arrested, Joker & Maleficent! Funny Superheroes :)

Spiderman Flies! w/ Frozen Elsa, Pink Spidergirl Arrested, Joker & Maleficent! Funny Superheroes 🙂

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