How to Choose the Right Headphones

Head phones allow you to basically be in your own world. You can play your music as loud, or as low as you want without bothering a soul. Head phones have come a long way since the 80s; there is no need for big bulky equipment anymore. Now you can get the same rich full sound from a smaller and more portable headphone. Their use to be a time when all headphones only came in one design, big, and over the ear. Now head phones come in a large array of sizes, designs, and amount of portability.

Full size head phones are perfect for dedicated home audio systems. They normally come with 10 to 25 foot cord and plug directly into your system. This type is ideal if you only listen in one area, and enjoys deep ear ringing bass, and crisp mids and highs. The drawback is they don’t allow much portability.

Wireless head phones are ideal if you’re like me and want to have the ability to walk around the house without tripping over a cord, or having your kid’s trip over the cord. Most wireless speakers have rechargeable batteries that can give you hours of enjoyment.

Headphones now come in either in ear, on ear, or a combination of both. Some are specifically designed to be noise cancelling headphones,some have ear clips, and some are behind the neck. These types of ear phones are perfect for those of you who are always on the go, or love to work out at the gym. Most are reasonably priced, and have a really good over all sound. If you use in the ear headphones I suggest you never share them with anybody, and for some reason you have to try purchasing the kind with removable foam so you can completely disinfect them. Which ever type you choose I wish you many hours a good listening.

Source by Imsokul Crocker

Are You Superstitious?

Do your throw salt over your shoulder, avoid walking under ladders or leave something behind for good luck when you move house? Do you ever wish upon a star? Superstitions have been handed down from generation to generation from time immemorial. Here are some you may recognise and some which may be new to you. Some you’ll believe, some you’ll reject others you can have fun with.

Apples: You’ve heard: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Or, that if you peel an apple in one long strip and recite the letters of the alphabet as you do so, the letter you have reached when the peel breaks is the first initial of a future lover! Or, if you slice an apple in two, without cutting a seed your wish for love will come true.

Bats: If a bat comes near you, someone is trying to bewitch or betray you. If one hits you or enters your house it is a sign of a death or bad luck to someone you love.

Bees: Bees bring news and must be told of any death. If bees buzz before the first of spring it means more cold weather to come. If they stay in their hive it means rain.

Bridges: If you make a wish whilst crossing a bridge your wish will be granted within a year. It’s also considered good luck if you happen to be walking under a bridge when a train passes overhead, more so if the whistle blows.

Brooms: If you sweep a broom under someone’s feet that person will have bad luck for a year. Keep a broom behind the door to sweep witches away. If a child starts to sweep you can expect visitors and never step over a fallen broom – pick it up.

Birds: If a bird flies into your home it usually means good luck or good news to come. If the bird is black then bad news is on its way. To rob a bird’s nest is to bring sorrow. If you hear an owl, expect news of a death. Shooting a bird means you’ll have bad luck for the rest of the year.

Candles: Many superstitions have been forgotten since the arrival of electricity, but we still put candles on a cake and make a wish when we blow them out. Did you know that a strong straight flame means the arrival of a stranger?

Cats: If a cat washes its face and paws more than three times you can expect company. Black cats bring luck, grey cats even more luck but white cats bring sickness. Some people believe that if a cat follows you, you can expect some money soon. If a black cat crosses your path it is said to bring bad luck – yet there are ways to counteract this, one is to go home and start out again; another is to take 12 steps backwards!

Christmas: A child born on Christmas day is supposed to be lucky and able to understand the language of animals. In the northern hemisphere a white Christmas means fewer deaths in the year ahead, a lack of snow means the opposite.

Clover: Finding a four-leafed clover is lucky. Putting it into your left shoe guarantees this luck.

Coins: It’s considered lucky to carry a coin bearing the year of your birth. The Scot’s believe if you put a coin in each shoe on New Years Day you’ll have money all year.

Dogs: Many people believe that a howling dog is the sign of death. If a Strange dog comes into your house it is considered lucky although some people believe the opposite. A dog lying at the doorway looking out is a sure sign of a visitor. If your dog is looking in then someone is about to leave for the day,

Eyes, ears, eyebrows: All have the same meaning when they itch or irritate. Right signifies spite so if you right ear burns, itches, or rings it means someone is saying bad things about you. Left is for love, so if it’s your left ear, eye, and eyebrow itching or twitching someone is talking lovingly about you.

Fingernails: It’s considered lucky to cut your fingernails on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday but unlucky on a Friday. When you cut your nails make sure you dispose of the clippings so no-one can cast a spell over you.

Flowers: Saying it with flowers carries a whole new meaning when you consider the following: Carnations are for fidelity; daisies say you’re sorry; honeysuckle means constancy; lilies say “you are the only one for me;” roses say I love you; violets indicate hope and marigolds represent wisdom.

Gloves: Dropping your gloves means a disappointment. You can avoid this by allowing someone else to pick them up for you.

Hair: Cutting your hair when there’s a new moon means it will grow faster. A cowlick is considered lucky. Some people believe rain makes your hair grow faster. A stray hair on your shoulder means a letter before the end of the week. If you drop your comb whilst combing your hair it means you will have an argument with the first person you come across.

Hands: If the left palm itches you’ll receive money, if your right hand itches it’s time to pay out money. Another superstition says; when two people share the same basin to wash their hands they’ll have a quarrel before the day is out.

Hats: It’s considered unlucky to wear a hat indoors or to place a hat on a bed.

Horses: Two white horses are considered lucky. Horseshoes are said to bring good luck if hung above the door with the ends pointing upwards. Most horseshoes have seven nail holes – number seven is believed to be protective.

Houses: When visiting a house never leave by the same door you entered, if this is not possible then don’t let yourself be led out the door! If a door opens by itself you can expect a visitor. If you happen to lock yourself out and manage to climb in through a window, you should open the door then climb back out the window and re-enter through the door, otherwise you will be hounded by bad luck for the rest of the year.

Insects: Busy ants predict bad weather. Ladybirds bring good luck. Killing spiders brings rain. Finding a spider on your clothes means a letter, money or both.

Journeys: If you turn back after setting out you can expect frustrations throughout the day. To avoid this, turn around three times before returning home, then – if you can, take a different route to your destination. Some say it’s an omen if you begin a journey on the 13th of the month – but whether it’s a good or bad omen is not mentioned.

Mirrors: Breaking a mirror means seven years bad luck (we’ve all heard this one). Did you know it’s considered unlucky to look into a mirror by candlelight? Once a bride has dressed she should not look backwards into the mirror. Don’t look into the mirror holding an animal.

Moon: Some say it is unlucky to look at the moon over your left shoulder. A halo around the moon means rain. It’s considered good luck if you first see the moon through the branches of a tree.

Nails: If you find a nail with its point facing towards you then good luck will be yours for the rest of the day.

New Year’s Day: Having empty pockets on this day means having little or no money throughout the year, but drinking the last drop from any bottle is considered good luck! Having someone tall and dark as the first to visit you is considered lucky…

Noses: Some say an itchy nose means you’ll be kissed by a fool; others say you are getting ready for a fight. Body Language devotees will say you are lying. If your nose bleeds for no apparent reason some say you are in love!!

Numbers: Who amongst us can say he or she hasn’t got a lucky number or two?

Opals: These are thought to be unlucky yet if you were born in Libra this is your birthstone.

Peacock Feathers: Traditionally, the feathers of the Peacock are considered unlucky.

Playing Cards: Dropping the cards can bring bad luck. Cards considered unlucky include the Nine of Diamonds (the curse of Scotland). The Four of Clubs (called the devil’s bedpost); and the Ace of Spades (often referred to as the death card if drawn whilst cutting the cards). To change your luck, ask for a new deck – or get up from the table, turn around three times and rejoin the game ( you might look a bit stupid doing this at the Casino but “who cares.”

Peapods: If you find a pod with nine peas it is considered a good omen – so make a wish, throwing the pod over your right shoulder as you do.

Pins: See a pin, pick it up, all day long have good luck. How many times have you recited this little rhyme?

Pictures:When a picture falls it means bad luck. If it’s a photograph or painting of someone, tragedy could soon befall that person.

Rabbits Foot:Unlucky for the rabbit but considered lucky by many.

Rainbows: Make a wish when you see a rainbow and your wish will come true. If you see a rainbow on a Saturday, good luck is on its way to you.

Rats: We all know that rats leave a sinking ship, but rats leaving a house have the same meaning! To catch two rats in a trap is considered lucky!

Rings: A birthstone ring is said to bring good luck. It’s considered bad luck to remove your wedding ring in public.

Shirts: Putting your shirt on inside out means a bad day ahead, but if you leave it on and wear it inside out it is supposed to bring good luck.

Shoes: It is considered bad luck to put new shoes on a table, but lucky to throw an old shoe at a newlywed – one of the reasons shoes are traditional tied to the wedding car.

Skirts:Kissing the upturned hem of a skirt is supposed to bring luck to the wearer. If your petticoat hangs below your skirt you must make a wish before adjusting it or you will have a bad day ahead.

Slippers: It is supposed to be unlucky to cross your slippers as it brings a bad encounter into the house.

Scissors: If you drop a pair of scissors you should tread on them gently before picking them up to avoid arguments. Hanging your scissors on a nail or hook brings good luck. If someone gives you a pair of scissors, give them a coin in return.

Snails: To see a lot of snails, or snails crawling to higher ground, is a sure sign of rain.

Spoons: Dropping a spoon means a visitor. Dropping a large soon means a whole family or visitors. Dropping a knife means a strange man will call. Dropping a fork means the arrival of a woman.

Stars: If you wish upon a star your wish will come true. A shooting star brings good luck.

Thirteen: The number 13 has a long history and has been considered unlucky throughout most of it. If 13 people gather at any one time it is said one will be dead within 12 months! Friday the 13th is considered unlucky by some – others say it is a day on which to try out every superstition in an effort to break any jinx.

Towels: How many believe that if you drop a towel a visitor will arrive?

Umbrella:It’s considered very unlucky to leave an umbrella open or to open it indoors.

Weddings: Losing a wedding ring can mean losing a husband / wife. If a cat sneezes in the brides home on her big day it means rain.

Wishbones: Many of us have pulled upon a wishbone and made a wish as we snapped off the larger part. Another superstition is that person who gets the short piece will marry first or, if both people are married already, attract a lover.

Wood: How often have you: “touched wood “when you want something to come true?

No matter whether you believe in superstitions or not, you have to admit at one time or another you have either thrown salt over your shoulder, touched wood or wondered if, by walking under a ladder you are tempting fate.

Source by Thomas Muldoon

Useful Pointers When Seeking Horse Boots

Ever thought of taking care of a horse? If so, then you must have a lot of patience and understanding. Most people believe horses only need proper shelter, plenty of oats and water, and perhaps an occasional apple or two. What they don’t know is that taking care of horses requires them to provide these animals with the right horse tack equipment. Things like saddles, horse blankets, horse bridles and horse boots/shoes are very important.

Also known as horse shoes, they are generally designed to protect the feet of horses. This is a very simple notion but requires quite a serious approach. Generally, aluminum and steel are used in making these types of shoes. Most of them have an underneath grooves that also provide a better grip.

The grooves also make the horse shoes lighter. But did you know that the front part of these shoes is circular in shape and the backs are diamond shaped?

Aside from being sturdy, another factor includes the trimming of the hooves for proper fitting of the shoes. As well, there are four important aspects in shoeing a horse. These are the balance, the support, the shape and the expansion. Such evaluations should be done at least a week or two after a shoeing job. Although it might sound difficult, you only have to have a pencil and a level ground where your horse can stand so that you can evaluate the said factors.

Horse boots/shoes can be removed during the winter season, especially if you do not ride often during those times. However, it will depend on how bad the winters are in your area. If you are worried about snow and ice, then adding pads, another helpful horse tack supply item, under his boots is a helpful idea.

This can help prevent sole bruises on the horse, which is very common. Additionally, the boots/shoes should also have an added traction for additional safety. However, if your place has only mild winters, it is ideal to pull the boots/shoes because this is beneficial to the overall health of the horse; increasing his circulation and improving his movements and expansions.

Before you buy horse boots/shoes, it might be a helpful idea to approach a professional farrier. These are the people who are masters in creating shoes for horses. They can teach you how to choose the most ideal boots/shoes for your horses, while keeping track of the health of the animals, alongside your veterinarian. There are indeed a lot of things to consider when taking care of a horse. Be sure you are aware of all aspects of horsemanship before you contemplate ownership.

Source by Mike Ramidden

How Fast Can You Go?

“My days   FLY  by and suddenly the week is over like it never started.”

I’m wondering how fast a person can go in their business and in their daily activities. Since implementing some of the suggestions in the “Four-Hour-Workweek” book, I find that I’m working far more efficiently, effectively and intensely. My days  FLY  by and suddenly the week is over like it never started. What strikes me is the intensity of my work now because I’m focused on getting it done faster.

Focus creates intensity, like sunlight through a magnifying glass creating heat, I’m moving through my workload faster. So now how fast can I go? Pretty fast, actually. Out of sheer necessity to be effective and efficient I’m:

a) Letting (rather insisting) other people do the work I used to do

b) Talking more and writing less (leading vs. doing)

c) Not sacrificing good enough for the sake of perfection

I’m thinking that as I continue to do more in this manner that I will continue to improve even further. My phone calls are becoming shorter and more productive. My emails are briefer and less often. My meetings are “to the point” and driven. And while this change is all about my personal actions and habits, the results are that my entire company is becoming more effective too. So the true answer to how fast can I go is only limited by how fast my team will go in following my example.

Thank you for reading,

Richard Walker

Source by Rich Walker

User Generated Content – The EASIEST Way to Create Killer Authority Sites With Super Speed

The online marketing “monster” that made so many people rich is dying.

It may be slow. But it’s happening nonetheless.

More and more gimmicks and gadgets that worked so well a few years ago, are completely obsolete today.

Countless guru’s and “SEO’s” who once commanded big bucks to share their flare and marketing “magic” with the masses… have been disrobed and exposed as   fly  by night snake oil salesman.

The truth is, from my standpoint, this is a GOOD thing. The more smoke and mirrors that’s revealed to be ineffective, the better it is for those of us who are willing to work hard, create good content and BUILD things that have enduring value.

I want to share with you 2 simple trends that I truly believe can transform your business in 2012 and beyond.

1 – Authority sites, or content communities that draw people of passion together to discuss a certain niche, or topic in a social and interactive way, are the future of online publishing.

2 – User created content is the absolute EASIEST way to build your own authority site, and for far too many reasons to cover in one short article.

What do I mean my user created content and the communities that sprout up around them?

Well, from the big picture perspective, Facebook is the most obvious example. So too is Pinterest.

But on the smaller, more attainable level, any site that allows your readership to be content creators and contributors to your community counts.

For example?

In a niche that I publish in, the site that dominates the results pages for just about every search there is (which totals in the millions per month) is a site that encourages people to submit their experiences. (it’s a new age niche, so people submit extraordinary psychic or paranormal experiences they’ve had)

The site “owner” has to do very little. The whole thing is pretty much automated, and the users of the site, become content creators simply by expressing, emoting and sharing their passion for the topic.

While I have no idea how much they’re making, based on my own limited experience in the niche (which has paid me personally about 50K in affiliate commissions)I’m sure it’s 5 figures plus a month.

There are countless examples of this approach, most specifically the Q and A style sites, and socially driven community sites that are popping up all over the place this year.

I want to give you 2 simple strategies for DOING this, right now, in your niche… no investment required. (both are 100% free)

1 – Transform your blog using Buddypress:

BP is a free plugin for WordPress that literally turns your blog into a social site, overnight. (actually in about 30 minutes) Immediately, your users can start post to their own walls, ask questions, share thoughts, and it’s almost like having a bunch of outsourcers working for you… only it’s 100% free!

2 – Q and A plugins

I love these sites, and have been using this model very successfully for quite a long while. A Q and A plugin allows your readers to ask questions and offer answers on your blog, emulating a “Yahoo Answers” or “Stack-overflow” sort of set up, without any programming required. The beauty of this approach is that you can integrate it with your existing blog, and you don’t need a dedicated blog template to do it WELL, anymore. (which used to be the case)

I challenge you to try the above approaches and watch your content, your community AND your cash flow grow. (along with your natural search engine rankings to boot!)

Source by Alexa Ross

Fishing Vacations in Ireland

Ireland offers a great selection of salmon fishing opportunities among a landscape that will make your trip all the more special. The best fishing spots here are set within the scenic Irish countryside, where lush greens and verdant mountainsides provide a more restful setting for your trip than many other destinations that are described as the ideal place for a fishing holiday. Ireland offer something more: it offers the sort of location which you can enjoy even when you’re not by the water, which is perfect if you wan to take some time to explore between fishing sessions, or if you’re bringing along a companion who’s not so interested in fishing.

One prime location in Ireland is Delphi, and the excellent salmon fishing in this charming destination means that the local businesses are primed and ready for visiting fishers. There are many package trips offered, often specifically targeted at fishing enthusiasts. There are many fruitful fishing spots along the river and in the nearby lakes, while the surrounding county provides plenty of opportunity for the rest of the family to entertain themselves.

At the end of a long and successful day of fishing you will be ready for a hot meal and a soft bed, and there are some wonderful accommodation options in Delphi. There is a cozy lodge, with impressive views and a peaceful atmosphere. The food here is highly recommended, and there is also an excellent selection of wine to go with your meal. Alternatively, there are some lovely cottages within the country estate that can be rented. These offer the perfect chance to relax in privacy and comfort in the peaceful rural idyll. They are particularly suited to those who are traveling independently, and are perfect for families. You can choose from five different cottages, according to your needs.

When planning your trip you should avoid the late autumn and winter months from November to January. Salmon are plentiful for the rest of the year, which means you can avoid the busy summer months if you can get your vacation time earlier in the year. Some of the most popular sites for salmon fishing are Finlough Lake, Doolough Lake, and the Loughs known as Glencullin and Townyard. The water here is incredibly clean and pure, and the salmon thrive in it.

It is worthwhile to spend at least a week in Delphi in order to get a chance to try out a number of different places. If you can only get away for a weekend or a short break then you will likely find yourself wanting to return in order to visit the spots you missed out on the first time. Even if you are here long enough to fish at all the best lakes and the most highly recommended sites along the river, you are likely to leave with a hope of coming back again soon.

Source by Suzanne Bender

Digital Transformation and the Healthcare Industry

In the last few years, healthcare has joined other industries in the quest to deliver better customer experience. This has brought about a fundamental change in the healthcare industry and they have now shifted from volume to value of care of patients. The evolution in the cloud, data and mobile technologies has disrupted the health care industry.

The disruption has forced insurance companies and healthcare providers to move from a health system driven model to a customer oriented model. The behavioural needs of the modern customer has also changed and they now demand both control and choice.

Digital transformation is revolutionizing healthcare. It has helped connect and apply data, communication and technology to engage and redefine customer experiences. Most people have a misconception that digital transformation is about automation of jobs, processes and technology but it is much bigger than that.

Digital transformation requires you to rethink all your business processes. It is all about using data and digital technology by putting the needs of the customer at the centre of the business. If you want to succeed in the transformation, you need to look at the entire ecosystem of the company and determine ways to drive more value to the customer.

Optimize Clinical and Operational Effectiveness

Digital technology has helped improve quality and outcome of healthcare services. Consumers are now able to access and analyse information, so that they are able to make informed choices. Innovative solutions are offered to improve quality of care and efficiency of services. The new technology has helped reduce clinical variations.

Operational Analytics

The operations are streamlined and this helps reduce costs. Clinicians and executives are now able to share information and analyse the structured and unstructured data to make informed choices. Structured (electronic medical records) and unstructured (handwritten case notes) data can be brought together to get insights and uncover actionable intelligence.

Clinical Analytics

The quality and outcome of health services are drastically improved by creation of powerful data models. The healthcare professionals can collaborate and share insights in new ways. The accuracy, completeness and consistency of health information is improved by resolving problems that are caused by bad data.

Medical Data Storage

Innovative and new technologies in the healthcare industry is generating more data than before. Digital technology has enabled healthcare providers to store the data and utilize it in the best possible way. The data can be used to optimize patient care and anticipate the emerging health trends.

Technology has helped create a system of engagement with patients. Physicians will be able to get more information about their patients and this can revolutionize the services that are provided to customers. Health professionals can explore and navigate reports faster.

Digital transformation is an ongoing process that puts customer at the centre of healthcare business. It is important to look beyond technology to drive innovation. If the healthcare industry wants to keep pace with digital disruption, it needs to engage with those that it wants to please, its consumers. Failure to engage with the customer can result in the industry operating behind the times.

Source by Rahul Shariff

There’s a Little Something For Everyone

Are you an outdoor enthusiast looking for great hiking, fishing, and adventure? Maybe you are an art and history buff who enjoys tracing the cultural history of America. Perhaps you are a family looking for a vacation that keeps everyone happy and entertained. Whoever you are, consider traveling to Chattanooga, Tennessee and explore what they have to offer.

If you love the outdoor life, you will find a treasure trove of activities in this area of the Tennessee Valley. In addition to the many hike and bike trails that connect through the mountains surrounding the valley, you could choose white water rafting along the Tennessee River. If the rapids are a little faster than you like, try your hand at   fly   fishing  or canoeing in calmer water. Don’t forget to look up for options. Enjoy the view from above and the tranquility of the sky as you hang glide in one of the world’s premier destinations for hang gliding.

Families should try taking the kids on the Chattanooga Choo-Choo. Not just a song, the train will take you on a tour of Chattanooga that encompasses history, and story-telling fun. When you finish your ride, take the kids to visit the Chattanooga Zoo or the Tennessee Aquarium.

History abounds in the Tennessee Valley. The Chattanooga History center takes you on a journey through time. See the periods of Chattanooga’s rich life, from early settlers through the Civil War and up through the renaissance of the city. Visit the site of the Battle of Lookout Mountain or sit through a true southern dinner at Buttonwillow Church while you watch dinner theater.

Don’t overlook the arts when you visit Chattanooga. There are numerous art galleries displaying local artists as well as a fabulous collection of well-known artists. Arts and crafts festivals happen throughout the year.

There is always something to do and see in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Source by John Parks

Building Your Website – Selecting a Niche

Many people are told that the way to riches on the Internet is by having a successful web site. That sounds great, but what should that successful web site be about? What should a person write about? These questions have answers but those answers depend on your goals, financial and otherwise.

Let’s take a moment to define the term niche. The term niche is often used in many ways not relevant to us. When Internet Marketers talk about niches, they are talking about tightly focused areas of interest. An example of a niche is   fly   fishing  in South Dakota. The more specific the niche, the better your chance of ranking high in the search engine results for your niche. If your niche is too focused, you will have no visitors. You have to walk the line and it takes some practice to get it right.

So how do we find the perfect niche for our website? Well, it depends on the reason you are building your website. If you are sharing ideas on a hobby or area of interest of yours, you already know the topic. Simply write about your passion. Most professional Internet Marketers don’t use this approach when building money sites. Let’s assume that you are building a money site. How do we select a profit generating topic for our new web site?

Go where the money is! People spend a lot of money for certain things. Just think about it for a minute. You have friends and family. What are the biggest purchases they have made in their lives? Home and family, insurance, jewelry (engagement ring, wedding ring as examples), the list goes on and on. Just look around you and think of things that everyone buys. In no time, you will have more things to write about then time in a day! Good luck!

Source by Thomas Gajdjis