6 Plants to Grow in Your Koi Or Fish Pond

Most pond keepers, including myself, would like to keep some plants in their Koi ponds so as to have a pond that looks natural and able to blend with the overall garden. However, Koi and water plants generally do not go well together as Koi eats plants or will likely disturb the soil in which the plants are growing.  Here are 6 plants that I have successfully kept with my Koi. Note that some of these plants originate from South East Asia and requires warm climate to thrive.

The Elephant Ears or Taro (Alocasia Macrorrhiza)

The Elephant Ears or Taro is a plant commonly found in South East Asia. This is a relative large plant with large leaves that grows well in a large pot placed in the shallow parts of a Koi pond, with the pot half or almost fully submerged.  It propagates through small suckers that grow at the side of the large plant. A mature plant can grow to a height of 5 feet or more and have leaves that are more than a few feet in length. It will make a nice specimen or feature plant in the garden or in your Koi pond.

The Elephant Ears can be surrounded with the Creeping Daisy (Wedelia Trilobata) to hid the large pot and soften the overall look. The Creeping Daisy has small yellow flowers and is easily grown by stem cuttings. Just cut and stick them into the wet soil in the pot.  They root easily and further cuttings can then be made and inserted into the pot again. In no time, you have a nice covering of Creeping Daisy with yellow flowers around the large leaves of the Elephant Ears. You could substitute the Creeping Daisy with other suitable creeping plants that thrive in moist soil.

Pandan (pandanus amaryllifolius)

The fragrant pandan plant is commonly found in South East Asia and is a good plant to grow in your Koi pond. It can be grown in soil or in water (hydroponics), hence making it suitable for a Koi pond. The pandan plant grows easily, absorbing the nitrates from the water. The leaves can be harvested every few months. The leaves give off a nice fragrance and are used widely as a flavouring in South East Asian cooking and baking. Believe it or not, its leaves could also be used as a cockroach repellent! No artificial chemical, all natural.

The Dwarf Papyrus (Cyperus Haspen)

The dwarf papyrus plant is not one of my favourites although I have this growing out of a pot that is half submerged in my Koi pond. The reasons are that the matured stems or leaves will droop down into the water as young plants grow out from the cluster of small flower head at the top of stem. Therefore it requires regular trimming to remove the old stems or leaves to keep the plant looking tidy and neat. I think it will look good if grown densely at the sides of a pond, rather than in an isolated pot in my pond.

Umbrella Plant (Cyperus Alternifolius)

The Umbrella Plant is a rush-like aquatic plant with foliage arranged on stems like the ribs of an umbrella. It originates from Madagascar and is very easy to grow in hot, sunny climate. Unlike the small dwarf papyrus, this plant can grow up to 5 feet in height. As this is a large plant, grow them in a large pot that can be submerged or half submerged in the pond.

Water Lilies (Nymphaea)

No garden pond is complete without the water lilies but they are not the best plants for pond with large Koi! The leaves floats on the water surface and the large Koi will chew on them unless they are protected somewhat. Hence, lilies are only suitable for ponds with small Koi. The lilies are best grown in pots placed in the shallow part of a Koi pond. Protect the top of the pots with large stones to prevent the Koi from digging on the soil and messing up the water. My water lilies flower daily under strong sunlight and regular dosage of fertilisers tablets which I stick into the soil. The other problem with water lilies is that the flowers and older leaves will wilt after a few days. If not removed, they will pollute the pond water. Although the Koi will eat them, some debris will inevitably find their way into the pond filter.


The lotus plant can be grown in pots placed in the shallow part of a Koi pond. Protect the top of the pots with large stones to prevent the large Koi from digging on the soil and messing up the water. The plant has two types of leaves. The leaves of a young lotus plant float on the water surface but the leaves from the older plants grow well above the water surface. The plant produces pink flowers on a long stock above the water. Like water lilies, lotus requires regular feeding with fertilisers to keep it flowering.

Source by Jeffrey HS Lee

Feeding Tips For a Betta Fish

Keeping your Betta fish happy and at the top of his health has a lot to do with what you feed him. Betta fish can be notoriously picky eaters, but will eat with enthusiasm food they like, including things they shouldn’t be eating. In order to keep your fish looking and feeling their best, you need to pay close attention to what and how you feed them.

Don’t Overfeed Your Betta

Siamese fighting fish can be really expressive. So expressive that you may feel tempted to feed them more than they should, because given the way they attack the food they like, the poor things must be starving! That is just not true. Your fish is fine with feeding once a day a moderate amount of high quality food, they just like making a big show of it. You should feed enough food to be eaten within 2 minutes, because overfeeding will just end up causing a dirty tank which is the perfect growing ground for bacteria instead of healthy Bettas. A bit of a rounded belly is OK, as you don’t want your fish to be too thin, but a definitely rounded shape is a sign that you are feeding your pet too much. Remember, they can eat themselves to death if you aren’t careful.

Bettas Like Interesting Food

Betta fish are inquisitive by nature, and they need an exciting environment with plenty of things to investigate in order to be happy and active. Food is not an exception, and your fish will appreciate if you change the menu every so often, just to keep things interesting. Siamese fighting fish love live food, particular worms and brine shrimp that you can buy at your local fish store or in some cases even breed yourself. However, be careful because they will absolutely eat all of it, and they can end up having issues due to overfeeding.

But They Hate Plain Stuff

Forget about just buying plain tropical fish flakes or pellets and hoping your Betta will eat them. Unless your fish is absolutely starving they will just give you the evil eye and ignore your offering of boring fish food. Even if you get your fish to eat that sort of food, it will lack on the necessary protein for good coloring and your fish will look lackluster and sluggish. Don’t do that to your beloved pets, and treat them to specific Siamese fighting fish pellets, frozen and dried live food. They will appreciate it, and they will look all the brighter and happier with a good diet.

Source by Irene Lizarraga

Arowana – The Best Foods To Feed Your Baby Arowana

Arowana fish have a wide and varied food diet and really anything that will fit in there mouth is considered food to them. But when we are looking after a baby arowana we have to be more aware of the foods we are feeding them. Personally I don’t recommend live bait feeding to a young arowana due to how susceptible they will be to disease and live bait is the biggest cause of disease spread among aquarium arowanas.

Here is the run down of food types that will suit a baby arowana whether it is silver, red or golden. I am classing a baby arowana as any arowana below 15cm in length. This size of arowana fish should be fed up to 3 times a day.

Frozen/ freeze dried bloodworms:

This is a very healthy and nutritious food for a baby arowana and its a food that is usually and easily accepted right from the start. This is good as arowanas are known as being picky eaters.

Also the bloodworms float for a period of time which will give your fish time to eat them.

Baby Crickets:

Another healthy food that most baby arowanas will take to straight away. Make sure that it is baby crickets that you are using as the bigger crickets have a hard external shell that might cause intestinal injury in a young arowana. Some people feed the baby crickets carrots or other nutritional foods before feeding them to the arowana. This is another way to get extra nutrients into your baby arowana.

Freeze Dried Plankton:

This is another good food which contains a lot of carotene. This food also floats which will allow the young arowana enough time to eat it but just remember to break off the hard and pointy parts before dropping it in the tank.

Foodsticks/ pellets:

If your arowana is eating well and seems content then you might try and introduce him to a stable food like a foodstick or pellet. Just remember to break the foodstick and pellets down for the arowana to eat.


Market shrimp can be fed to a baby arowana as long as it is cut down small enough and able to fit in its mouth. Just remember also to take off the hard shell/ skin and make sure that the shrimp is properly defrosted if frozen before hand.

High Quality Flake

Can be used to mix up there diet when young, but not worth using when they get bigger as it wouldn’t fill them.

The feeding of different types of foods to a baby arowana is very important as it makes them less inclined to reject different foods when they get bigger. Its also very important to feed a baby arowana at least three times a day as they grow fast but try not to over feed them each time.

Source by Dr John Smith

Our Guide to Omega 3 Fish

Omega 3 can benefit the heart of people that are healthy and it can also benefit the people that are at risk for developing a cardiovascular disease. Omega 3 fish should be eaten at least two times a week. The reason that omega 3 fish should be eaten is because it is a really good source of protein and it doesn’t have high levels of saturated fat like the fatty meat products do. The fatty fish such as mackerel and sardines are high in two different types of omega 3 fatty acids which are EPA and DHA. It is also recommended that you also eat tofu and other forms of soybeans and canola as well as flaxseed and walnuts. These products contain LNA which can become omega 3 in the body.

Omega 3 fatty acids are really good for everyone’s health. Omega 3 fish is one of the main foods that contains omega 3. Patients that have a coronary heart disease are recommended to eat a wide variety of fish, two times a week. This includes oils and foods that are rich in alpha-linolenic acid. Foods that are rich in alpha-linolenic are flaxseed, soybean oils as well as walnuts and flax seed.

Patients that have been documented with CHD are also recommended to consume around one gram of omega 3 fatty acids on a daily basis. A capsule form of omega 3 fatty acids along with the consultation of a physician can also be considered. Patients that need to lower the triglycerides need to make sure that they get two to four grams of omega 3 fatty acids per day; this can be achieved by taking a capsule under a physician’s care.

Patients that are consuming more than three grams of omega 3 fatty acids from capsules should only do so under a physician’s care. If you have high intakes of omega 3 fatty acids, it could lead to excessive bleeding in some patients. When you are taking any form of omega 3, you need to make sure that you consult a physician just in case there are any health risks on your part.

Omega 3 fatty acids are known to reduce the risk of CVD in many different ways. The first way that it can reduce the risk of CVD is the decrease risk of arrhythmias which has the ability to turn into sudden cardiac death. The second way that it reduces the risk is because of the decrease in the levels of triglyceride. The third way that it is able to reduce the risk is because of the decrease growth rate of the atherosclerotic plaque. The last way that omega 3 is able to reduce the risks of CVD is because of the lower blood pressure.

Source by Micheal Thomas

How Big Is Your Space Bubble

Did you know that you have a “space bubble” all around you? And did you know that other people have a “space bubble” too?

When people are making conversation with someone else, they generally like to have a little bubble of space all around them. This little bubble of space extends one or two or even three feet all around our bodies. We tend to view this as our personal space, even if we never really think about it.

If we invade too close into someone else’s personal space before they are ready to be close to us, they will feel very uncomfortable. And if someone gets too physically close to us during a conversation, we can also feel uncomfortable with them.

Some people misjudge how close they should sit or stand when they are talking to strangers or acquaintances, and they may end up making a poor impression on others either because they get too close, or stay too far away. If someone you don’t know very well starts to move too close to you or touches you, you may find yourself taking a step back.

If you don’t know the space bubble rules, you might make another person feel uncomfortable by standing too close, or by touching them when they don’t want to be touched by you.

We like to keep our space bubble as a personal space for ourselves, and for those who are closest to us. We like it when our loved ones, our family, our children, our loved ones get physically close to us. However, if a total stranger insists on getting into our personal space and stand just inches away, we may feel alarmed and uncomfortable.

About the only time we willingly allow a stranger into our personal space is when we need medical treatment, or when we can’t prevent it, such as when we are on a crowded bus or elevator. We also let people get very close to us when we feel a very strong attraction to them.

The size of space bubble we like to have around us, and the amount of touching we will permit, can be complicated.

There are no cut and dried rules. People from different family backgrounds and different cultures often have different preferences for how big their space bubble will be.

People who come from a British background are likely to be more formal and reserved with strangers and acquaintances than North Americans would be. If you address an English person by his first name without permission, he may feel that you are being too familiar with him. English people will feel usually feel uncomfortable if you stand close to them while speaking, and will back away to a distance that suits them better.

People from a British background often want to stand quite far away from their conversation partners when making small talk, and are not likely to engage in a lot of public touching with people they don’t know.

On the other hand, people from Central and South American countries will often stand extremely close to you while speaking, and may feel offended if you back away. Men from these countries feel comfortable hugging each other in public, whereas most men from a British or North American background will almost never do so.

People from China and Japan are usually much more reserved, and will stand considerably farther away from the other person with whom they are having a conversation.

The size of the space bubble we try to create around us will also change according to circumstances.

When we are on a subway during rush hour we will tolerate strangers pressing up against us in a way that we would not accept from someone at a business meeting.

When we first meet someone new, we are not likely to stand in each other’s zone of private space unless we are both feeling a strong sexual attraction. When people are drunk they will tolerate a lot of physical closeness with strangers that they might not accept when they are sober.

When you are talking with people, respect the space boundary that your conversation partners want to have around them.

If you find that other people keep moving further back when you stand close to them, it does not necessarily mean they don’t like you. It might mean that you are invading territory they consider their personal space.

If you notice this happening, they will probably appreciate having a bit more space. Don’t move physically closer to them until you know them better and they seem more willing to get close to you.

When people warm up to you and like you a lot, they will often signal this by smiling at you a lot, getting closer to you, and touching you. If they don’t feel that this is the right time or place for being close, they will pull back a bit.

You can subtly participate in negotiating the ideal distance by slightly approaching and backing away until you both appear to be comfortable. Thus you will create a better impression on them.

Source by Royane Real

4 Key Reasons for Relationships

I found a wonderful person on the internet 3 years ago, but he was separated from his wife and decided to go back to her. So we recently went our separate ways after the most heavenly two year relationship. He felt it difficult to start afresh with me for a variety of reasons including his age, despite the deep love we had for each other, and I have to respect that. But what a fellow and what a friendship, especially as we were chalk and cheese in every sense of the word: culturally, racially and in philosophy!!

The passionate feelings are still there between us but I have to move on, I guess. But I would not have missed the journey for the world. It all adds to our learning experience. He certainly provided the litmus test and yardstick for what makes me happy in a relationship and I give thanks for it. That’s why I am so certain of what I want now and feel good at having the skills to detect whether it is there or not in any potential date.

The 4 Reasons for a Relationship

Many of us do not know this, but people come into our lives for one or more of four different reasons:

1.To teach us something, or for us to teach them in turn – and the lesson could be either positive or a negative wake-up call; AND/OR

2. To guide us out of a depression or bad patch in our lives;AND/OR

3. To build up our confidence to deal with the next person in line – who could even be the big one for us – AND/OR

4. To be the genuine article – our long-term soulmates or partners.

So hankering after lost loves in bitterness, anger or vengeful hostility is the worse thing you could do to yourself. They have served their purpose and moved on. It has to be accepted with LOVE and FORGIVENESS for your life to progress too.

I thought David was the real thing because of the intensity and length of the relationship. But, he was type No.1 and 2 – there to teach me about real, unselfish love and guide me out of my crisis while I taught him an alternative view of life. And boy, did we learn!! He will always be a beacon for me. I thank him so much because I am a different, much better, person now than when I first met him.

Unrealistic Expectations

However, the main problem with seeking a new partner, with meetings which flounder and with many relationships which end up being shorter than expected, is that most people believe every person they meet and like will be the BIG ONE, No.4! But nothing could be further from the truth.

The trick is to let that first contact gradually reveal the nature of itself without too many expectations, while taking an interest in that person. Instead of just focusing on yourself, be detached, yet reciprocal, to give yourself some enjoyment and happiness in the learning process. Often we are too busy focusing on our needs, wondering how the relationship is going to shape up that we miss the early incompatible signals. But they are ALWAYS there!

For those in failing relationships which are proving increasingly unhappy, let it go! You have both done your jobs and are merely preventing each other from carrying on your work elsewhere, from personal self-fulfilment or even meeting the REAL one. Painful, I know, but it is really about choices and results. The ones you want for your life. If you have genuinely tried to keep it going without much change, hanging on will only lead to a bottomless pit of unhappiness and frustration which robs you of self-esteem and makes you feel worse. If you are not being validated and affirmed, you will feel awful, which shows in your actions and body, making you unattractive to others.

New Beginnings

One of the first tell-tale signs of an unhappy relationship are people who rarely smile, with haunted looks in their eyes and weighty bodies! It never fails. But they don’t even realise that’s how they look! I weighed 157 pounds during the last months of my marriage. Today I am a slim 135 lbs and my confidence and happiness know no bounds. Proof that letting go of a dying relationship creates space for something new and, more likely, something magical.

You could be surprised at the outcome!

A former boyfriend, from whom parting was mutually agreed, recently came back into my life, as a great friend and handy shoulder, having dealt with his own issues. I was appreciating this new comfortable friendship between us when he said out of the blue, “You are a really gorgeous lady.” Top that if you can!! And thanks for that Jas. You made my day – and the feeling is most reciprocal!

When we let go, it is ALWAYS for a good reason which is not visible at the time and the rewards are usually unexpected. We just need the courage to ACT.

Source by Elaine Sihera

Carved Wood Signs For a Personal Touch

Nothing is more homey and unique than carved wooden signs. A good sign at the door of your house gives it a rustic feeling. They are great for boats, RV’s and businesses, giving each a special touch. Let’s look at some things to consider when getting your own carved wood signs.

What Kind Of Sign Would You Like?

You’ll want to find the right sign that complements your home, boat, RV or business. There are several styles available. Most folks like the rustic style because it gives that old American woodsy feel. There are also engraved signs for something a little more modern and detailed.

Lots of folks prefer personalized signs to the standard templates offered. Each business will offer you there pre-made designs, but you can always make your own. They will allow you to custom design it yourself from scratch is that’s what you want.

Many Designs To Choose From

The simplest carved wood signs have just words, but you can go the whole mile and add anything you want. Animals, farms and landscapes are popular as backgrounds. Put your message up front and have ducks flying in the sky behind it. They’ll also let you choose colors. Modern carved wood signs allow you to easily put any color you’d like on yours.

Check Out The Wood Quality

Carvers disagree about which woods are best, and they all have their particular reasons. Good, sturdy woods that hold up over time are the best for carved wood signs. Redwood sequoia is generally considered the best wood around in terms of sturdiness, looking good and taking paint well.

The industry standard is cedar. Red cedar and Spanish cedar are known as quality woods, and they have a reputation for weathering the years well. You’ll also find lots of quality carvers using spruce and poplar. These woods are great for carving all kinds of stuff as well as signs.

Whichever wood they choose, make sure the company you use hand picks their wood. They should be picky about what they carve.

Have A Look At Their Work

Before getting started, always have a look at some samples of their work. Touch it and see how the finish feels. The design should be attractive and professional, and there should be few knots in the wood, unless that’s the style you’re looking for.

You can have any message you like on your carved wood signs. Add that unique personal touch to your home or business, and let everyone who comes in feel comfy and welcome.

Source by Andrew Stratton

The Many Family Troubles

At the small open space by the kitchen in their backyard, Mrs. Ego Eleke pounded grains of beans in a wooden mortar. She had been on the task long enough that the early-morning Akokwa village sun rays had caught up with her.

As her mind sought whom to blame for the tedious labor, Eddie came into focus. ‘If only Edwin would wake up and relieve me, maybe the pestle would go quicker. Every night he drinks heavily, sleeps heavily and snores heavily.’

Between one pounding and another, she kept two weepy eyes on objects in her visual field. In front of her, warped wood fired a pot of oil set on a tripod, and slightly to her left a pail of water rested on the ground next to a cup with no handles, which she placed at arm’s reach on top of a shaky wooden stool. Even the two useless knives on the left side of the low kitchen entrance wall could not escape her scrutiny.

Nearby, fowls had assembled, looking for ants and earthworms while they fidgeted and waited for Mrs. Ego Eleke to throw out some bean crumbs again. Four starving chicks, two black, two white, followed every turn their mother made, reexamining every shallow hole she dug with her long toes. Of the black chicks, one was more frightened than the other. And of the white chicks, one behaved more restlessly than the other.

Ego lifted and hammered the beans some more, poured on a little water and crushed five more times, making a circular move around the inside curves of the mortar, to the left and the right.

‘Go away, kpas-kpas,’ she would say with a backhand wave anytime the fowl or the chicks raised dust with their feet. ‘These chickens,’ she moaned, ‘they scratch the soil like a toddler with scabies.’

At her disgust, the frightened black chick and the restless white chick would flee with their mother. Less than three minutes later they would rejoin the others, circling her feet for more crumbs.

Mr. Edwin Eleke would have slept through the ‘kpom kpom’ sound of the pestle on the mortar had his phone not rung.

‘Master,’ he said when he picked up his phone.

‘Come over forthwith; you will drive me to Aguleri.’

‘Okay, Master,’ and Eleke hurriedly hung up the phone. Aided by sun rays from the window he headed to the bathroom. Though an experienced night drunk, this morning he wondered why he wee-weed all over, like a teenager getting drunk for the first time. He returned to the bedroom, slipped his head through a gray caftan, tunneled both arms at the same time, and straightened the caftan down to the level of his ankles. He spotted his slippers and shoved in his toes.

From the top of a cloth cabinet he retrieved his stumped chewing stick, trapping the flared part between his side teeth before exiting to the backyard, at which time he too came under Mrs. Eleke’s surveillance.

Mrs. Eleke watched Mr. Eleke move the chewing stick up and down his mouth, lower his head and spit on the ground. Edwin gathered more saliva and spat a second time.

Done with brushing, he reached for the cup, scooped water from the bucket, sucked half a mouthful, swished and spat diagonally, dispersing the frightened black chick and the nervous white chick.

‘Where are you going?’ cried Mrs. Eleke. She had suspended her pounding and from nowhere had planted herself in front of Eddie. She was a good three inches taller than him, but a lot more gifted in arm muscles; when Eddie thought about it, he realized her superior upper strength came from daily mortar pounding.

As spouses frequently do when confrontation arises, Eleke’s mind went back for a moment, probing the life of years gone. Edwin, like Samson and several other men, had gone from being powerful to being powerless after breaking their vows and revealing the source of their strength.

‘She could have chosen to be a seamstress like her friend Azuka, who lives on the opposite of the street; that way she would not have to call on me to pound the mortar, using a pestle the size of a horse’s head,’ he thought.

‘Eddie, did you hear me? Where are you going?’

‘To work – Master wants me to come immediately, to drive him to Aguleri.’

‘You must finish with the beans first,’ said Ego, staring down into his eyes.

‘Biko, please, Master needs me to come over now,’ a statement which Eddie supported by producing the sound of car keys from the right pocket of his caftan.

At the same time as Ego was tied up with Eddie, the four chicks and their mother got a break. The quiet white chick   flew  up on the wobbly chair and began drinking from the cup. The frightened black one perched on the edge of the mortar and pecked around the inner lining. Their mother, stretching her neck, began to peck furiously at the partially crushed beans.

Surprise! Edwin was not yet ready to comply. His strength, Ego thought, like that of the shaved Samson, was beginning to come back. Force was required to crush whatever growing strength he possessed.

Wait for an opportunity, her devious mind told her. She turned away from Eddie and walked off to deal with the chickens.

Eddie stood alone for a while and hesitated like a man who had forgotten something important. Suddenly he realized that the chewing stick had gotten soft. It needed sharpening. He turned and walked towards the two knives on top of the flat kitchen entrance wall.

He shook his head in dismay. The shorter knife looked sharper but had no handle. The longer knife, which had a handle, had a blade (as he discovered after trying it on his palm) as blunt as Ego’s pestle.

Mrs. Eleke indeed had not walked far, and had not bothered with the chickens and their menace. She had backtracked and tiptoed up while Eddie was engaged with the knives.

Her left hand grabbed Mr. Eleke’s caftan by the right shoulder. As he began to trip backward, her right palm, soiled with grainy beans, smashed him on the left cheek and across both eyes.

‘I can’t see! I’m going blind!’ screamed Eddie. ‘Wait until I’m done with you!’ Ego yelled back.

‘Blink those eyes open,’ said Eddie to himself. His left eye was almost open when a stream of spit showered on him and shut both eyes down again.

While his wife’s grip prevented his escape, her right palm continued to pummel the back of his head. The beating ceased after five wet fingers picked his pockets and took control of the car keys.


Source by Anselm Anyoha

How Low Self Esteem and Confidence Can Affect Those Around You

W-O-M-E-N. We are the joy and pride of the world. We make things happen and without us, the world is a confused place. Most of us do not truly believe in this theory and those of us that have the belief do not really know the magnitude of it and for those that know how big an issue it is, they don’t really know how to make it.

The overall myth is that we were created as helpers because without us the men of the world have no idea what to make of themselves. This is true to some extent. We have a lot to make a different meaning to the term, helper.

Many of us live day to day just for the sake of living. We let the world pass us by and we get pulled into the craziness of what this life has made of us. We are left with the thought that who we are is not really who we are and what we mean to others is just a fantasy in our heads and we get stuck in it for a long time till it dies with us or leave us as a shadow to others or a   fly  on the wall that has no impact.

If we want to take a keen look at the issue of serenity, warmth, peace or calmness and a stress-free way of living, we as women are lost as to why we can’t seem to be identified with these things and it seem to be a problem for us. This issue burgs us greatly. Waking up every day has become a problem for most of us. We often ask ourselves why we even bother.

The demons in our life, the negative vibe that keeps us down threatens day and night and we give in to it out of ignorance of how strong we truly are. We are made strong; we are created to be a standing block for our partners. Without us they have no feet to stand on. They shake and whither without us to give our level of understanding on issues. We need to know how to puff out our chests and pat ourselves on the back.

Nobody is above making mistakes once in a while but only a few people has what it takes to look back and learn from that mistake that had almost destroyed them. Anybody can be rid with poverty. Anybody can face daily challenges that will make them dare God to do some things differently in their life but only a minority has it in them to sit back and marvel at what they themselves can do to make their life take a different path that will in turn lead to that life they can boast of. That can make them live better, peaceful and in love with the world and humanity at large.

We are taking a new step towards a discovery to the place where we have never seen ourselves going before now. We are re-evaluating who we are, what our chances are. We are more than the society makes us out to be. We are not just the child-bearing, kitchen-cleaning, house-making subordinates, we are great.

We are more than what we think we are. We have what it takes to make this world grow better than it presently is. It has nothing to do with the issue of femininity. It is the belief in what our strengths are and doing what it takes to make us reach our fullest potentials without the help of anyone but ourselves. We will see the strength we can get from making that mistake we so dread and the truth in our thinking. We will take it all back.

Source by Taibat Ademola

Delhi- A City Of Countless Wonders

As the second largest metropolis in India, Delhi has a vast amount to explore. From its rich history and culture to truly thrilling seasonal attractions, anyone who visits Delhi is sure to come away with an experience unlike any other.

For instance, Delhi hosts a number of spectacular celebrations and National events throughout the year. Republic Day (26 January) has a large cultural and military parade, while Independence Day – held on August 15th – invites everyone to celebrate by   flying  kites – a symbol of freedom. The Qutub is another cultural event which is held every September and sees performances by musicians and dancers from across India. The Spring Festival and International Mango Festival attract countless tourists and nationals each year. So, if you plan your visit to Delhi to coincide with these times of year, you’ll have the added pleasure of partaking in the country’s most celebrated events.

Holidaying in Delhi wouldn’t be complete without a taste of the region’s fantastic cuisine. Local delicacies include Chaat and Dahi-Papri, available in restaurants and through street vendors alike but due to Delhi’s cosmopolitan population, cuisines from every part of India can be found in the city.

Delhi is also a shopper’s paradise. The markets of Old Delhi hold an eclectic range of products – from foods and spices to jewellery and textiles. Visitors can also find arts and crafts unique to Delhi’s distinctive style, including Zardozi (embroidery with gold thread) or Meenakari (enamelled art). And if you’re after the stunning fashion sense of India, Chandni Chowk, a three century-old shopping district that’s popular for its jewellery and saris, is not to be missed.

A glance in any direction in the city of Delhi will reveal some aspect of the city’s vast culture and history. Aside from the countless monuments strewn about the city (175 alone are national heritage sites while another two are World Heritage Sites), the city holds legacies of its rich Mughal past among the old city’s narrow lanes and crowded markets.

Some of Delhi’s top architectural attractions include the Purana Qila fortress, Red Fort, the India Gate and the modern Bahá’í Lotus Temple. One of Delhi’s most spectacular sites is undoubtedly the Jama Masjid – the great mosque of ‘Old’ Delhi. Built in 1644, Jama Masjid was one of the last architectural indulgences commissioned by Shah Jahan – the Mughal emperor, who also built the Taj Mahal and the Red Fort. And with a courtyard capable of holding 25,000 worshippers, Jama Masjid [http://www.lonelyplanet.com/worldguide/destinations/asia/india/delhi?poi=14596] is renowned as the largest mosque in India.

If you’re planning a trip to Delhi to experience the Jama Masjid – among countless other splendors – it’s best to book your flights well in advance to get the best deals; particularly if you’re planning to travel during the spring or autumn months. You’ll find a number of airlines which offer direct flights to Delhi from London – so getting there is easy. So, don’t miss out on one of the most exciting, beautiful and historic cities in India – visit Delhi on your next holiday!

Source by Adam Singleton