Create Focus – Eliminate Self Inflicted Distractions

I was trying to focus on my 2008 goals; it’s been tough going and my mind kept moving to all the other things I could/should be doing right now. And the idea for this blog came to me. A self inflicted distraction.

I have a lot of them.

My office is in my home – a source of advantage and challenge. Home offices make self inflicted distractions so much easier to acquire. As the year goes by, more and more shoulda’s, woulda’s and coulda’s accumulate in my workspace. You know what I mean – the magazines that need to be read, the books purchased and waiting for attention, the projects that call for completion, the hobbies and interests that never seem to get the attention you’d like to give them. In my case, the fly rod in the corner, just aching to be tried out – the fly tying materials all ready for me to tie some flies.

You know, all the this’s and that’s that scream out for some attention. And shred our ability to focus on the important few things – and we did it to ourselves.

These distractions make it so easy to start one thing, and then, because it’s not going particularly well, turn to one of the other things that ache for attention. The net effect of this scattergun of actions is that nothing gets done well – the operative word being “well.” Multi – taskers may argue and say the more you heap on your plate the more you will get done. That doesn’t work for me.

So, what to do about this all too common drain on our resources?

Here’s my list of actions to take to reduce the number of self inflicted distractions:

First and foremost, you gotta have the most important three to five things in your whole world identified. If you don’t, start with that.

Then survey your space – start with the mindset that anything in that workspace that keeps you from achieving your top three to five goals is your enemy – and needs to be destroyed – or at least covered up.

Keep your workspace your workspace. Compartmentalize. Keep work stuff in work areas. Keep non – work stuff somewhere else – far enough away that it requires an effort to get to it. ( I really need to move that fly rod and my fly tying desk to another room.)

Inventory the stuff that comes in to your workspace – the publications, the E Mail subscriptions, the catalogs, the course descriptions, the fyi’s from well meaning associates, the stuff that accumulates under the “nice to do” label. Then throw it all out. Face it – if you have to put it aside for any extended period of time, you’re not going to get to it. Except — when you should be really focusing on the truly important few, and they’re not going well – and it’s so tempting to tell yourself it’s time to take a break and read that article you’ve been meaning to get to for the last six months. Let’s see, where is that magazine?

Limit the number of pictures, symbols, artifacts that have the potential to take your mind away from work – and put you back on that sailboat, or putting for an eagle, or winning the “B” group tennis tournament at the club. Keep the few – and I mean few – things that serve as reminders and focus points about your purpose. Things that can bring your mind back to the reason for the work at hand – things that serve to remind you of why you need to focus on the important few.

Inventory your subscriptions – are they valuable in the present. at work and play, or are they substitutions for the things you want to do, but can’t find the time or means to do. Ditch all except for one that can be seen as providing motivation for the reward you’ll earn by focusing on the important few.

Hide the little stuff. If you’re like me, I can spend an afternoon making sure everything is well organized – at least all the things I can see. I tend to do this when things aren’t going well on the important things. Hide the little stuff – it’s not that important anyway.

Create the belief that focus creates success – and treat the enemies of focus as – well – enemies. Create the conviction that an hour on focused work on the most important thing is more valuable and effective than a day committed to the completion of thin things. Become convinced of the power of your mind when you use it to really drill into something – it’s the most valuable resource you have.

If you have a workspace with a view – terrific. Just set it up so that your line of sight when you are working is not toward the view. You know, see the pretty little bird in the bush – look at the awesome sunset – look at the beautiful clouds —–

Put your three to five top things in writing, and hang/post/frame/wallpaper them where they are constant reminders of what you really gotta spend your time on.

That’s my list. Any more than this and I will have created some additional self inflicted distractions – or SID’s. Take a look at and identify your own enemies of focus – the things you have done to yourself that keep the power of your focus from reaching its potential. And then act to take back your space.

Start today.

Source by Andrew Cox

Fishing – Fun For the Whole Family

Fishing in the NH lakes region has increased quite a lot over the last year. Since the economy has taken a downturn, many people have been laid off. As a result, people don’t have the disposable income to spend on expensive activities. That’s where fishing fits in.

Fishing is inexpensive. Just buy some bait for a few dollars and you can have a whole day of entertainment. Plus, you might even catch your dinner.

It’s the perfect activity for families on a budget. Everyone can participate. You don’t even need a boat. Fishing from the side of a stream or bridge is a fun way to involve the whole family. For those that do have a boat, the coves and inlets around Lake Winnipesaukee are a fun place to start your fishing adventure. Kids usually don’t care what they catch, as long as they catch something. What better way to learn patience?

Bait and tackle shops have been doing very well because fishing has become very popular. Many people now have the time to fish during the week in addition to weekends.

More and more people are fishing these days. People that have a lot of time on their hands usually do some type of recreation outdoors. Fishing definitely fits in the category of an outdoor activity.

Simplicity is also what people are looking for. Fishing is an easy to learn sport and it’s inexpensive to get started. What’s great about it, there is no need for high-tech gadgets to catch fish.

When the economy isn’t doing that well, people tend to stop going on expensive vacations or eating out at fancy restaurants. Instead they get involved in a less expensive activity like fishing in the NH lakes region.

Source by Sharon Nix

Wii Accidents and Injuries-Mind the Flying Remotes and Broken Glass

The Nintendo Wii is truly a remarkable new gaming system which has incorporated state of the art remote controller technology. It really allows the player to get involved with the game, like it’s actually happening. However, there is a problem to this, people do… and break things!

It’s apparent that the Wii remote has handy uses: to given an enjoyable and exciting video gaming experience; and to help in getting rid of any unwanted light fixtures, coffee cups, and appliances.

The majority of the accidents and injuries tend to involve the safety strap on the Wii remote. After some intense game player, users claim that the strap breaks easily, and if you waving your arms around at the time, it likely to send the remote  flying  across the room in a collision course with a TV or somebody’s head.

Nintendo initially stated that they do not take responsibility for these strap-related accidents, but if you refer to Nintendo’s customer service site, a warning about the safe use of the remote has been posted.

However, Nintendo are now offering to replace the original version of the wrist straps for the Wii remote with a newer version. If you do happen to own the original version of the strap, and would prefer a replacement, simply visit Nintendo’s official site and complete the necessary online form.

Many of the remaining causes of Wii related accidents and injuries are generally down to people, and the silly things they do.

Most of the trouble seems at the moment to be related to the sports games. It you take a gamer involved in a heated game of bowling. He desperately needs to get a strike and gives the all he’s got. Unfortunately, as he swings the remote forward to release the ball, the tiny strap snaps and the remotes gone  flying  – fight into his shinning new HDTV. It’s a very sad day all around.

In a further bowling related incident, on this occasion the gamer is using the Wii sleeve for additional protection, as the gaming gets more and more exciting the sleeve becomes sweaty and  flies  off. The remote shoots across the room crashing into the china cabinet and the symphony of breaking glass brings his angry mother stomping into the room.

Baseball is also proving to be a pretty dangerous sport to take part in these days. As you can imagine, pitching can be pretty deadly. There have been reports all over the place of wild pitches sending the Wii remote into lampshades, plasma lamps, coffee cups, and basically any glass surface in the room.

Fishing is not an activity that you would imagine to be an high intensity sport, but still Wii games have been able to injure themselves and destroy items around them while trying to reel in that big score. One gamer leaned back so hard into his chair that it snapped and sent his onto the floor. Maybe the game-play of the Wii games is too realistic!

The deadliest game by far is tennis. This is especially for the taller people during serves. Some people get widely out of control from waving their arms about for there severs, and end up smashing their hands into light fixtures, ceiling fans and chandeliers. Worse then that, some tennis players have accidentally whacked friends and loved ones in the face during a high energy match.

The Wii can be dangerous not simply for the players and household items, but any other person in the same room. There have been reported cases of innocent bystanders, in some instances kids, being brained or smacked due to a golf tournament. Some children has received bruises and busted lips from their parents bowling. It shouldn’t really be that surprising, but by placing the Wii remote in the hands of little children often results in something going smash.

Apart from natural human stupidity, there are some things to take note of to game safely: make sure to hold the remote as firmly as comfortable in your hand, make sure that there is plenty of space, and certainly nothing within your swing distance.

On the other hand, you could simple take the Wii outside and play.

Source by Darren Lintern

Indispensable Club Flyers Making – Tips That Will Surely Fly

It probably happened to you before, you get stuck in a rut and it seems like no idea is good enough to work. It probably happened too when you need to get something done, like club flyers for example.

The muse for inspiration doesn’t always come as easily. Designing can get frustrating and may take a whole amount of your time and effort before you finally come up with something that fits just right.

Club flyers, though not exactly as prominent as posters or other large format prints, are equally important. Club flyers move in a different channel and get the job done in its own way. Equally important too are its design and concept – how it gets that message across and how you can actually execute it, are both something you could use a little help with.

Club Flyers Design Ideas

Even with all the important tips and hints at making club flyers and designing proliferating the internet, how do you actually put all of these into good use? These design tips are practical ideas you can apply as you go along.

From designing to printing, you would find that these elements contribute a whole lot to the look, feel and message you want to send out to your audience. Ask these same questions and know just how you can improve things.

1. Composition

Composition points to all the elements that are present on your club flyer’s design. Analyze which or what item in your design plays a big role in delivering your message. What are the necessary details that enhance it?

2. Free Play

Free play allows you to create multiple variations for your design. Add in a little bit of something or take out a particular piece in your composition. See what difference it makes. Changing colors and hues are part of free play. This exercise or practice allows you to fully grasp which combinations work.

3. Balance

Balance is present when your club flyer’s design leads the eyes towards the right object. If you want the basics on balance, you can probably use the Rule of Thirds. Create a grid on your club flyers, with four intersecting lines, dividing up your club flyers into nine squares.

The intersections where these lines meet are the points of interest. This could be the rational why placing prominent objects off center are more pleasing to look at.

4. Try Everything at Least Once

This phrase is probably applicable to someone who’s aiming for a fuller life. But in design, you can duly take some of your best parts or best ideas and see what comes out of it.

If you have the leisure of time, it is worth to give it a shot. Sometimes what you thought impossible the first time around is actually plausible the moment you try it.

5. Framing

Photographs are one of the essentials used in design. However, no matter how good a photograph is, you still have to crop and frame it.

Framing is done to remove certain elements that wouldn’t actually work for your prints. Crop photos and see just by doing this, you can obtain a different look altogether. Framing, more importantly, allows you to highlight the main object or subject of your picture by bringing these it into view.

Through framing too, certain features become emphasized while others become obscured.

6. Quality Club Flyer Printing

Do not let all your efforts go to waste by settling for so-so printing. Quality printing can easily be obtained through commercial, online printing companies who can provide you with an array of services to make your club flyers a convenient, satisfying experience.

Quality printing is a cost-effective means of creating flyers that will truly become indispensable as premium processes, stock or materials and strict quality control are all observed.

Breathe life into your designs and bathe them in colors. Through quality printing, you can have high-resolution, varicolored prints that would communicate beyond words. Take pleasure from club flyers printing and enjoy the rewards of your hard work.

Source by Jenny Abejuela

A Young Man Can Fly – Be the Best You Can Be! You Deserve It! And So Does Your Back Pocket!

There comes a certain point in time where all you need to do is jump. The path has ended on a crumbling cliff’s edge. Either you close your eyes, take a deep breath and step off in the optimistic hope that someone is there to catch you… Or you retreat. Reconsider. Run away.

It seems that we’ve become very good at running, or sprinting for that matter, its hard when fear is breathing down our necks. The question “what if” plagues us and it usually goes something like this: “what happens if I this happens” or “what happens if that happens?” Fear takes a hold of us and we usually push it to the back of our mind. We go back to working for somebody else and creating somebody else’s dream.

It’s not our fault by the way; it’s just what we’ve been conditioned to think; the way we’ve been brought up. School teaches us to get a job, university teaches us to get a job, its how we’ve operated over centuries as a human society. For the people that see through the whole job concept and by no means am I saying that having a job is bad, if you’re happy in your job, that’s great, I’m not here to spoil the party.

But if your looking to really achieve success, really create wealth and abundance for the people around you, a job just wont cut it, especially when the tax man comes knocking on your door asking for 45% of what you’ve earned.

You see, my acronym for Job is ‘Just Over Broke’. I mean seriously, how long could you survive if you gave up your job today without getting another one? Maybe a week? Two weeks? A couple of months at the most right? Well it’s time to do something about that, pensions are a thing of the past and the government is going to stick around for you at retirement. Its time to wake up and build something for yourself and the people you love. And It all starts with that thing between your ears. Yes, that’s right, your mind.

Did you know that 80% of success is psychological and 20% is technical? And by technical, I mean strategies. A lot of people ‘get’ that we need more than a job to retire on, especially in these economic times. The number one mistake the average person makes though, is trying to follow a strategy without first working on their psychology. Psychology is the key to our success.

Have you ever wondered what makes a Richard Branson a Richard Branson? What makes an Oprah Winfry an Oprah Winfry? Why do you think Anthony Robbins and Donald Trump are so successful? It’s their psychology, there major asset is there mind. I bet millions of people get exposed to the strategies their using right now. But how many people do you think really apply these strategies to the best of their ability? Not many right?

You need to have the mindset of a “winner”! And you need to start working on your most powerful asset right now! The one between your ears remember. So you have to make a commitment to change what you’re doing and take action. If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got… The definition of insanity is doing something the same way and expecting a different result. Successful people Take Action and that is one of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt thus far in my life. Today I’m here to help you take some massive action. Massive Action that could change your life in the most positive way you’ve ever dreamed of.

Because too many times I’ve stood at a cliff’s edge deciding on whether to take that leap of faith into the unknown… and too many times I have run!

I now come to the point in my life whether to take that leap. I believe that as humans we learn from the people before us… Just as I mentioned earlier; The Donald Trumps, The Richard Bransons, The Robert Kiyosaki’s, The Christopher Howards… Mentors are important…

Perhaps you are like me, in that you have made extreme efforts to change certain aspects and behaviors of your life, but sure enough, you find yourself falling back into old patterns of behavior that linger and pull you down. Maybe you have had the intention of taking charge of your finances, or your physical health. Maybe you have wanted to create a fulfilling relationship, to get ahead in your career, or to create the lifestyle you desire. Yet something is always holding you back, keeping you from making that leap into greatness.

Finally there is a way to create fast and long-lasting change in any area of your life and to consciously take charge of your destiny. It was something that was introduced to me some years ago, something that has proved to be empowering in my life, something that has skyrocketed my results in everything I do. It is called the Breakthrough to Success (BTS). The Breakthrough to Success is a powerful 3 day weekend that takes a quantum leap forward in relation to other personal development programs of the past.

The Breakthrough to Success actually assists you to change your behavior through the power of unconscious integration of the concepts presented throughout the course. It works on your psychology. Christopher Howard, internationally acclaimed expert in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), has spent the past decade studying cutting-edge technologies for accelerating human change and empowering individuals to unleash their true potential.

He is the Founder and President of The Christopher Howard Companies, and is one of the world’s leading authorities on the psychology of wealth and accelerated personal achievement. He has been described as “The Richard Branson of personal and professional development”, and his public seminars on the psychology of wealth have captivated audiences worldwide. From his companies humble beginnings in 2002, he has spear-headed the Christopher Howard Companies into a multi-million dollar international success.

And now my friends, it is time to take massive action, because you can join Chris for his life-changing weekend that will allow you to create rapid change, break through the limitations of the past, create a compelling future and accelerate your success all for FREE. Yes that’s right, totally complimentary, as my guest.

You see, the Breakthrough to Success has come to show me that there are endless opportunities in this world… but in order to fully take a hold of those opportunities, we first need to work on yourself. It has been said that if you can change your inner thoughts, you can surely change your outer world. It has inspired me to shine the light on people all over the globe who are ready to step up and start living the life of their dreams.

I made a commitment to share this opportunity to all people, from all walks of life. Chris has inspired me to be the best that I can be; he has challenged me to take action… And I challenge you to be the best that you can be. So please, accept my gift and take action! Take those steps towards the dreams you hold close to your heart, be committed, be persistent and most of all, be Empowering!

Because what I’ve learnt through all of this, is that when you learn to jump. And you learn to be un-fearful of falling into the depths and crashing broken into the ground… When you learn to be liberated from all these fears…

When you take that leap, you don’t fall my friends…

You  fly .

Dale White

Source by Dale White

Shoo-Fly Pie

Shoo-fly pie: “a rich pie of Pennsylvania Dutch origin made of molasses or brown sugar sprinkled with a crumbly mixture of flour, sugar, and butter,” so says the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Makes your teeth curl and your fat cells expand just looking at the definition of this pie, but that’s the way we like things here in Lancaster county: overpoweringly rich and about as sweet as you can stand it.

The shoo-fly pie (or shoofly or shoo   fly , as the case may be) finds itself on many a dessert table in the PA Dutch county of Lancaster. In fact, it’s one of the first things many people think of when reflecting on Amish food and baking, and its fame and renown have spread far and wide, drawing many a hapless soul to come and partake of its richness.

So what, exactly, is this shoo  fly  pie and how in the (insert expletive or descriptive phrase here) did it get its unusual name?

The shoo  fly  pie (hereafter referred to as SFP) is really nothing more than a coffee cake-type concoction with a gooey molasses bottom. (As a father of two small boys I am very familiar with other types of gooey bottoms, but such comparisons are not appropriate at this juncture) At any rate, the composition of the SFP is actually quite simple. It supposedly originated from the colonial period when creative cooks made treats from staple ingredients left in their pantries after a long hard winter: flour, brown sugar, molasses, lard, salt, and spices. Over the years, long hard winters were no longer a threat to the food supply, but SFP’s and other baked goods continue to threaten the girths of many good folks in Lancaster County and abroad.

The Pennsylvania Dutch people (aka the Amish) generally claim naming rights to the SFP. The naming of the pie itself most likely stems from the plain folk, but the ingredients really do not. Although the term shoo-fly pie was not recorded in print until 1926, sugar filled pastries date back the Ancient Middle East when roaming nomads found that they were easy to pack into their camel sacks and didn’t spoil under the blistering desert sun. (OK, I made the last part of that sentence up, but that’s what journalism’s all about isn’t it?) Sweat treacle pies were popular in Medieval Europe, where cooks who doubled as economists substituted molasses for treacle. These creative cooking skills were passed from generation to generation and continue to thrive among the Amish, who stress hard work and simple living off the land.

Although debate remains, most historians, scholars, and bearded Amish men generally agree that the unusual name came from the fact that the sweet, gooey molasses mixture would have attracted  flies  as the pies cooled outside. I know you were expecting something more dramatic and earth shattering than that, but most folks throughout the ages have not been known for their creativity. The possibility does exist that “shoo  fly ” is simply an alteration of words from another language. Two possibilities are considered: 1) the name comes from an unidentified German word (UGW), or 2) the top of the crumb pies somewhat resemble a cauliflower, (remember, people were bored back in the day) which is “cheux-fleur” in French.

When you come to Lancaster County, by all means take some time to visit a local bakery or restaurant and sample an SFP. Most such shops will carry them. There are tons (literally) of cooks books that will tell you how to concoct your own creation, but rest assured that your attempts will pale when compared to the baking of the experienced Amish folk. You can find these books at most Lancaster County shops or buy them online from many different websites.

Bear in mind that there are several variations of the traditional SFP. Some (and these are favored more by the folks of the Lehigh County area) have the molasses spread throughout the pie or in shallow layers, making the pie more dry – hence the name “dry bottom” pies. These pies beg to be consumed with milk or coffee lest the palate become totally devoid of moisture. Most of the pies in Lancaster County have a gooey “wet” layer of molasses and sugar on the bottom. This is the almighty “wet bottom” pie, and is by far my personal preference. There is also the chocolate shoo  fly  pie, which has a (hopefully very thick) layer of chocolate icing on top. These things will literally rot your teeth right out of your mouth, but at least you’ll be having fun while they’re leaving. Teeth are over-rated anyway.

You may be interested in knowing that the Rockvale Square Outlet shopping mall hosts an occasional SFP bake-off and eating contest. You can find details on these contests as well as pictures, winners, and recipes, on the web.

If you can’t drive to Lancaster County or don’t plan to visit anytime soon, there are several online sources that offer SFP’s for sale. You can find links to some of them in my signature box.

Whether you come to Lancaster and try one of our homemade pies, or you’re brave enough to attempt making one yourself, I’m sure you’re efforts will be rewarded. Just remember to brush your teeth and do a few push ups when you’ve finished eating.

Source by Clayton Stoltzfus

Isaiah 40: Fly High!

The book of Isaiah 40 records these words from God,

“To whom will you compare me? Or who is my equal?” Isaiah 40:25

In other words, who or what can ever compare to the God of Abraham. The 40th chapter goes on to say,

“Lift your eyes and look to the heavens: Who created all these? He who brings out the starry host one by one, and calls them each by name. Because of His great power and mighty strength, not one of them is missing” Isaiah 40:26

This is the definition of “Holy“; to be uniquely set apart from anything else. “Holy” means, in effect, to be in a category “reserved” where nothing else can compare. Isaiah says lift your eyes and see the heavens above you. Look at the greatness of the sky, the moon and all the stars that hang above you night after night all named and numbered with none missing (and you wouldn’t know if one were). Our Holy God made it with great power and mighty strength. You won’t find someone who can create these things. Isaiah mentions in this chapter that steel encased in gold (idols) cannot compare to the actual God; meaning they are not “Holy“. They can not be compared to God.

Later in the chapter, Isaiah asks this question,

“Why do you complain; why do you say “The Lord does not know the way for me; my issue is disregarded by my God”? Isaiah 40:27

Why would you say that? Why would you even think that a God this grandiose would somehow be oblivious to our needs or be lost as to what He should do to help us? Isaiah says in verse 28,

“Do you not know? Have you not heard? The LORD is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and his understanding no one can fathom.” Isaiah 40:28

Isaiah asks, Haven’t you heard? God is everlasting! He is LORD! He is the creator of the earth from one end to the other. He does not faint. He does not get weary. He does not grow tired. And God’s level of understanding is far outside of any realm of understanding that our brain chemicals could ever comprehend.

The highlight of this chapter to me is verse 31. Isaiah says this great God of ours will increase the strength of those who have become weary. Isaiah’s claim is that those who wait on God will receive renewed strength to soar above the earth’s population of people who do not wait on God. Isaiah writes that God will strengthen us to become like one of God’s most awesome winged creatures; the Eagle,

“Those who wait on the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint” Isaiah 40:31

Eagles are the epitome of the bird species. Adult eagles have a wingspan of 6 to 8 feet which is taller than the average adult male. Eagles  fly  up to 65 mph in normal flight and dive at speeds of over 150 mph. And eagles live very intelligently. For example, they stay near open water where there is a consistent food supply and they nest in the tallest of trees. As a result, eagles have no natural predators who can threaten them based solely on their lifestyle.

The most significant thing about the eagle species is that eagles  FLY  HIGH! Eagles habitually soar at altitudes of 8,000 to 10,000 feet and even more. Eagles don’t hang around ground level like other creatures. They  fly  HIGH; which means they have a view of this world which is quite different than any other animal. And they only travel with other eagles who  fly  as HIGH as they do. The winds, the seasonal air currants and drafts don’t trouble eagles; because they  fly  above the wind currants. In fact, they use the wind and thermal updrafts to lift them up above the troubled air tides. Eagles can soar effortlessly using the wind currants for hours at a time.

Isaiah says this is a portrait of a person who waits patiently on God. The person who trusts God will SOAR in this life. Your thoughts and ideas; or in other words, your “wingspan” will be “wider” than people around you. And you’ll notice that somehow, you are able to travel faster toward your goals than normal. You’ll also find that your lifestyle is very different from others in the “species“. You will make better choices and have a better attitude about everyday situations. All because you trust in an Almighty God; thus you draw from a better source. You depend on God to lead you to “still waters” where you can be fed without the constant danger of predators.

And the winds and waves of life’s different seasons which perplex everyone else won’t disturb your flight pattern because you will live your life by faith; above the currants. In fact, you will use things that were meant to slow you down to grow your faith and lift you above the trouble. And you will only feel comfortable traveling with other Christians that  FLY  HIGH. You’ll only associate with those who are positive about life and full of vision. You’ll hang with leaders, visionaries, ministers and others who are both willing and able to soar as HIGH and HIGHER than you do.

One last thing to notice: Note the analogy Isaiah did not make in this chapter,

“… You will soar on wigs as buzzards… “

Why not? Buzzards  fly  high too. They can  fly  as high as 3,000 feet in the right conditions… And buzzards have an impressive wingspan too; just like eagles. So why didn’t Isaiah suggest that we “mount up” on wings like buzzards?

Because the behavior of an eagle is completely different from that of a buzzard. Buzzards can  fly  high… but they prefer to stay near the ground (when not migrating). They don’t soar; they’re scavengers. They’re survival is based on dead things. If you’re ever driving along a road and see a cluster of buzzards, its a guarantee there’s a dead animal’s corpse in the area. And when they can find it, they love fresh roadkill over a decayed animal carcass. Buzzards eat anything that’s dead–possums, squirrels, rabbits, deer, domestic animals even skunks (but they’ll leave the scent pouch).

Isaiah says those who wait on God will not just  fly , but  FLY  HIGH LIKE EAGLES! You will avoid scavengers with all your might and instead soar at altitudes far above the heads of those congregating around dead things. You won’t make a “nest” at ground level. Instead, you’ll  fly  at the highest of heights and view this wonderful world that God made from a distance far enough to realize you are only “in” this world for a while; but you are not “of” this world at all.

In exchange for your patient waiting, God is offering renewed strength to carry you HIGHER, FASTER and FURTHER then you ever thought you could go. Some will run and fall… Some will walk, grow tired and stop… But they that wait on the LORD will be rescued with renewed strength to rise up like eagles and soar; to run without getting weary; to walk, and NOT FAINT!

Source by Gerard A. Davis

How to Enjoy Walleye Fishing Trips

Walleye fishing is a blast to fishing hobbyists on their own. But there are a number of people out there who want to share the experience with their families. Although, it isn’t a guarantee that they all will enjoy the experience as much as you do. So, how should you plan your next Walleye fishing trip with your family and ensure that they’ll have lots of fun too? Some good suggestions can be found below:

1. Take a virtual tour of the site and see if there are other activities to enjoy. It’s a given that you are going to fish. But try to check if the spot you want to fish also has picnic grounds, swimming areas, and restaurants. If you want to spend the night there, try to check out the lounge and the campsite. Are there enough things to do inside as much as outside?

2. Look for kid-friendly places. Some walleye fishing spots are true blue sports fishing spots. This means no kids are allowed. But of course, there are some spots wherein they are more than welcome. If you are planning to bring your kids along, try to look for a place where captains simply go out of their way to talk to children and teach them the basics of fishing while you, on the other hand, are concentrating on your catch. Only then will you be able to enjoy the best of both worlds.

3. Bring food – lots of food. Regardless if there’s a picnic ground around, keeping the tummies of your family full is always a good idea. Constantly complaining about hunger is definitely a sure-fire way to spoil the rest of the day. If they are famished, there’s no chance that they will be able to find exciting things to do on their own.

4. Make sure that the spot is quiet, nice, and comfortable. Sometimes, people just need to break away from the hassles and bustles of their daily life. And anyplace that’s nice and quiet is refreshing, regardless if they have nothing else to do but to marvel at nature itself. Bringing your family to a beautiful fishing spot can be thoughtful in itself.

These tips will definitely make your next walleye fishing trip a lot more exciting, not only for you but for the people whom you’d like to share it with. Keep in mind that an experience shared is always better than having it all to yourself.

Source by Regine Hehn

Deciphering the Different Kinds of Fishing Rods

All fishing rods are not made the same. There are a variety of rods available and if you are a seasoned fisherman this is something you will know well. Some of the most common types of fishing rods include the bass fishing rod, the trout fishing rod and the crappie fishing rod.

Both freshwater bass as well as the saltwater kind are one of the most common and most popular of all game fish. The reason for this is that bass are fighting fish and they make excellent opponents for the avid fisherman. For this reason when it comes to bass fishing rods, you need to find one that can put with a lot of abuse. Bass will often cause a fishing rod to be battered about and bent in every direction. Bear in mind that there are many different types of bass fishing rods because these fish can range in size from small to medium to large. Always purchase a bass rod that is strong, durable and resilient. In particular the fiberglass rods can withstand more of a bending motion than the graphite rods.

Trout fishing rods do not take as much abuse as the former, and in general trout do not fight as much and they are lighter in size than bass. The average pole for a trout rod will range from seven feet to ten feet. If you enjoy both lake fishing as well as stream fishing for trout then you are well advised to buy a pole that is approximately nine feet in length. Most trout fishing rods are made from graphite, which should be sturdy enough, although you can find some that are available in fiberglass.

The length of a crappie fishing rod depends on what the fisherman personally prefers. Always make sure you buy a rod that is light in weight. The reason for this is that these types of rods will get snapped and “jigged” about a lot and you don’t want to injure your hand or wrist in the process. Crappies are rather tiny fish so catching them with this type of rod should not be a problem. Keep the type of fishing you are planning to do in mind when you shop for fishing rods.

Source by Romain Levesque

Electric Model Airplane Kits – How to Find & Buy the Best Kit

Flying electric model airplanes are a popular hobby amongst many hobbyists. In comparison to gas powered model airplanes, electric models are much more reliable, and because of fewer moving parts, maintenance is much less. Moreover, electric models are not as messy because they don’t require the petroleum products, such as gas and oils, to operate.

Electric model airplane kits can be purchased as Ready To Fly (RTF) or Almost Ready To Fly (ARF). Electric RTF kits, although more expensive, require no assembly work. You just remove the model from the packaging and your plane is ready to fly. Electric ARF kits, on the other hand are less expensive than an electric RTF airplane kit, and do require some assembly before your airplane is ready fly.

Another type of electric model plane available, and the least expensive, is the kit you must assemble. However, these models can take some time to build before it’s ready to fly!

If you buy this kind of kit you will also need to purchase some tools and materials, like glue, to complete your electric plane. Also, kits you must assemble require some working space for assembly.

You may need some basic electrical tools, like an electrical tester, wire cutter/strippers, soldering iron or gun, solder and other miscellaneous electrical tools. But the tool kits for electric model airplanes are seldom as extensive as for gas powered counterpart.

Electric model airplanes can be purchased in many different styles and three basic formats. You can purchase kits in foam, plastic, and balsa wood formats. Both foam and balsa wood kits are the easiest to repair after crashes, whereas plastic repairs may require more work and time to fix.

Source by Moby Mode